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Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Breed

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A new addition to your family is a big responsibility. It is an important decision to make. Are you wondering if a mixed-breed dog is right for you?

Australian shepherd corgi mix

With all the options available, is the Corgi Australian Shepherd mix the best choice?

Let’s find out more:

We’ll take an in-depth look at the benefits and potential pitfalls of owning an Aussie Corgi mix.

You’ll learn what they look like and what to expect from owning this type of breed.

The way to become the best dog parent is to learn all you can about your mixed-breed dog. This will aid you in nutrition, training, and other care aspects.

The mix is a result of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi bred with an Australian Shepherd. They are both herding dogs, making them work-oriented.

It’s true:

These dogs are beautiful, family-friendly pets. With proper training, the Aussie Corgi mix, or Augie, can make an excellent addition to your home.

Interesting Facts About The Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Breed

The famous parents! Corgis are well-known thanks to their celebrity parents, namely Queen Elizabeth II.

She owned 14 generations of Corgis, beginning with a dog named Susan as an 18th birthday present. The line ended in 2018 with the passing of Willow.

And there’s more:

Many celebrities have owned and loved Australian Shepherds. The most notable as of late is Amanda Seyfried and her dog Finn.

Others in the entertainment industry include Susan Sarandon, Mel Gibson, and Steven Spielberg.

Turns out:

The name Australian Shepherd is deceiving, though, as they originate from America. They’re not Australian at all!


Augie puppy

What can you expect your puppy to look like?

Australian Corgi mixes generally stay close to the size of the Corgi. They’re the smaller of the two parent breeds.

In our own experience:

You can expect them to be 10-13 inches tall and weigh between 20-30 pounds.

Their head will most likely be round with two cute triangles for ears. The ears may stand up at attention or could fold over.

Their tail size will vary, depending on parentage. They could be born with a full-length tail or a stubby one. They may have no tail at all!


Their coat can be in a range of colors. Since they are a mixed breed, it varies. You can expect a combination of black, white, brown, and grey.

Some are more mottled than others. Augies do need some maintenance when it comes to grooming. They have a double coat, which means shedding blowouts twice a year.

If you don’t keep up with it, your dog will likely get mats. This can cause skin irritations and provide housing for nasty parasites like ticks and fleas.

But wait, let us tell you something:

Take your furry friend to the groomer at least twice a year if you feel you’re not capable of handling the fur hurricane.

They do need regular brushing; otherwise, expect tumbleweeds of fur in the corners of your house.

They do not need baths too often. Once or twice a month will do unless your pup got into something stinky!


Corgis health

Some health concerns are related to Corgis. They are bred for a long back and short legs.

This, unfortunately, makes them prone to spinal issues. Some may be severe enough to lead to paralysis.

Keeping this in mind, don’t let your Augie jump from high places, and take care when holding them.

Avoid any additional spinal stress. They do have a long lifespan, 12-15 years. Spinal issues can develop with age, regardless of breed.

Augies are also prone to issues with their eyes, drug sensitivities, and hip dysplasia.

Complications during pregnancy are common among Corgis.

You should also watch for food sensitivity. Ensuring both parents are healthy can cut most health risks.

But one can never know 100% how the mixed breed will turn out.

What’s It Like To Be The Proud Owner of An Augie?

What do the combined traits of an Aussie Corgi breed look like?


Both are smart and energetic dogs. They also are bred to be working dogs.

Ever heard the term ankle-biter? That was coined because of Corgis!

Corgis are herding dogs who are trained to nip at the feet of the animals they are guiding. They are also quick to avoid kicks!

Turns out:

Australian Shepherds are also working dogs. They tend to herd people, as Corgis do. This energetic dog needs a lot of exercise to stay content.

Remember, both breeds are meant to run. This means they need exercise. A lot of it!

Both also tend to guard that which they love. They are loyal to you and only want to protect you.

Corgis can be barkers, more so than Australian Shepherds.

Family Dogs

Augie with family members

A Corgi Aussie Mix or Augie makes a fantastic family dog with the proper training.

They are friendly and tolerant of children as well as other animals.

These dogs are fiercely loyal and want nothing more than to protect you. The historical jobs of both breeds are to herd and guard.

You see:

The fun fact about Corgis being ankle-biters is something to watch. Without proper training, a Corgi may nip at a young child’s feet.

Initially, they should not be left unsupervised with your children.

Stubborn? Who? Me?

Yes, you darling! This is where training comes in. This breed can be headstrong in temperament.

Do they love you? Absolutely! Daily exercise can help in this as well as training from a young age.

What about training?

Training Your Augie

Training augie

First, it’s essential to begin socialization with your corgi aussie mix at an early age.

Introduce your puppy to animals and people alike. This will dissuade them from becoming overly protective or not trusting of visitors.

Watch these pets early. Their herding behavior can show up at a young age.

They may begin to nip at the ankles of your human babies while running about the yard. Instincts are tough to deny.

Additionally, teach your children how to behave around your pet. Puppies are small and can easily be mishandled.

Plus, with the potential for spinal issues, it’s critical your children know how to show affection for your fur baby properly.

These dogs are known to be stubborn. We’ve found stubborn pets are the most intelligent.

They know what they want and aren’t afraid to show it.

What if this behavior gets in the way of training? You need to understand what motivates your dog to correct the behavior.

Think about it.

Your dog will respond to positive reasons for motivation, like food, walks, or bonding with you.

You can also engage in self-rewarding behavior.

Self-rewarding behavior can also help to tire your active breed out. They love to play with you, go for a jog, or swim in the local pond or river.

If you’re worried about coordination, teach your dog to play Frisbee! They can work on their spatial and motor skills while bonding with you!

To make sure your dog recalls the training, do it every day. Use positive reinforcement. Yes, dogs respond well to food, but that can lead to obesity.

Your dog wants to please you! They will do anything for a nice scratch from you or just kind words of encouragement.

Take breaks between training sessions. A game or walk may be in order.

Teachers regularly provide brain breaks for their students. Your puppy needs one, too!

Key Training Points

As soon as your beloved dog enters your house, introduce them!

Let each individual come up and hold out their hand. Your pup will smell them and recognize them as key members of the family.

If you live alone, expose them as soon as possible to other people and animals.

This stops them from developing antisocial behavior.

Let them know right away where their food and water is, as well as where they sleep.

Notice behavior where they begin to sniff and turn in circles.

This means it’s time for the potty! Take them to the designated spot ASAP!

But wait, let us tell you something:

Ensure whatever commands you use with your new fur baby, everyone uses.

This avoids confusion about expected behaviors.

Most importantly, give them lots of exercise! Both Corgis and Australian Shepherds are high-octane dogs.

How Best To Care For Your Augie

Augie running

If you’re not an outdoors person now, you will be! The best way to take care of your Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is through a lot of exercise.

To prevent destructive behavior from happening while you’re out, a well-exercised dog is a happy dog.

If you’re not always available for this, enlist the help of a dog walker.

It can also aid in your puppy’s socialization.


Your Augie will have a double coat. This means they have a thick underlayer with a top coat of long hairs called guard hairs.

The bottom layer keeps them insulated in all sorts of weather, hot and cold alike. The top layer helps to repel water and dirt.

There is something called blowing, where dogs are getting prepared for the summer season. Be prepared!

You can most likely make a new dog out of the fluff that comes out of your canine best friend.

Even if you don’t want to take your dog to the groomer, don’t worry.

Here’s why:

The fur will fall out all on its own. Make sure you brush your dog regularly to help keep the shedding to a minimum.

This coat is already loose and ready to come out. To keep the shedding under control, and keep your puppy feeling comfortable, brush your dog for a few minutes every day.

There are some tools you can use, such as a slicker brush. This helps to remove the undercoat easily.

Bathing them more often during this time is also helpful.

Make sure to use a dog shampoo that is made from natural ingredients. It’s best for your pup.

It is during this time that your dog is most likely to develop mats. Take care of them as soon as possible.

There are grooming tools for this as well. A wide-toothed comb with blades can help immensely.

You may also consider getting your canine companion shaved down every spring.

It makes grooming daily much more relaxed and ensures your baby is comfortable.

Just remember, your dog’s coat works double duty. It keeps the heat in but also out! If you do decide to shave them, keep your pet in the shade and provide lots of water!

Take note, the rump, or pants, this area is most susceptible to matting.

This and the neck area are places to pay more attention to for a happy doggy.

This is one of the basics of a dog parent’s responsibility, aside from providing food, water, and regular walks. Plus, you want others to look at your baby and see a healthy animal.

Nails And Ears

While your dog’s coat is important, it’s not the only factor associated with grooming.

Your dog’s ears and nails are just as essential.

Ears can get mites that cause discomfort and unnecessary scratching.

Clean out any dirt and debris that accumulates in your dog’s ear.

Mites are not generally transmitted to humans but are contagious to your other pets.

Treatment is available through your vet, which works instantly.

Black nails are more challenging to trim than white or brown nails.

With lighter-colored nails, it’s easy to see where the quick begins, and you can avoid hitting that vessel.

Take small slivers off with your nail clippers. A great tool to use is a grinder.

But keep the quick stop handy. It can be painful for your pet if you clip that vessel and they do bleed!

Plus, your pup may never let you trim their nails again.

While it’s best to do this part of grooming when your dog is relaxed, you want to make sure they don’t fight you during this process. It can be dangerous.


High-quality food is essential for your puppy to grow. Due to the fact, Augis are a smaller breed, and they don’t need a lot of food.

It depends on their activity level and how many treats you give during training.

You can find food suitable for your dog’s weight.

You want to avoid extra weight in your Aussie Corgi mix to prevent added pressure on their spine.

Can I feed My Dog Table Scraps?

Not really. This prevents your puppy from begging from the table.

We know this is unsavory behavior, especially when guests are over!

Some foods are deadly to dogs. There are some definite no-nos if you have children who may want to share with your family and friends.

For example, chicken bones! They splinter during the digestion process and are sharp.

These lead to internal bleeding. No one wants that!

Another is chocolate. Chocolate contains caffeine in some cases, which is also bad for our furry friends. Both foods show similar signs when consumed.

Do not give your dog onions, garlic, or chives.

These veggies cause extreme stomach irritation. It can also lead to red blood cell damage, ending in anemia.

We know you want your dog to feel included, but do not give them alcohol.

We’ve all seen those dogs and cats who knock over people’s beverages. But don’t let them imbibe!

Grapes or raisins. They seem healthy, right? No. The toxic substance found in them is unknown, but they are terrible for dogs.

This is especially true for sensitive dogs. Corgi mixed breeds are notorious for having food sensitivity.

You will meet people who feed their dog’s table scraps or make their food.

There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re educated on what foods are acceptable.

Make sure you habitually feed your dog in their bowl away from the dinner table.

Never feed them under the table while you are eating.

This will lead to continued unsavory behavior that is easily avoidable.

This Breed In Action!

These puppers are cuteness overload! If you decide to get one, it may be challenging to say, just one, please!

As you can see, their colors vary. This depends on the Momma and Daddy Doggy.

Within four weeks, you can start to see increased activity.

Note the dog’s excitability in this video, but also that it’s been crate trained as we discussed earlier:

Gizmo knows it’s a safe place and goes there when unsure.

If you’re not prepared for an active dog, beware! These pups are full of energy.

You Want One, Right?

Who can deny that cute face? Not you! To avoid health problems, it’s a good idea to get your pup from a breeder.

You can never be sure of the parent’s history if buying from a store.

A breeder will gladly provide you with documents regarding the parents’ health.

If they tell you there are no existing health issues, that may be a red flag.

We’ve already stated these dogs may have serious spinal issues.

Your breeder should provide papers on Mommy’s and Daddy’s health.

They also need to keep a clean environment for the puppies to thrive in.

These pups are available from several breeders found in both Canada and the United States. You can also find one from internationally.

These dogs can cost up to $1200. This is a reasonable price for any breeder who has proper certification.

Avoid puppy mills at all costs! They provide the worst possible living conditions for the puppies.

Additionally, they cannot offer health certificates regarding the parenthood of your potential pup.

If you’re genuinely interested in a mixed breed, check with your local shelter first.

They have many puppies who are mixed breeds and available for adoption.

Pets are brought to shelters for a variety of reasons. One is that the dog is more active than anticipated.

Score one for you! Plus, you have the added benefit of training!

They most likely are already potty trained, and the shelter can help you with tips for that specific breed.

A Small Dog With Big Pet-tential

Corgi mix breed with big potential

These loyal, family-oriented dogs make a fantastic addition to your home. Augies will love you fur-ever, with the proper care and training.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix-breeds are herding dogs by nature.

Training should begin as soon as possible to avoid nipping, especially if you have small children.

They can also become over-protective without socialization.

While these dogs are good-natured and do well with other animals, they need to meet and play with other dogs and people regularly.

Augies have a lot of energy. It’s your responsibility to ensure they get adequate exercise.

Without the ability to spend their boundless energy reserves, they have the potential to become destructive when left home alone.

If you’re seeking a way to get out and about more, this dog is for you! They love to take long walks, go for a run, and swim.

Teaching them to play fetch is a wonderful way for them to exert energy while you work on upper body strength.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix-breeds are more maintenance, grooming-wise than other dogs due to their double coat.

Opt for a Corgi Great Dane mix or even a Blue Heeler Corgi mix, if you want easier grooming!

This keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

So long as you keep these intelligent dogs engaged and active, your Corgi Australian Shepherd mix will adore you!

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