The Best Travel Restraints for Dogs to Prevent Distracted Driving

Dog car harness and safety restraints

56% of dog owners regularly travel with their pet dog in the car with them, according to AAA.

However, 65% say that they participate in behavior with their dog while driving that could distract them, such as petting or pushing their dog away.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of road traffic collisions, so it’s essential that when you next hop in the car with your choice of furry friend that you take precautions and use these restraints to keep your pet safe.

Pet Barrier

18% of individuals who travel with their dog say that they reach through to the back seats to interact with their hound while driving.

Not only is this dangerous but it encourages your dog to squeeze through the front seats and into the front.

To prevent both you and your dog from demonstrating unsafe actions in the car, invest in a pet barrier.

Pet barriers block off the access between the front and back of the car. And some even come with nifty compartments which are perfect for storing your dog’s favorite toys and treats in.

Dog Car Harness

Just 28% of dog owners own a car crate or a harness seat belt, according to Forbes.

Some states, including Minnesota and Connecticut, have laws which advocate safe travel with dogs and one of the best ways to ensure you adhere to this legislation is to use a harness seat belt on your dog.

Seat belts for dogs come in all sizes, so regardless of whether you own a pint-size Yorkshire Terrier or a supersize Great Dane, you can be sure your pet is safe in the car.

What’s more, if you’re heading on vacation with your dog, you can be confident that you’re safe on your journey away from home.

Travel insurance companies stipulate that all laws of the road must be followed for your policy to remain valid, so taking safety precautions with your dog is a must.

Car Seat or Crate

23% say that they use their hands to keep their dog steady in the car when braking.

But there’s no need to take your hands off the steering wheel when you have a car seat or crate installed in your car for your hound.

These restraints provide optimum comfort while securing your dog, which means you can be sure your dog isn’t going to fall off the back seat no matter how sharp you have to brake.

It’s common for dog owners to travel with their pooches in the car. However, dogs also pose a big distraction for drivers.

It’s, therefore, crucial that reliable safety restraints are used at all times, no matter how long or short your journey is.

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