5 Dog Health Care Tips Every Dog Lover Should Know

Everybody cares about the health of their four-legged friends. But veteran and new dog owners are always researching methods to improve their dog’s health and fitness – as it should be!

Your dog’s needs will change with age and with medical conditions that they may develop, so it is vital to stay informed.

Today we will explore dog health care tips that every dog lover should know!

Get Your Dog Vaccinated 

One of the most important health care tips is ensuring your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations. This may seem obvious, but can you remember when you last took your dog for a vaccination? How about when their next vaccination is due?

Vaccinations help protect your dog from many serious diseases, including rabies and distemper, among other things. Alarmingly, 2.3 million dogs (25%) in the UK received no vaccinations from when they were young. New viruses and diseases can develop, as we’ve seen in other avenues of life, like with COVID-19 for humans. You must be well informed when it comes to potential threats to your canine friend.

It is always recommended that you go for regular vet check-ups and ask your vet about any vaccinations they think your dog may need. It may even be worth getting a second opinion from a different vet if you are particularly concerned about a specific virus, bacteria, or disease your dog may have been exposed to.

Try Switching To Raw Food 

Moving on from medical considerations, if you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s health daily, you may want to consider switching them to a raw food diet, and raw food tends to be far better for them than heavily processed food options such as dried kibble.

 A raw food diet consists of meat, bones, organs and veggies. This diet is easy to digest and full of nutrients essential for your dog’s health – such as Vitamin B12 and Iron from red meat.

 Recently, raw food diets have become more popular, particularly on social media. They are designed to replicate what a dog would consume naturally in the wild.

While it may be worth considering, you’ll need to perform adequate research into your dog’s breed to ascertain if raw food is an option for them. Most dogs can eat raw food and benefit from the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that a raw diet can provide.

Bella and Duke do an excellent job of providing a range of raw food options for dogs that are worth consideration.

Go Easy On The Treats

While many dog lovers will pay attention to the frequency of their dog’s main meals and what they contain, treats must also be factored in.

Try feeding them healthier treats such as natural dog treats rather than heavily processed treats. Some examples could be feeding them raw, dried food strips of their favourite meat.

Other options could be feeding them prepared animal body parts to satisfy their carnivorous tendencies. For example, rabbit ears or ox livers. Things like chew sticks are great alternatives too, and certain brands of chew sticks can help to improve dental health, which reminds us;

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean 

Like humans, dogs need to have their teeth brushed and cleaned regularly. Most dog lovers opt to have their dog’s teeth cleaned a minimum of once a year by the vet.

Regular cleaning will help prevent gum disease and other dental problems. As mentioned previously, treats and chew sticks can promote positive dental health in dogs.

Other options for cleaning your pooch’s teeth include using the good, old-fashioned toothpaste and toothbrush combination. If your dog is particularly well-behaved, this is a great option. However, dental sprays are a good option for more active, energetic dogs.

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise 

In addition to a healthy diet and hygiene, as the last tip, exercise is equally essential for your dog’s health. It helps to keep their muscles and bones strong, and it can also help to prevent obesity.

Some ways to keep your dog fit could be:


  •       Working out with your dog, if you go for a daily run in the morning, why not take your dog along with you?
  •       Take your dog on hikes; if you love to bounce up and down hills on the weekends, then why not take your four-legged friend along for the journey?
  •       Take them to the park regularly; this is a great way for your dog to meet and play with other dogs. Any dog lover will know that it involves a lot of running around!
  •       Consider dog hydro-aerobics; plenty of pools and clubs are designed for dogs to swim around to their heart’s content. Swimming is great for working for all the different muscle groups in your dog’s body at once.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise daily. And while this may not be doable for everyone with work commitments, you can always hire a dog walker to help when you are busy breadwinning.

To Conclude

Keeping your dog fit and healthy can depend on many factors, but the factors mentioned in this article are some of the more crucial things to consider.

Always remember to do your due diligence and research using reputable sources!