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Choosing a Super Premium Dog Food for a Healthy Dog

By Jacquelyn Kennedy
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Deciding which food is right for your dog can be a super difficult task. With all of the varieties on the shelves, we’re spoiled with choice.


And with labels covered in buzzwords meant to attract your attention, how can you be sure you’re really getting your dog the best dog food possible?

Premium. Super Premium. Is there really a difference besides the price, and is it actually worth it? 

We’ll help you answer those questions so you have an easier time finding the food that really is best for your dog. 

What Is Super Premium Dog Food?

When browsing the shelves, you might notice that the dog foods labeled as Super Premium are at a higher price point.

This must mean they’re higher quality, right? The answer is it depends. All dog food is supposed to meet certain standards of nutrition.

When it comes to labels like “Premium” and “Super Premium,” unfortunately, there is no industry standard. 

In theory, foods with these labels should include better ingredients and use natural preservatives in place of artificial ones, but that is not always the case.

Some manufacturers may claim their “Super Premium” foods contain superior ingredients, but they may not be included in amounts that actually justify the price. 

Truly “Super Super Premium Dog Food” has high-quality ingredients in amounts that really do make a difference nutritionally.

That is why when it comes to selecting dog food, knowing how to read the label is important.

Here is a list of premium dog food ingredients to learn about the benefits and types of dog food that would contain the ingredient. 

How Can You Tell It’s Worth It?

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The best way to tell if dog food really is as good as promised is to read the label.

Truly Super Premium dog food should always have meat listed as the first ingredient, followed by a high-quality protein source, such as a specific meat meal.

Remember, ingredients are listed in order of quantity, so the lower something is on the label, the less of that ingredient the food contains.

If the food says it has fruits and vegetables, see how close they are to the top of the list. 

The way food is listed will also tell you a lot.

Are they whole ingredients or byproducts? Whole ingredients are more nutritionally dense.

Is the brand open about where their ingredients are sourced?

Poorly sourced ingredients can lead to recalls. 

So Who Do You Choose?

With so many Super Premium foods on the market, it can be hard to stand out; but Hungry Bark is a Super Premium food that is truly unique.

All of the ingredients in Hungry Bark foods serve a vital purpose.

All of their recipes contain whole-meat proteins and superfood ingredients to provide your dog with both tasty and healthy food.

Additionally, all recipes are veterinarian approved, so you can be certain your dog is getting everything they need for optimal health.

But it’s not all about the ingredients themselves; where things come from is equally important.

All Hungry Bark ingredients are made in the USA, sustainably sourced, and can be traced right back to the supplier.

In an effort to make all aspects of food sustainable, Hungry Bark packaging is made from recycled materials. 

A good diet is the foundation of good health for your dog. If you have questions about specific nutritional concerns, don’t be afraid to ask your veterinarian for advice.

We want our furry companions to be healthy and happy, and the right food will help keep them that way.

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