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Are Bearded Dragons Able To Drop Their Tail?

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Bearded dragons originally come from Australia and are fascinating reptiles. They are known for being very friendly and sociable animals.

Are bearded dragons able to drop their tail?

Their tails are usually kept long, but some species have evolved to have shorter ones.

If you want to know whether or not bearded dragons can drop their tail, then read on. We will explain this in more detail below.

This will prepare you for the unexpected and will prepare you for if you ever find them dropping their tail, which, unlike lizards, they generally cannot do. Let’s jump in.

What Is A Bearded Dragon?

A bearded dragon is a reptile native to Australia. It belongs to the family of lizards called iguanas. The name “bearded” refers to its beard-like spines under their necks.

Like other lizards, beards are used as sexual signals. Male lizards use their beards to attract females during mating season.

Females also use their beards to identify males who are interested in mating with them.

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular types of lizard pets because of their unique appearance. They have large heads, short bodies, and long tails. They have four legs.

Their tail is usually longer than their body. If you take a closer look at a picture of a bearded dragon, you will notice that it looks similar to a dinosaur.

Bearded dragons are very active creatures. They can move around quickly. They are great climbers and can even climb trees. They do not hibernate like snakes.

Instead, they go into a state of torpor when temperatures get too cold. In this state, they conserve energy by reducing heat loss through their skin.

Can Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tails?

No, they cannot drop their tail. Although lizards can drop their tails, bearded dragons cannot do the same, and if they ever lose their tail by accident, they are not able to regrow them.

Bearded dragons are reptiles; as we have mentioned, they cannot lose their tail.

Although you might be able to catch a lizard and watch it drop its tail but continue to move on the ground, you won’t be able to do this with a bearded dragon.

For those of you who want a pet lizard but find the dropping of the tail a bit much to handle, they can make the perfect pet.

Lizards drop their tails out of fear of humans or predators, and although bearded dragons do not do the same, you might be wondering how bearded dragons show fear.

Lizards drop their tails as a way of trying to escape, so how do you know when it is time to leave a bearded dragon alone?

If you don’t pay attention to a bearded dragon’s body language, they could be in stress without you even knowing, so we are going to go over some signs of stress in the next section.

How Else Can Bearded Dragons Show They Feel Threatened?

Hissing Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons often hiss when they feel threatened. At the same time, they will puff up their beards and color them black to make them look a little more dangerous to threats.

Bearded Dragons Can Bite

Bearded dragons can also bite when they feel threatened. This generally happens when you ignore the body language of a bearded dragon and continue to touch and provoke it.

Even though they are slightly more relaxed than lizards, since they can’t drop their tails, they turn to attack instead. Some also turn to slap you with their tail.

Bearded Dragons Might Close Their Eyes

If a bearded dragon closes its eyes whilst you are petting them, this is sometimes misrepresented as them enjoying it.

However, this is far from true, and your bearded dragon is telling you that it would like you to stop.

When they do this, they have no intention of hurting you, but you need to respect what they are telling you and act accordingly.

Can Bearded Dragons Lose Their Tail Any Other Way?

Yes. Although bearded dragons cannot drop their tail by themselves, it does not rule out other ways of losing their tail, and you might find that your bearded dragon losing its tail is far more common than you think.

Bearded Dragons Living In Groups

Bearded dragons are often sold and live in groups and these groups are often made up of several males and females.

When one member of the group dies, another male or female steps in and takes over.

This means that there are always at least two members of the group living together. This can lead to problems such as territorial disputes between males and females.

These can cause fights, resulting in injuries and death and, more importantly, a tail being ripped off.

Males often don’t accept other males and even if you have two females, or a male and female, they often will not get along either.

Having a limb or tail ripped off is more common than you think when bearded dragons live in the same tank, and if you look in the window in pet shops, you will often notice some bearded dragons are missing tails or tips.

Bearded Dragons And Tail Rot

Tail rot can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for a bearded dragon. The tail will start to rot from the tip to the body, and in some cases, it can be fatal.

Many owners of bearded dragons have watched their beloved pets lose a section of their tails as a result of this horrible disease.

If you notice a dry and dark tip on the tail that looks like a branchlet, this could be the start of this disease.

Shedding Problems

Shedding bearded dragons is a very serious problem. Reptiles that struggle to shed lose their tails when they don’t get help or if they struggle to help themselves.

If your bearded dragon is having problems shedding its tail, you need to take care of this issue right away because the old cuts of skin will cut off the blood supply, and the tail will completely die off.

Are bearded dragons able to drop their tail?

Can Bearded Dragons Retract Their Tails?

Some people think that bearded dragons can retract their tails. However, other experts do not agree with this theory. These experts argue that bearded dragons cannot retract their tails.

If you look at your bearded dragon closely, you will notice that it does not move its tail back when it wants to hide from danger. Instead, it curls up into a ball.

To retract its tail, bearded dragons would need to be able to bend their spine backward. But, as we mentioned above, they cannot do so.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tail?

Bearded dragons are not able to drop their tail like other lizards are. If it loses it in a fight or during an accident, it will not be able to grow back, as bearded dragons cannot regrow limbs.

Can Bearded Dragons Hurt You?

Beardies that only close their eyes when being touched have no intention to hurt you, but you should still respect your bearded dragon’s body language and act accordingly.

A bearded dragon will rarely want to hurt you unless it has been provoked.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Have Longer Tails Than Other Lizards?

It is believed that the longer the tail of a reptile, the better it is at catching prey. It is also believed that having a longer tail helps the animal to move faster through its environment.

What Do I Do If My Bearded Dragon’s Tail Falls Off?

If it does fall off, you should take it to a vet to get checked out; however, their tails will heal in a couple of weeks, and they can live without it ok.

Is There A Difference Between Bearded Dragon And Common Lizard?

Yes, there is a difference between bearded dragons and common lizards. For example, bearded dragons are more colorful and have larger eyes compared to common lizards.

Also, they have a different diet. Common lizards eat insects, worms, and spiders, while bearded dragons eat mostly fruit.

The biggest difference between these two species is that bearded dragons are far less aggressive toward people than common lizards.

Common lizards are known to bite people if they feel threatened. However, bearded dragons only bite humans when they are provoked.

Why Are Bearded Dragons So Friendly?

Not all bearded dragons are calm and friendly. Like any other animal, bearded dragons are only friendly if they’re socialized early.

Many people keep these socialized bearded dragons as pets. They love being held and cuddled. They are also good swimmers.

You can put them in water without any problems. This makes them ideal pets for children.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Bearded Dragon As A Pet?

This depends on how much time and money you want to spend caring for your lizard. If you just want to buy one, then you should expect to pay around $40-$50.

However, if you want to keep it as a long-term pet, you may spend hundreds of dollars each year on food, water, heating, and light.

You will also need to make sure that you provide enough space for it to move around and play, so you will need to invest in a proper tank.

Final Thoughts

We hope after reading this article, you have learned everything you need to know about the bearded dragon and its tail,

and understand that, unlike lizards, they cannot grow their tail back, and they cannot drop it when they feel threatened.

This means you need to keep an eye out for other warning signs of when it feels threatened, and this way, you can respect your bearded dragon and keep them happy as an owner.

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