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Welcome to PetDT, the leading online hub designed for all pet lovers. Established by the visionary canine behavioral specialist Jacquelyn Kennedy, our platform is tailored to serve the diverse needs of both novice and experienced pet enthusiasts. From dogs to the more exotic companions, we’ve curated an extensive archive that addresses every facet of pet ownership.

Our mission goes beyond just providing information. We aim to foster a supportive community where pet owners can navigate the intricate paths of nurturing, health, nutrition, and overall care with confidence. With the guidance from PetDT, rest assured every pet is bound to receive the optimum love and care they truly deserve.

Embark on this enlightening journey with us. Dive deep into our resource-rich portal and become an integral part of our ever-growing community of pet aficionados. Join us today, and let’s create lasting pet memories together!

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Jacquelyn Kennedy

Founder & CEO

PetDT, founded by Jacquelyn Kennedy, an esteemed canine behavioral specialist and dog trainer, is a comprehensive online resource tailored not only for dogs but all pets. This platform provides breed-specific data, making it a leading guide for pet health, nutrition, and care.

The journey of pet ownership is filled with both joy and challenges. PetDT is dedicated to guiding owners through this path, ensuring every pet, whether furry, feathered, or scaled, receives the love and care they deserve. With information catering to both first-time owners and seasoned pet enthusiasts, PetDT stands as an invaluable repository of knowledge and experience.

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Kerry White


Kerry White is a passionate dog lover and seasoned writer for PetDT. With three years of contribution under her belt, her expertise spans from dog breeds to nutrition. Proud owner of Banjo and Buttons, she deeply understands the joys and hurdles of pet ownership, which she pours into her articles.

Outside of her writing realm, Kerry is an adventurer, often exploring the outdoors with her dogs. Married to John, another dog aficionado, she’s dedicated to assisting new dog owners. Through her authentic articles, Kerry offers invaluable guidance, ensuring every reader feels supported on their canine journey.

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