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Can CBD Help Manage Skin Conditions in Dogs and Cats?

cbd oil help manage skin conditions

There is now a vast array of CBD products on the market and they are no longer geared to just humans.

In the last three years the market has opened up to CBD for our pets off the back of ongoing research into how CBD can help manage and even treat common ailments and illnesses.

CBD is derived from the cannabis stevia and is one compound of 421 that are naturally in the cannabis plant, CBD can promote a variety of activities within the body and one is helping manage skin conditions.

What Type Of Skin Condition Does Your Pet Have?

dog skin condition

It is widely accepted that there are many common skin conditions that your pet may suffer one.

One is an allergy-based skin condition, where exposure to things such as grass or dust mites trigger an immune response and result in a nasty and uncomfortable break out.

Another type of skin condition is an auto immune response, where the body attacks its own white blood cells thinking that they are foreign bodies which results in conditions such as psoriasis.

Both of these conditions are common in our pets, it is particularly found in pedigree or white-haired breeds.

How Can CBD Help?

cbd help treat skin allergies

If your cat or dog is suffering from an allergy, CBD can reduce the inflammation of the area and promote healing.

When CBD was tested on a variety of dogs in a blind and randomised experiment, the results showed that using CBD to treat skin allergies resulted in an increase of fatty acids that contribute to healing skin.

Not only that, the CBD when applied directly to the affected area reduced redness, swelling and dryness.

The study was furthered by the suggestion that you can in fact substitute traditional medicine normally used to treat allergies with CBD as long as the case was mild.

What Type of CBD Product Works Best?

cbd products

There are a variety of products available to you to treat skin conditions.

If your dog has a sever allergic reaction to some stimulants, it is worth consulting your vet first before you begin to add supplements into their diet.

Topical creams are an excellent way of applying CBD directly the affected area.

They come in a variety of products, from full spectrum to isolate and also come in different strengths.

The beauty of topical creams is that you can apply it straight to area and it will alleviate the symptoms from the allergic reaction very quickly, however CBD creams are not as quick to enter the blood stream and start attacking the root cause of the problem.

CBD oil can be given directly into the mouth of your pet and will enter the blood stream quickly, it is quick to stabilise and you will see a reduction in how uncomfortable your pet is relatively quickly.

If you use CBD oil, you want to remain consistent with the dosing to allow for the full range of benefits to be seen, this is especially prevalent in auto immune conditions, as the CBD will work with your pets immune system to vastly reduce the underlying cause as CBD has been shown to help reduce auto immune responses and boost the immune system.

Final thoughts

CBD is an excellent way to help manage your pets’ symptoms when they are suffering from either an allergic reaction or autoimmune disease.

You can either apply a cream directly to the area or being giving your pet CBD on a daily basis to help keep their condition under control, a pet who doesn’t have sore skin or isn’t itching is a far happier pet!

type of cbd

CBD and CBD related products have seen an incredible surge in popularity over the last 5 years, with products for humans ranging from CBD infused gummies, coffee, to tinctures and oils, with so many products on the market it can be difficult to choose which one is best.

Now, with research into how CBD can help your pet, the market has also opened up to products that your pets can take, but where do you start?

Here we look at the best type of product for your dog or cat.

What is CBD and What Does It Do?


CBD or cannabidiol is one chemical component found in the cannabis stevia.

You can synthesize CBD from both traditional marijuana and hemp, in varying quantities.

In humans, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety, help with sleep and nausea, as well as reduce seizures and promote immune system responses.

The CBD works with our own endocannabinoid system where the receptors in our body create amazing effects when it enters our system.

Whilst the research into pets is still in its infancy, the evidence is showing that giving our pets CBD can be as effective as when we take it.

The results can increase comfort, especially in pets with degenerative diseases, reduce anxiety and maybe even work to promote immune system responses.

The research hasn’t gone as far to uncover exactly how it works with canine or feline receptors, but the early results are suggesting that it works in similar way to humans.

Full Spectrum

cbd full spectrum products

When you are selecting a CBD product, chances are you have seen the heading ‘full spectrum’.

Full spectrum products are one that have been synthesised from any plant in the cannabis family, but the extracted serum hasn’t then been subjected to distillation.

It results in a product that will give your pet all 421 compounds found in cannabis at varying levels.

If the product has been extracted from hemp, then naturally the CBD content will be higher than if it had been extracted from cannabis.

Moreover, if the product is hemp based, it results in lower THC levels (the psychoactive) component, than the traditional marijuana counterpart.

In humans, research has shown that a full spectrum product creates the entourage effect, or symbiotic relationship, meaning that the impacts are greater than the sum of its parts.


cbd isolate product

Isolate products are exactly what they say on the tin, isolate refers to the isolation of one singular compound found in the cannabis stevia, in this case, CBD.

It means that whilst you don’t get a product that may benefit from the entourage effect, you can be sure that you won’t be dosing your pet with anything other than CBD.

Isolate products are an excellent choice if you are unsure what to buy for your pet.

Most isolate oils and associated products are derived from hemp, which is naturally lower in THC and other compounds, meaning you get a strong product full of beneficial CBD.

Final Considerations

There are a wide range of products now available for you to choose to help your pet, but don’t be weighed down by the decision.

You can either select an isolate or a full spectrum product, depending on the results you want.

Hemp products are naturally lower in THC than traditional marijuana derived products, so even if you buy a full spectrum, it will still be lower in THC than counterparts not derived from hemp.

IF the THC component is a concern for you, then look to purchase an isolate product that is distilled down to just CBD.

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