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Border Collie Rescues to Find a Border Collie Dog

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A Border Collie is one of the most attractive dogs out there. Not only are they known for their loyalty, but they are also very friendly and extremely easy to train. A lot of people have complimented this dog on how intelligent they are too!

These dogs are also great for getting you out of the house! They are very playful and energetic, and you could probably see yourself losing a few pounds just by taking one on a walk.

However, there are, sadly, many border collies that have either been abandoned or neglected by their previous owners. What better way to spread love than by adopting one of these faithful canine pals that give you so much love in return?

Below is a list of some of the best border collie rescue websites you can find in America. With just one click, you can see the profiles of hundreds of dogs. Drive to the center and find yourself a dog that would be the perfect match for you and your family.

Border collie rescues

How You Can Find A Place To Rescue Border Collies Near You

The following websites have been set up specifically to rehome border collie species. If you are looking for another breed of dog, then we recommend using our search feature at the top of the page to find information about another breed.

Remember that you should only look for a border collie that you can be absolutely certain that you can rehome. Also, the chances are that some of these dogs will have a very high level of trauma in their background, so you might have to deal with some extreme behavior.

List Of Border Collie Rescues In America

The following websites are listed in alphabetical order in terms of states.

Why Should You Rescue A Border Collie?

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There are plenty of benefits when it comes to getting a preowned border collie. Remember getting an older dog will save you money on adoption fees that you can often get with a new puppy fresh out of the pet store.

Getting an older dog also means it might be trained, although you will need to check with your trainer before collecting them. As mentioned above, a dog that has been owned comes with a past, potentially not a very nice past.

Your reasons for fostering a dog should always be that you want them to have a better life with you and your family. You should always check with the other members of your family before going out and buying a pet. You should also be wary of getting a dog with trauma, particularly around younger children.

What Are The Positive Attributes Of A Border Collie?

These dogs are very loving and affectionate, with a high degree of intelligence. They are also very large dogs, so you’ll have to be sure that you feed them lots of very healthy proteins and fish. Fish is an excellent source of omega 3, ensuring that your dog has healthy and supple joints and a healthy grey matter between the ears.

This dog is best suited for country living, as it is a large dog that can take up large amounts of space when running. These dogs like a lot of exercise, so they are perfect for anyone who likes to go out for a run at least once a day.

Border collies respond well to praise, so if you try to teach them new tricks, make sure you heap plenty of positive rewards. You can give them far more treats than a regular dog, as they will burn off the excess fat by running around a lot more.

This is absolutely not the dog to get if you have a small indoor apartment without a garden. Border Collies need a lot of room to run around and burn off all that energy that they have.

Our Final Say

If you are considering adopting a rescue dog, we would certainly recommend contacting any of the above agencies. Rescuing a dog can be so rewarding, and they could come with a great personality that you can be sure will lighten up your home.

However, remember that these dogs have been rescued for a reason. More often than not, they will come with some emotional turmoil. It is important that you get all of your dog’s details from your rescue center before you go pick them up. Don’t just go by the picture!

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