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Do Huskies Love Their Owners?

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Do huskies love their owners

Huskies are famous for their tantrums. They are loud and full of attitude, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their owners.

People often mistake a husky’s independent nature for a lack of love and affection. This isn’t the reality, however.

Yes, these dogs are independent, full of attitude, and supremely cocky, but they’re also massive cuddle bugs.

Huskies love people, they love attention, and they love their owners. However, just like any other dog, you need to work on the bond.

How Do You Tell If Your Husky Loves You?

The first sign of love is that your husky trusts you and feels comfortable around you. If this is the case, your husky will engage in normal dog behaviors like play, sniffing, sleeping, and grooming.

A dog that doesn’t feel safe and loved will be on edge and will show that they are uncomfortable and unhappy.

Another way that huskies show their love and affection is with cuddles and hugs. Huskies love to be petted, the love to snuggle, and they love to pretend that they are lap dogs.

If your husky likes to cuddle with you, then they are displaying their love and affection.

A unique way that you husky might show love, is by holding your hand or arm in their mouth. When they do this, they are trying to show you that they will not bite you. It’s a bit like a trust fall.

Huskies that live in packs, do this behavior with the other members of their pack. It is all about building a trusting bond amongst the group.

Like all other dogs, huskies also demonstrate their happiness, love, and affection, by wagging their tails, play bowing, nudging, and barking.

If there’s one thing you can say about huskies, it’s that they are not shy when it comes to showing their emotions!

Are Huskies Loyal?

The word ‘loyal’ is typically applied to dogs with a guarding or protective instinct. This can’t really be said about huskies.

They are attention seekers who will take affection from anyone who offers it, even a burglar or intruder. This is why huskies seem to have this reputation for being disloyal.

It’s not necessarily that they prefer this new person over you, it’s just that the new person is giving them immediate attention. In that sense, huskies are somewhat fickle.

The other way people tend to use the word loyal is to describe a dog that does not leave your side. This isn’t the greatest definition of loyal. In fact, it better describes a clingy dog.

Huskies are definitely not clingy dogs. While they might love a cuddle and a hug, they are also fiercely independent and stubborn dogs.

A husky will never be a quiet lap dog. It is just not in their nature to roll over and take any and every command. They can definitely be trained, but you need to put the work in.

Do Huskies Bond with One Person?

Huskies are probably the opposite of ‘one person’ dogs. They love attention no matter where it comes from.

This seems to hurt a lot of owner’s feelings, especially when huskies are kept as only pets in a household. The owners seem to expect huskies to choose them over anyone else.

The truth is huskies are natural pack animals. They have been used for hundreds and thousands of years in sled teams and packs, so they are used to socializing with lots of different animals.

When you keep a husky as a pet, you need to accept the fact that these dogs will want to socialize and create a pack.

This might mean being really friendly with your houseguests or refusing to acknowledge you when your friends come round.

What you need to remember, is that even though they love to see other people, they recognize that you are their owner. They know which way their bread is buttered.

It is another holdover from their sled dog days when they learned to depend on the human on the sled for food, water, and comfort.

Will Huskies Protect Their Owner?

Huskies love their owners

Huskies aren’t natural guard dogs like mastiffs or rottweilers.  In fact, they’re one of the friendliest breeds out there. They were bred to live and work in close contact with tribes of people, which meant that they are used to large numbers of different humans.

If you buy a husky to protect yourself or your property, you’re going to be disappointed. They are more likely to lick an intruder to death than show any real aggression.

In terms of protecting you from a threat, a husky would definitely bark, growl, and try to scare off someone they thought might hurt you or them. The problem is they are unlikely to follow up. It’s just not in their instinct.

The other problem is that they are pretty rubbish at identifying threats because they think that everyone is a friend.

How Do I Know If My Husky Is Happy?

A happy husky will have a relaxed body and face. They will hold their tail and ears in a neutral position. This means that they won’t be flattening their ears or rotating them radar like.

While many dogs wag their tail to show that they are happy, this is not true of all huskies. Some are quite reserved with their tails. The key thing to note is whether it is relaxed.

A happy and relaxed husky may sit or lay with his mouth slightly open and his tongue showing. This can make for some excellent photos!

If you look at a happy husky’s eyes, you’ll notice that they’re not really focused on anything. Instead, they have a softer gaze, and they won’t be darting around the room.

If your husky is happy, they may want to initiate play or curl up next to you for some scratches or cuddles.

In short, a happy husky is a relaxed and loving dog. These fluff balls are fairly easy to please, and in return you’ll get a wonderful family pet.

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