Four Ways to Soothe a Nervous Dog

Just like humans, our dogs can become nervous and anxious in stressful situations.

Being left at home alone all day, visiting the vet, being introduced to a new dog or new people, being in pain, or moving to a new home that they are not familiar with can all make a dog stressed out and worried.

How to calm an anxious dog

As a responsible dog mom or dad, there are several things that you can do to help your furry friend feel more comfortable, calm, and safe in any situation that is causing them stress and anxiety.

Some suggestions to consider include:

#1. Anxiety Jackets:

Anxiety jackets for dogs such as a Thundershirt are designed to help them feel safe and, therefore, calm the dog down in a stressful situation.

The jacket fits like a regular dog jacket and is a breathable cotton material, so it’s suitable for them to wear inside or outside and easy to fit a harness or a dog coat on top of if you’re going for a walk.

The jacket fits tightly around the dog’s front, applying calming pressure that will soothe them in a stressful situation and help them feel safer and more secure.

#2. CBD Oil:

CBD oil is making a name for itself when it comes to soothing stress and anxiety symptoms in humans, and the great news is that it can have a very similar effect for your nervous dog, too.

Giving cbd oil to dog

There are several CBD supplements designed specifically for dogs that you can give to your pooch in her food or even as a treat.

If your dog tends to be quite anxious in general, you can give CBD oil for dogs to him as a regular supplement, or just keep it on hand to give your dog if you know that they are going to be in a stressful situation such as going to the vets.

#3. Touch and Petting:

For many dogs, being petted and shown some love by their favorite human – you – is going to help them feel calmer and a lot safer in a stressful situation.

Soothing a restless dog

Your dog looks to you for everything so knowing that you are there for them when they’re feeling stressed out can go a long way.

If your dog is nervous and scared, giving them a cuddle can help.

Keep a calm demeanor, as they will pick up on your body language.

Knowing that you’re confident will help their own confidence grow.

#4. Distractions:

Distracting your dog is a great way to focus all their energies into something more fun and take their mind off whatever they are feeling nervous about.

Distracting dog with game

For example, if there are fireworks going on outside that are scaring your dog, a program on the TV with animals that blocks out the sounds outside can be a great way of distracting them, as they’ll be more interested in the sounds of birds and anything else on the screen.

Or, you can fill a Kong or other treat dispensing toy with some of their favorite titbits and put them to work trying to get them all out.

No dog owner wants to see their precious pooch nervous and scared, so keep these strategies in mind to soothe and calm your dog if he is worried about anything.

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