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Aussiedoodle: The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to having a cute dog, you can’t really go wrong with the Aussiedoodle. Not only is this dog one of the cheapest of the poodle crossbreeds, but it is very friendly and will slot in perfectly with your family setup.

This really is a great option for families that are on a budget. An Aussiedoodle will swiftly become a part of your family, not only do they live for a decent amount of time, but they are very docile and easy to take care of. These dogs are also very intelligent, able to be housetrained quickly and able to learn tricks in a quarter of the time as other dogs.

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This dog was originally bred to herd cattle and it has a connection with certain sections of regal society. This dog might be capable of the odd temper tantrum, but then again aren’t we all? In the main, this dog is very well behaved and won’t cause too much of a fuss at the next family gathering.

So where can you pick up a faithful Aussiedoodle? How do these behave in the home? Will this dog trash your furniture? How well will an Aussiedoodle get on with your kids? How much can you expect to feed this dog? What if you want to keep this dog in a small apartment?

Well, if you want the full scoop on this animal, then we would suggest that you read on. We provided you with a full profile of the Aussiedoodle, including feeding habits, appearance, size and how much it will cost to keep them all the year-round. Once you have read this article, you’ll definitely know whether this dog is suitable for you or not.

Key facts

Here are some of the essentials that you know about this animal:

  • 14-23-inches in height
  • 25-70 pounds, although this will all depend on the breed
  • Lifespan – around 10-12 years
  • It is a great companion dog
  • This dog is most suitable for very active families
  • Color – black, white, tan, cream
  • Temperament – loving, clever, loyal, calm, energetic
  • Other names – Aussiepoo, Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Average Lifespan

The lifespan of this dog is much shorter than a lot of breeds, although this dog will certainly last you for the span of most of your children’s lives. This is also a great dog to have in your senior years, as they make wonderful and doting companions.

On average, this dog will last you around 10-12 years, although there have been some cases where your dog will live as long as 15 years, if taken care of properly. 

Minimum Exercise (per day)

This dog will require at least 2 hours of exercise every day, as they have a very high energy level, owing to their intelligence. We would recommend spacing out their exercise regime over the day, giving them one hour of exercise in the morning and one in the evening.

Helping your dog to get lots of exercise throughout the day will certainly help it to keep active physically and mentally. These dogs are also wonderful swimmers, so take them to a place where you know they can swim safely and try throwing a stick in the water a few times.

This dog has excellent recall, so the more that you train it, the quicker that it will learn skills that will be invaluable to it in later life.

Coat length

You should try and brush this dog daily, as their coats will be very long and curly, owing to the fact that this is a poodle breed. You’ll need to make sure that this dog gets professionally clipped every 8 – 12 weeks, as it tends to get a long coat very quickly.

It will also need a nail clipping very regularly, so make sure that you take it for a doggy pedicure on a regular basis. You’ll need to trim your dog’s paws once every 8 weeks. It will also need regular tooth brushing to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Minimum Cost (per month)

You’ll probably find yourself spending anywhere between $700 and $1200 on this breed of dog, although that will all depend on how good the condition of the dog is and whether it is a pedigree.

Every month, these dogs are quite easy to maintain, although you will probably have to take them for a professional clip more frequently than other breeds of dog. You’ll probably find yourself spending around $300 a month on one of these animals.



This dog will usually measure at around 14 and 25 inches tall. This makes it an easy dog to carry, so if you are a senior citizen and you might want to lift your dog out of a tricky situation, then you won’t have to worry about putting out your back.

This dog can get itself into tight spots, which might be an asset if it is trying to retrieve something during training, but could also get it into a tight spot that might be difficult to get out of. We would also recommend this dog for handling with children, as it will be easy for them to pick up and play with this dog.

This dog has a very fluffy appearance since there is a poodle breed mixed in with them. However, this is a very beautiful-looking dog, with short hair around the face and lovely shaggy ears.

The eyes on this dog can be piercing and we’ve seen plenty of pictures of this dog with bright blue eyes that really pop in the sunlight. This dog has wonderful coloring, from black to grey to cream, you can be sure that it will have a lustrous coat all year round.

Because of the energy levels of this dog, you’ll also find that it will stay in shape. A lot of dogs with shorter legs have trouble with their mobility, but this dog has long legs and the energy levels to burn off all that excess fat.

Average Height

As mentioned above, the average height of one of these dogs can range anywhere between 14 and 25 inches. This makes it a pretty sizable dog, but one that you can keep in a small apartment. This will also be the perfect dog if you have a large family home and have plenty of space for the dog to run around in.

Most importantly, this dog will not get too big for your home and you’ll be able to slot this dog in nicely, even if you have a few children.

Average Weight

This dog will weigh anything between 25 and 70 pounds, which again makes it another great dog to handle. If you have difficulty picking up things, then having a medium-sized dog like this will make the load-bearing a lot easier.

Due to the dog’s impressive energy levels, you won’t have to worry about this one putting on too much weight, as it will naturally want to run around and burn it off. Make sure that you exercise this dog regularly, otherwise, it will put on weight, which will lead to mobility issues and health problems.


Aussiedoodle the ultimate guide

Because this animal was bred to herd cattle, their temperament is wonderful. They are very obedient, although they will often require quite a lot of exercise. This dog is also one of the more intelligent breeds, and you will find that you need a lot less repetition to teach this dog even the most complicated tricks.

The one downside of having one of these dogs is that they do have the occasional behavior which causes them to start yapping and might disturb your neighbors. One way to counteract this will be putting them in the garden or soothing them until their need for attention disappears.

This dog is great if you have children, as they will forge incredibly close bonds with people. However, this dog does have anxiety when it is left alone without its owners, which might lead to barking fits.

Apartment Living

Even when it is fully grown, this dog will not take up too much space, making it great for a small apartment. This dog does tend to run around a lot, so if you don’t have a garden, make sure that you are burning off this energy by taking it for walks.

Good for Novice Owners

This is a very good starter dog, mainly because of how loyal and obedient they are. It is also a great dog for getting you out of the house and helping to lose any additional weight. This is also the perfect dog for children, as they will love playing all the time.

Sensitivity Levels

This dog is very sensitive, especially when it is left on its own. You should make sure that you have enough time in the day to engage with your animal and make sure they are happy and feel like they are wanted.

Tolerates Being Alone

This does struggle with being left alone, so we would recommend always having someone in the house to make sure that this dog doesn’t go into a yapping fit that will certainly wake up your neighbors.

Tolerates Cold Weather

This does fair well in cold weather, mainly because of its thick coat that can grow very long. This is because of the poodle breed, which is another dog that does very well in cold climates. This dog can also warm itself up through extensive training, so you won’t have to worry about it generating its own body heat.

Tolerates Hot Weather

Because of the longer coat, this dog gets more dehydrated than a lot of other dog breeds. This is one of the reasons why you should make an effort with this dog’s coat, as it can lead to significant hygiene issues that will affect the dog’s health at a much later date.

We would suggest that you shave this dog’s coat much more regularly in the summer when the weather will be much hotter. This will help keep your dog cooler and will not lead to them dehydrating.

Affectionate With Family

This dog is extremely affectionate and will never be aggressive with children. If you want a new member of the family, then we would certainly suggest that you get one of these animals as it will tie your family together.


This dog has a very good attitude towards children, especially babies and toddlers.

Dog friendly

This dog can be very friendly with other dogs, although it becomes strangely territorial when meeting a fellow Aussiedoodle. We would certainly recommend that you socialize this dog with other dogs when you are walking it in the park.

Friendly towards strangers

This dog is very friendly towards anyone they come into contact with, so you won’t have to worry about letting them off the lead in the park.

Health and Grooming

This dog will require regular grooming, as it does tend to develop fur that grows very long. We would also suggest that you take it to have its teeth cleaned regularly. 


This dog will shed during the summer, but it is nothing too excessive. You might have to run a hoover around after this dog to get rid of some of the stray hairs.


This dog does not drool that much, although as they get older, this tendency can increase.


You will certainly have to groom this dog every 8 – 12 weeks, which will be a little more frequent than other dog breeds. This is because of the poodle gene that this dog has, resulting in very curling and fast-growing hair.

We would also suggest that this dog has its nails clipped every 8 weeks, as they can get very long, causing the dog pain and damaging your furniture. 

General Health

The general health of this dog will be good, although you will be having to make sure that you keep those energy levels down by taking it for regular exercise. The Aussiedoodle won’t really experience any health issues until it reaches old age.

We would suggest that you take this dog for regular check-ups, as it could experience some complaints that might result in your favorite pooch becoming a lot iller if left unchecked.

Common health problems

This dog, like a lot of other types of dogs of this breed, can succumb to the following health concerns:

  • Hip dysplasia – this is when the dog’s hips go out of alignment.
  • Cataracts – this condition can be hereditary, with the dog developing cloudy vision as it reaches old age. This condition can be treated with eye drops.

Potential For Weight Gain

This dog has a very low probability of gaining weight, as it has very high energy levels and can burn it off easily. However, you should not rely on the dog’s metabolism alone, as it will put on weight if you don’t walk it regularly.


Aussiedoodle the ultimate guide1

Easy To Train

This dog is very easy to train, as it has very high intelligence. They have a very playful nature and will naturally try and get the better of their owners. Training this dog can be an extremely fun activity, helping both you and your dog stay fit and healthy.


This dog has a very keen intelligence, often being able to learn tricks with a lot fewer repetitions than some other dogs. These dogs like to keep busy, so make sure that they have plenty of activity in their daily routine.

Potential To Bite

This dog has a very low tendency to bite, which is why this dog has been recognized as being the best dog to have for children. You also won’t have to worry about it attacking other animals, as it is very docile and will be more inclined to investigate other dogs rather than attack.

The only thing you might have to keep an eye on is if your Aussiedoodle goes up to an aggressive dog that will be prone to attack.

Tendency To Bark Or Howl

If you leave this dog alone for any length of time, it does tend to bark quite loudly for hours at a time. This can lead to much disgruntlement from your neighbors, so be sure there is always someone there to check in on your dog regularly.


This dog is a cross of an Australian Shepherd and a poodle. Australian shepherds were first bred in America, whereas poodles were bred in 16th-century Germany.


This dog will cost you anywhere between $700 and $1200.

Fun Facts

  • This pooch has hypoallergenic fur, so you won’t have to worry about anyone developing any allergies around it.
  • This dog loves the water, so find a lake and take it for a swim.

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