Best Pet Apps to Have On Your Smartphone

If you have a furry household member living with you, many things go into taking care of him. First, your pet doesn’t speak the same language you do, but you still need to communicate with it. Also, there’s a place to know what kind of food to get: healthcare, training, and toys. Finally, you love your pet and want to give it to the world or at least try because it deserves it.

Technology is also on the side of pet owners because many pet apps can help. These pet apps provide useful training tips on keeping your pet happy and engaged and vital emergency care.  Some of these applications are free, but for some you have to pay money or you can pay for them with cryptocurrency. A lot of different coins you can exchange on platforms like Paybis, Bitpay and others. This article lists the best apps you should have on your smartphone as a pet owner.

  • GoodPup

GoodPup is one of the coolest pet care apps with its personalized training plans for pets. The app includes weekly private thirty-minute training sessions, professional training, 24/7 chat with trainers, and daily training tips. The app offers a seven-day free trial, after which you’ll pay $29 per month, and is available on iOS and Android. Due to the subscription cost, GoodPup is great for pet owners looking to put their pets through a full-service training plan.

  • Cat Training

Cat Training is a free cat-training app packed with valuable pieces of information to help you understand your cat’s behavior. It also includes practical training tips and tricks that every cat owner should know. The app covers cat-care issues related to scratching and litter box training and is compatible with Android and iOS. If you’re looking for good pet apps for Android filled with valuable resources at no cost, Cat Training is a great option.

  • Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is a high-quality pet app that every pet owner should use, especially since the American Red Cross created it. It is one of the best free pet health apps, containing step-by-step instructions on handling emergencies. You get detailed instructions on handling emergencies, like when your pet eats something toxic or gets attacked. In addition, there is information on how to decode early warning signs of danger and how to give your pet CPR.

  • Pawprint

Pawprint is one of the best pet apps offering simple solutions to real-life, everyday pet-related problems. It is a free pet app that ensures you don’t have to worry about tracking your pet’s medical records. All you need to do is enter your pet’s details, and the app will track the records for you. Besides tracking medical records, it stores digital copies for future purposes.

  • Pet Monitor VGA

As the name implies, Pet Monitor VGI is a low-cost pet monitoring app with which you can interact with your apps from anywhere. While there are higher-end pet monitoring systems available, Pet Monitor VGA doesn’t require you to buy extra hardware. At a $4.99 one-time purchase, you can use the application on your iOS or Android once you set it up. Furthermore, it comes with two-way audio to help you communicate with your pet when you’re not together.

  • Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing 2 is a fishing game application designed for cats; it works well with iOS and Android. The application is free; download it on your smartphone and watch your cat swipe the screen to catch fish. It is a cool pet app if you want something to stimulate your cat’s natural prey drive mentally. The only catch is that you should keep a cleaner close because you will do some cleaning when your cat is done playing.


Airvet is a veterinary telemedicine application that stands out among others because of its different options. There are two ways to use the app: pay a $30 flat fee to communicate with a veterinarian virtually or become an Airvet member. As an Airvet member, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee of $30, but you have 24/7 access to the concierge service. It is one of the best apps for pet owners if you want to stay abreast of your pet’s medical needs.

Every pet owner should have countless free and paid pet apps available for smartphones. While no amount is too much to ensure your pet is healthy, there are free apps if you can’t afford paid apps.