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CBD Oil For Dogs Benefits For Your Pets’ Health

CBD or cannabidiol has had a lot of benefits for the human user.

It’s been touted as a magic cure for many ailments from pain to anxiety.

Name an ailment, and there will likely be use for CBD that can help cure it.

Within the human body is the endocannabinoid system, which reacts to the cannabinoids found in CBD.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for a lot of body processes such as pain, mood, appetites, and immunity.

This system is present not only in the bodies of humans but also in mammals such as dogs.

If you intend to use CBD for your dog or your pets, you will find that CBD, like the ones in this Holistapet site, will have the same therapeutic benefits as for human users.

Right now, there are many CBD products for pets as well.

You will find CBD oil for dogs as well as pet-specific treats.

If you feel that your dog needs CBD, you should make it an option.

The following are the ways CBD helps benefit your dog’s health:

1. CBD is a powerful painkiller

There have been studies conducted on dogs that it is very effective in treating their pain.

Dogs with osteoarthritis were treated with pain medication that included CBD.

They were given a dose appropriate to their body weight.

A large percentage of the dogs, about 80%, have shown marked improvements with the way they walk and their mobility.

This was measured in the Hudson activity scale and the canine brief pain inventory.

cute smiling pug holding bottle of cbd oil

2. CBD is a known anticonvulsant

Epileptic seizures are a problem for both humans and dogs.

A sudden attack of seizures can seem uncontrollable and intense.

CBD is an anticonvulsant and is very effective in mitigating the onset of a seizure.

You can minimize seizures with the administration of CBD to dogs.

This fact has been proven in a study published in 2019.

Epileptic dogs are given a dose of CBD and had fewer seizures after.

3. CBD is anti-inflammatory

When there is a lot of inflammation in the body, there is oxidative stress, which causes free radicals to be further produced in the body.

The tissue gets destroyed with high levels of inflammation, and there will likely be a pain in different parts of the body.

Oxidative stress is not a good thing because it causes destruction to proteins, fat, and DNA.

CBD is an effective way to mitigating the effects of inflammation because it has modest antioxidants abilities and anti-inflammation influence on immune cells.

Dogs will likely benefit from a dose of CBD if they are experiencing any kind of pain or oxidative stress.

4. CBD Reduces anxiety and stress

Even dogs get depressed and anxious.

These can be results from loud noises, or suddenly switching homes.

If there is a new pet in the house or even a new baby, your pet will likely get stressed.

If dogs are stressed, it can manifest in a variety of behaviors.

They can be more uncooperative, lethargic, or even aggressive.

One way to calm them down is through CBD.

CBD stimulates the serotonin receptors, which are responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness.

Your dog also needs these concepts in their lives, and they need to be in a good mood too.

An adequate dosage of CBD can help bring about positive effects in your dog’s mood and well-being if they ever suffer from anxiety and stress.

relaxing dog with sunglass and weed

5. CBD is an antiemetic

CBD is a powerful antiemetic and has been known to be used in chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Nausea and vomiting are some of the side effects of chemotherapy, and this is being experienced by cancer patients on a regular basis.

It is scientifically known that there is a link between the endocannabinoid system and areas in the brain that controls vomiting and nausea.

For your dog’s health, this is good news because CBD can mitigate their vomiting and feelings of nausea.

CBD stimulates your dog’s appetite while removing their susceptibility to vomiting and nausea illnesses.

6. CBD may slow tumor growth

Animals, just like humans, are susceptible to cancer.

The disease of cancer is life-threatening, and getting it is almost certain to be a death sentence.

Up to now, there is very little defense against cancer.

However, some studies show that CBD can be effective in mitigating this disease.

CBD may help hasten the death of cancer cells and make glioblastoma cells more vulnerable to radiation.

CBD, with regard to pancreatic cancer, helps reduce tumor growth and tumor invasion.

If you give a daily dosage of CBD to your pets, they will likely have a protection against the life-threatening disease of cancer.

Final Thoughts

CBD in products is now more widespread. More and more pet owners are turning to CBD to cure the ailments of their pets.

CBD is natural and has little side effects; that’s why many prefer it as a treatment.

If you want CBD for your pets, you have to consult with a veterinarian to make sure that CBD will work for your particular pet.

Give your pet the joy of life and makes CBD an option for their well-being and health.

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