Dogs and Olives: Can Dogs Eat Olives Without Any Health Problems?

Did you know that dogs and people food don’t really mix well?

Feeding your pooch normal ‘human’ food could actually prove to be toxic for your little doggy friend!

It’s important to keep a check on which ingredients can hurt your dog and the ones that are safe. Olives are a staple in certain households, especially if you’re Italian and olives have several health benefits — for humans!

But can dogs eat olives without any major worries?

Well, if you’re wondering that then you should read on to know the answer…

The Olive Theory: Black, Green, and Canned Olives

Let’s talk about olives for a second, shall we…?

You may be wondering why in the world do you need to know more about olives, well, I’ll explain, but a little later…

Olives are actually fruits from an evergreen tree that grows in the Mediterranean region and they come in two varieties — Green and Black — but, in order to preserve them, us humans can them.

Can Your Dog Eat Green Olives?

The answer to that is maybe.

You must be wondering why I’m being so vague, I’ll tell you.

Green olives aren’t fully ripe but dogs can eat green olives if they are fresh from the tree. Your dog can also eat canned green olives but in moderation. I’ll elaborate on that, but a little later in the article…

You’ll have to be a little patient…

Can Your Dog Eat Black Olives?

The answer to this too is a solid maybe.

You must be wondering my everything I’m saying is maybe, an explanation is coming soon, I promise, okay?

Black olives are actually fully ripe and your dog can eat them fresh from the tree! And can also eat the canned one, but in moderation…

Now let’s talk about the moderation business, shall we?

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What About Olive Oil!?

No, I’m not talking about Olive Oil from the popular cartoon show ‘Popeye’!

I’m talking about the olive oil you love to add to your salads…

Anyhow, let’s talk about fluffy and olive oil. Yes, your dog can have olive oil! But dogs don’t really need olive oil in their diet, they’re getting all the nutrition they need from the dog feed you give them!

So My Dog Can Eat Olives But What’s This Moderation Thing All About??

The answer to that, my friend, in just one simple word is sodium.

Wait, what!? What does an element in the periodic table have to do with my dog!?

Well, it could actually kill your dog.

Now that I’ve got your attention let’s talk about sodium and your little furry bundle of joy. Sodium Chloride is the scientific name for kitchen salt. And guess what the liquid in that can of olives (used to preserve the fruit) contain?


Dogs can’t eat as much salt as humans can and they can get salt poisoning. The canned olives are actually manufactured keeping humans in mind and contain more salt than you pooch can handle.

So, if you’re going to feed your dog canned olives, don’t give that cute little thing more than 2-3 olives now and then! But fresh olives are better for your dog in general, but don’t give your dog a bowl of olives!

Do Olives Have Any Health Benefits For Dogs?

Why yes, they do!

Now that you know that your dog can have olives in moderation it’s time we discuss the benefits of feeding your furry friend some olives!


1. Your Dog Will Become Less Fat

Do people make fat jokes about your dog? Not anymore!

Okay, jokes aside, let’s put our ‘smart caps’ on and talk science.

You must have heard that olives are amazing for people who want to lose weight, well it goes for both man and dog! So, now, both you and your dog can lose weight! Maybe this year you’d stick to your new year resolution…

I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

So olives are actually rich in monosaturated fats that help your body break down fat cells, which means shedding those extra pounds that your doggy might be carrying!

2. Your Dog Will Get Younger (What!?)

Made you look!

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you all about how olive oil can help your dog stay youthful!

Olive oil has a lot of antioxidants which basically helps prevent oxidation of free radical cells in the body. These free radical cells can drastically speed up the aging process!

3. Improved Circulation!

Olive oil helps in improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in your pooch’s body.

Now you must be wondering what this means…well, what am I here for!?

An increase in blood flow helps in cell growth and organ function which improves the overall health of your doggy friend and keeps him healthy and active!

Increased blood flow also helps lower your dog’s resting heart rate, which basically means that your dog’s heart will become more efficient at pumping blood!

4. Your Dog Will Shine As Bright As The Sun

Made you look, again!

So you may know that olive is amazing for your skin and hair, and guess what!? It works wonders with your dog as well!

Olives can help your dog get a soft and shiny coat!

So, you can skip buying the expensive shampoo! Also, olives help in keeping your dog’s skin hydrated! So, guess what?

Lesser shedding!

5. Your Dog Will Become Sherlock


Yes, I did refer to Benefit Cucumber Benedict Cumberbatch’s hit series!

Now, I can’t promise that your dog would become sherlock, but, if you feed your dog olives, they’ll surely help improve brain functions.

Although I can’t guarantee your dog would become the Mentalist or Sherlock.

6. It’s Healthy For Your Dog

Olives are healthy in general.

From lowering your dog’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases to improving immunity, olives do it all!

Olives are amazing for both you and your dog!

I’ve been talking so much about olives that now, I’m craving olives.

Anyhow, there’s a few things you should keep in mind before you go running to the store to buy olives…

Olives have all these amazing benefits…

Err….There’s A But….

You must be wondering ‘now what’!?

Well, I want to talk about some considerations that you need to keep in mind before feeding your furry friend some olives…

1.Start Slow!

Start with giving your dog a piece (or two!) of olives before you introduce them in the diet. Your dog can react negatively to olives, so make sure if your dog even likes them!

2.Always check for ingredients in stuffed olives

Olives are one of the ‘human’ foods that your dog can eat, but make sure they aren’t mixed with other poisonous or toxic foods!

I’ll talk about things that you should never feed little fluffy there, but more on that a little later…

3.Always give them olives pit free!

Remove the pits from olives before you feed it to your dog!


Well, there are two reasons:

a.Your dog can choke on the pit
b.It can break your dog’s teeth!

Now, you may love toothless from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ but I really don’t think you’d want your dog to hurt! Also, dentist fee!

Things in Stuffed Olives That Can Hurt Your Doggy Friend!

Okay, so here’s a list of things you shouldn’t let your dog eat and, also make sure they aren’t in the list of ingredients that we talked about earlier…

Let’s get into it!


Currants are basically a species of grapes that are toxic for your little pooch. Although, currents derived from berries that are usually found in the UK are okay for your dog to eat.

My tip? When you don’t know about type of currants you have, don’t feed them to the ever-hungry fluffy!


Garlic may be a staple in the exotic recipe that you came across, but it is toxic to your dog because it can damage their red blood cells!

A small amount of garlic won’t cause any symptoms, but it can still damage your little pooch’s red blood cells.

Mouldy Foods

So…. did those stuffed olives got a bit mouldy after you forgot to refrigerate them?

Feeding them to your doggy isn’t a good idea then!

Moldy foods may contain something called tremorgenic mycotoxins which is a cause of seizures and tremors that can last for several days! However, a small amount of moldy can cause some stomach discomfort.


So, the first time I had stuffed olives, they had onion in them as well… that isn’t a problem for us humans, but for fluffy wagging his tail over there they are harmful!
Onions are toxic to your doggy because they can damage their red blood cells, just like garlic can.

If your dog eats a lot of onion, apart from really bad breath, he can also become anemic!

So, What Do I Take Away From This!?

All in all, be it green or black, your dog can eat olives if they’re fresh. Your dog’s main problem lies with the sodium content found in canned olives that can actually result in salt poisoning!

The solution you should keep in mind is that: Moderation is key

As for olive oil, it’s perfectly fine for your dog, but your four-legged friend doesn’t really need olive oil in his diet…

Still, have unanswered questions!? Well, what am I here for! Leave comments and I’ll help you with anything!

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