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Do Puggles Have Health Problems?

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Do puggles have health problems

Who doesn’t love Puggles, they are super cute and have a lot of love to give.

Puggles tend to live for the average amount of time that you would expect for a medium-sized dog, averaging at around 10-15 years, they are pretty healthy too, however, they do come with some of the health issues you find in pugs. 

Flat-faced dogs tend to be at risk in high heat and high humidity, they can have issues breathing if they get over-exerted too. This is called Brachycephalic syndrome. They are also subject to suffering from some eye conditions as well. 

Even more so, they may inherit hip dysplasia which can cause arthritis and lameness, and much like a pug they have lost of fold and creases in their skin, these folds and creases must be kept clean as they can get skin infections in some of those harder to reach places, even if there is no infection it is important to keep these areas clean as bacterial build-ups can lead to stinkiness. 

Do Puggles get cold easily? 

Puggles are part pug, and it is this part of them that makes them so susceptible to… pretty much everything. Their bodies cannot stand climate changes, you wouldn’t want to take them on a two stop vacation from Mexico to Canada. 

Puggles cannot tolerate any overheating at all, they simply do not cope with heat well at all, which might make you think they cope better in the cold, you would be wrong.

They don’t cope well in the cold either. When the weather gets chilly, they are prone to catching a cold and getting sick.

It is a good idea to get a few coats and blankets for your Puggle for the winter months to stop them from getting sick.

It is easier to warm them up in the winter with some coats, then it is to cool them down in the hot summers. No matter what the weather, they always feel it more. 

Do Puggles go blind? 

Alongside everything else that Puggles suffer from they are also susceptible to eye conditions.

This includes, cherry eye, and progressive retinal atrophy, this one is when the third eyelid’s glands move and become uncomfortable, it can get irritated easily and cause infections, which in itself is very unpleasant. 

With progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) it is a set of hereditary and genetic issues that affect the eyes, this means that the dog will have a more difficult time seeing at night or in the dark.

So, if your Puggle starts bumping into all your furniture, and you feel like you will need to strap them in pillows, then you will know that something is wrong.

Progressive retinal atrophy does not always lead to blindness, but it does have the potential to do so, this is why if you notice that your dogs’ eyesight isn’t what it used to be then you should get them to the vet just in case.

It is better to be safe than sorry and since their pug heritage is so susceptible, getting your Puggle checked is always wise. 

Are Puggles aggressive? 

Puggles are not naturally aggressive, they have no chihuahua in them after all. Puggles are very charming, they can also be a bit stubborn though.

They tend to be playful, friendly and outgoing with both humans and animals.

They are also big cuddlers. You tend to get the best of both worlds with a Puggle, they are good sniffers thanks to their Beagle heritage, they are sweet and charming like a Pug, stubborn, and you may expect some barking or howling, as well as some snoring. 

They can be very playful, and they may enjoy roughhousing, however, every dog is different, and no matter how much you look into the breed temperament, there is no way you can define your dog’s potential characteristics entirely off of it.

Like people, every dog is unique, some may be more cuddly than others, whereas some may be more playful and like to tussle. 

Do Puggles bark a lot? 

Do puggles have health problems

Whether a Puggle will bark a lot really depends on how they are trained and taught, rather than the breed itself. Any dog can be loud and bark a lot if it is not properly trained not to do so.

So the tip is to train your dog and spend plenty of time with them to prevent excessive barking.

Remember any dog will bark occasionally, and you cannot stop barking, but if you train your dog well, you can prevent excessive barking. 

Unless you train your Puggle, they can be very loud dogs. They are very alert and will often bark to announce the presence of a stranger or a visitor to the home.

Although their friendliness does counteract this guard dog tendency. Some Puggles may also howl, which is a trait they pick up from their Beagle side.

In any case, with any dog, early training is essential to make sure that your Puggle does not turn into a non-stop alarm system.While any dog will bark from time to time, it is imperative to train them so that it is not constant. 

Do Puggles need to be groomed? 

Unlike many other dogs, you probably won’t need to take your Puggle to the doggie salon. They do not need much grooming at all thanks to their short fur, however, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect care for their coats.

It is still good practice to brush your Puggles coat once a week, if anything it is good to do in order to prevent their hairs from getting all over your furniture and carpets. You should use a natural bristle brush, or a rubber brush to do so. 

Always check from fleas, ticks, lumps, bumps, and scabs, as well as any possible skin conditions. Since Puggles are susceptible to getting health problems, thanks to their pug side, giving them a good brushing once a week is also a chance for you to monitor their health and ensure all is good and well with your furry friend.

You should also bathe your Puggle once a month too, don’t bathe them too often, or they might get dry skin, but once a month is plenty and will keep their coat clean and soft. 

Is a Puggle purebred?

Puggles are not a purebred dog, they are a crossbreed between a Beagle and a Pug.

They are considered to be a designer dog in many ways, and like many of these designer crossbreed dogs, not all of them are 50% purebred to 50% purebred.

Breeders will often breed multi-generational crosses, so some may be more Pug and some may be more Beagle. 

Puggles are a relatively new breed of dog, first bred in the 1990s.

The parents of a Puggle must be a male Pug and a female Beagle. This is because there are often a great deal of complications that can arise when the male dog is larger than the female. 

They are small, heavy-bodied dogs with loads of energy and if you train them well they can be an excellent addition to your family, they will get along with you, your family, your kids, and even your other pets. 

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