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Cat Vs Dog: Find Out Which Pet Owner You Are


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Cats and dogs are two of the most common domesticated for household pets.

Because of this, the two terms, “cat person” and “dog person,” arose.

Every person has their choice as to which of these two domesticated animals they wish to have as the new member of the family.

More often than not, it’s always one against the other and never both in the same household.

Also, people like to build their personalities and identities around their pet preferences.

There are telltale signs that can help you determine which group of pet owners you belong to.

Here are some of these signs:

Are You A Cat Person? Here’s How To Tell:

1. You Value Rest And Relaxation

If you work from home, have you tried ditching your work waiting on the desk so that you don’t disturb your cat that’s sound asleep?

Cats are very relaxed animals, and they do take their sleep seriously.

As their partner and future owner, this is you, too.

It’s like the picture of a mother protecting their newborn child from any noise.

You don’t want to disturb that furry little feline all crawled up like a ball in their sleep.

2. You’re A Self-Reliant Person

When you look at a cat, is it not that you see power through their features?

A cat has nine lives, they say, and this is for very good reason.

Cats jump up and down and maneuver around dangerous spaces more than dogs do.

It’s as if cats do have the ability to calculate their every move, such that they don’t put themselves in danger.

This is you, too.

People see you as a person who’s able to put things and situations in perspective better.

While your every move is careful, your prudence enables you to be self-reliant.

3. Your House Is Filled With Cat-Themed Stuff

Before you brought home your first feline, if your house is already laden with cat-themed stuff, certainly you’re a cat person.

There’s just something about cats that have always fascinated you.

You love to learn about them and collect whatever trinkets you can.

This shows that you’re a cat person.

If you don’t have a cat already, the final icing to the cake is to bring home your very own cat baby.

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Are You A Dog Person? Here Are Telltale Signs:

1. You’re The Life Of The Party

When you have a dog around your house, ever notice how when guests come in, your dog is one of the very first things they see?

Even those who don’t love dogs inherently tend to be fascinated by the dog that you have.

These animals are very hard to miss in a household.

Because of their lively antics, they become the life of the party, too, just like you.

Suddenly, with a dog around, the house seems more energetic and happier than usual.

2. You Don’t Mind Mess

While dogs are fun to have, they’re also quite messy to have in a home, too.

With an indoor dog that gets attached to you, you’re sure to have a wet nose in your face when you wake up.

Perhaps, even a wagging tail forcing you to wake up.

Your dog may also favor sleeping on your clothes.

Then, there are the things you’ve just sorted out knocking all over the place.

Dogs can get hyper-active because they get excited when you’re around.

If you’re patient enough to love these dogs in the same way as children make a mess, then you’re a dog person.

3. You Enjoy The Outdoors

Dogs are more outdoorsy animals than cats are.

You know beforehand that the decision to have a dog also means that you’re going to have to spend more time outdoors now than usual.

Dogs need to be walked, too.

Cats, on the other hand, are pretty low maintenance as they can survive just by curling up on a couch, with their food in place and their cat litter.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys going outdoors during the weekend, that makes you a dog parent.

You don’t have to struggle too much with the adjustment of walking a dog.


dogs and cats peeking over

Cat versus dog?

The subject between these two animals seems to always be at war with each other.

Dog people insist that dogs are the best choice ever.

Cat persons, on the other hand, swear that there’s nothing that beats having a cat at home.

They can go on and on with their arguments, but the bottom line is this: being a dog or a cat person is a matter of preference, and even has a lot to do with your personality.

Now that you know the signs of each pet owner group, you can make that mental ascertainment as to whether or not you’re a dog or a cat person.

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