Pro Tips for Cleaning Most Common Pet Accidents

Home cleaning can be extra challenging when you share your home with a curious and cheeky pet. Aside from the given fur shedding and dander, you always have to be ready to deal with the occasional pet “accidents” — pee, poo, puke. So, in this article, we’ll share a step-by-step guide from Super Cleaning that’ll take care of these inevitable pet messes effectively.  


Cleaning Cat or Dog Pee  

  • Make it a habit to always wear protective gloves first before cleaning any of your pet accidents. It’s because there are potentially zoonotic pathogens in the urine and fecal matter of cats, dogs, and other animals, which can cause serious illnesses in humans.
  • Blot the pee on hardwood and tile floors with paper towels or coffee filters. On the carpet, pour a bit of water or club soda first to neutralize the urine and then cover it with paper towels to absorb the moisture.
  • Spray a good pet enzyme cleaner and neutralizer with non-toxic enzymes specifically formulated for pet messes. It’s critical not to skip this step before steam cleaning, shampooing, or intensive cleaning your floors or carpets. It’s the only way to eliminate the pungent and distinct odor and stop your pet from instinctively always wanting to “mark” its territory.


Cleaning Pet Poo and Vomit 

  • For solid poop, pick it up using a poo bag or paper towels while wearing protective cleaning gloves. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with explosive, watery bouts of diarrhea, use lots of paper towels to lift or scrape the poo from the surface. Do it over and over again until you get everything out. Use the same technique when cleaning cat or dog vomit.
  • Spray with a pet enzyme cleaner and odor neutralizer first to kill any remaining bacteria and get rid of the stink.
  •  Fill a small bucket with water, a few drops of white vinegar, and liquid dish soap. Spray it on the affected area over and over until it’s moist. Blot dry using a dry absorbent towel or plenty of paper towels replaced repeatedly.
  • Once it’s completely dry and you can still get a whiff of the poo from your carpet or floors, sprinkle the affected area with baking soda. Let it rest for at least 15 minutes to absorb the funky odor, then vacuum immediately.


Act Fast and Clean ASAP 

The only way to stay on top of your pet’s messes is to act quickly and clean everything while they’re still fresh. Don’t wait for it to cake up and dry because it’s probably already left a stubborn stain, and the stench is much more powerful and probably stuck, requiring more intensive deep cleaning.