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When your dog is showing signs of ill health or abnormal behavior, it can be confusing or even scary, depending on what’s going on.

An emergency vet visit is necessary regarding harsh symptoms due to illness or severe injury. In these cases, it’s more obvious you need to get to the “pet doctor” urgently.


What if your pooch is okay for the most part but may need help?

You might not know for sure if you need to help them…or if they’ll recover on their own.

You may have a trusted vet, but it’ll be expensive and inconvenient to get some basic info beyond what you find in articles online.

The next best solution?

Chat with a Vet Online Now

Enter the age where you can chat with a pet health professional instantly to quickly get you the answers you need.

Address Symptoms Right Now

When you connect with a veterinarian online, they can address your dog’s symptoms live and listen to your concerns.

What You Get

In most cases, the outcome of a quick chat is learning the crucial next steps to help you and your dog:

  • Confirm if a vet visit is in order
  • At-home steps you can take right now
  • How to properly monitor your dog’s condition
  • What homeopathic methods or medication may be needed

It’s like calling an online nurse, only for your dog…and it’s an actual doctor.

Second Opinions

In addition to getting an “in the moment” answer, an online vet can be that additional consultant to obtain a valued second opinion.

Has your vet suggested surgery or specialized treatment for your dog’s condition? You may wonder if the recommended approach is necessary or the best thing for you and your dog.

A chat with someone on the “outside” can shed new light on your situation and help you make a more comfortable decision.

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