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Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

By Jacquelyn Kennedy
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Dog walking is a mode of physical exercise for your pet dog.

A walk with dog

It needs it as much as we need to exercise every day.

However, there are many perks of dog walking that goes beyond exercise.

Taking a walk with your dog can have multiple benefits for both you and the dog’s physical and mental health.

The activity plays a significant role in his behavioral development.

It also strengthens the loving bond between the dog and the owner.

If you are looking for ways to bond with your dog better, you must try dog walking.

Benefits of Dog Walking for Pets and Owners

Find out all the perks of dog walking for you and your dog in the list below:

1. Creates a Strong Bond with your pet

Embracing a dog

Daily walks with your dog can provide you with much-needed quality time with your pet required in a day.

This develops a strong relationship between you and your dog and also helps improve behavior.

Unlike humans, who are dependent on verbal communication to share their feelings, dogs communicate their feelings through their actions.

They focus more on what we are doing rather than what we are saying to them.

Taking the pet for a walk and sharing one-on-one quality time makes it joyful.

Dogs appreciate attention and want it the most from their owners.

Your actions will make your pet feel loved and strengthen the bond you both share.

2. Better physical health

Dog walking not only creates a healthy relationship between the pet and owner, but it also promotes positive effects on health.

Regular walks can reduce the risk of obesity and many other health risks for both species.

As per a recent study, you are taking your dog out for a 30-minute walk twice a day can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and many other similar problems by 70%.

I will also help you to increase your stamina and strengthen muscles in your legs, reducing the chances of muscle injuries in the future.

3. Better mental health

Sleeping dog

Dogs are very energetic animals and need to be engaged all the time.

Not taking them out can make them destructive at home.

Dogs need to release all their energy, and lack of exercise and walking makes them restless.

Walking a dog release excess energy and makes it mentally relaxed.

This helps the dog sleep better at night.

Also, since it is physical exercise for humans as well, it helps reduce anxiety and depression.

4. Increases lifespan of the pet

Many studies have shown that more than 50% of canine dogs who suffer from obesity are more likely to have a shorter life span.

Lean dogs are more likely to live longer than obese dogs.

Physical activities such as walking 60 minutes a day can help them reduce the chances of heart disease and joint ailments.

As humans, we are likely to do more exercise when we have a partner to give us company.

The same rule applies to dogs as well.

They will try to fight their boredom when they are alone by playing or jumping around.

However, when they are alone, they will be stagnant.

Dogs love human companionship, and with their owner beside them, they like to go out for long walks and playtime.

5. Creates a better Social life

Social life with other dogs

Taking your dog out for a walk can help you explore many things out in the world.

You don’t need to have an excellent social life only on the Internet.

Going out with your dog and checking out new things along the way is a much better social experience.

Meeting new people and dog owners on the way will help you share more experiences about dog care. Your dogs get to meet new pet friends as well.

Take your dog out for a walk to new places, and you will meet new pet owners.

They might stop to pet your dog leading to an interaction.

They might also share some information about the dog’s health or tips on how to take better care of them.

6. Decreases Loneliness

Solitary walks for both dogs and humans can turn out to be very lonely.

Pets do not prefer to be alone and need guidance at all times.

A quality walk for both you and your dog can provide much emotional support and fight loneliness.

There have been many cases where humans have suffered depression due to isolation, but a pet helped change the condition.

The same is the case with dogs, as they need your companionship for a happy living.

Taking them out for a walk shows them that you are there with them always.

7. Start slowly and increase gradually

Start slowly

If you are new to dog walking, then I would suggest you start it slowly and gradually.

You can increase it day by day as per you, and your dog’s stamina gets better.

It would help if you made a reasonable walking schedule for both of you so that it doesn’t overburden your body initially.

Start by going out for a 10 to 15-minute walk with your dog for a few days so that your body can adjust to it. After a few days, start increasing the walking time by 5 mins.

This will help you and your dogs to adapt to long walks slowly.

You can also take out more time during the weekend or holidays and take at least a 30-minute walk twice.

You can also take note of the same in a calendar and track the amount of progress made by you and your dog.

Track the distance you both traveled and the difference in energy levels and weight every week or month.

This will also act as a great motivation. Even with time, both of you will notice a positive change in the body.

8. Reward your Dog

Reward your dog

Everyone likes to be rewarded after doing a specific task.

It brings out more inspiration and commitment toward the job.

Similarly, you can pay your dog with a treat or cookie every time he completes his walk.

This will not only make him happy, but they will be eagerly waiting to go for the next step.

Final thoughts

It would be best if you didn’t restrict dog walking to make him go out and do his morning business.

The activity helps a dog to maintain his physical and mental health, and in the same way, it affects humans as well.

It’s not just an activity but a way to connect with your dog and build a strong bond between both.

So, go out for a walk with your dog, and enjoy his company, nature, and the love he has for you.

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