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Why Health Insurance Is Important for Your Dogs

By Jacquelyn Kennedy
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For most dog owners, their dogs are also a part of their family members.


Hence, if you could easily spend some cool cash for insurance purposes for members of your family, why can’t you do the same for your dogs?

After all, your dogs also need the best medical attention like you need when you encounter a medical emergency.

The future is not yours to decide, and similar to hospital bills, the bills you can get for your dog can be equally costly or costlier.

This is why the importance of medical insurance for your dog becomes important. Dog insurance is one way to refer to the pet health insurance policy for your canine companion.

Factually speaking, if someone told you or any other person who owns a dog that there could be something like dog insurance for their dogs, you may laugh the person to scorn.

But the event of the last few decades have changed drastically, and more and more people are trooping in to get their dogs insured.

Hence, understanding what you have to do to get your furry relatives insured is the way to go.

So, the points below highlight some important reasons why you have to consider buying a health insurance package for your furry companion.

Even with the massive traction that dog insurance has gained in our midst, a lot of people are still confused as to whether to should still opt in for it.

Most dog insurance policies mainly cater to dogs, cats, and horses. It does not in any way imply that unusual dogs like snakes or lizards cannot get insured.

You can get them insured also, and lots of insurance outlets are starting to offer health insurance coverage for these types of dogs too.

It Decreases the Likelihood of Incurring Bigger Expenses

Vet costs can be greater than human medical expenses. For instance, if your animal companion has cancer, you can spend $10,000 on radiation therapy.

Tumor surgical excision will cost you anything from $3,000 to $6,000.

Sadly, not all dog owners can manage to cater for the costs, and these dog owners are compelled to forsake their dogs.

Just like you would do for your health insurance, committing some amount on cash for your dog’s health insurance every month will not create a big hole in your bank account.

Although you may be required to make payments for your health treatment as you are starting, you’ll surely get it back if you file a claim for it.

In the long run, you are not losing anything permanently because you’ll always get it back.

If you do not strive to get health insurance for your dog, then you are most likely going to lose the cash reserves that you probably dedicated to the medical treatment of your dog.

One nice fact about having dog health insurance for your dog is the plethora of options that it provides for you.

There are different plans for it, just like you’ll have in typical medical insurance plans for humans. The basic policy plans will normally cover costs associated with illnesses and accidents.

Also, dog health insurance premiums exist for issues like prescription medicines, dental care, vaccinations, and other medical examination processes like blood work or fecal examination.

It Lets You Make Great Decisions


No dog owner who truly loves his dog that will not want to do great things for it; one of which is going out of his way to ensure that it stays in good health.

While this is almost always true, not every one of them can be able to get a policy for their dogs. And to make it worse again, the best policies are often the costliest ones.

If you have insurance coverage for your dog, and they suddenly need emergency treatment, then you can opt for the best health treatment for them.

Hence, a tight budget may truly not be a limitation for you if you already have an insurance cover for your dog.

It is not Necessary Being ‘In-Network’

Well, to be honest, the term “in-network” can be quite confusing, and we are sure that you are already asking what the heck that is.

It implies that if you opt to buy insurance for your dog, there is no need to worry about a change of vet or picking from policies that are acceptable to your vet.

If you get your dog insured, you’ll have the liberty to check out any dog store in the United States and Canada.

Well, this is quite unlike human insurance.

Of course, there is an explanation behind the policy claims process differential between humans and dog health insurance.

Your doctor is the person that is going to submit your insurance claim for your dogs to your insurance provider.

It is in this regard that they should establish a solid affiliation with your coverage provider.

But then, when it has to do with vets and dogs, you’ll be the one that is going to submit the claim, because your vet is not tasked with this.

Your Dog May Become Healthier

You’ll have access to dog insurance policies that will cater to your animal’s preventive care, just as already mentioned above.

The implication of this is that there is no need worrying about making monetary commitments for some regular health examinations, and this will end making you eager to fund the regular health visits you embark on with your companion.


Millennials often regard their dogs the same way that they do regard their human counterparts – and most people know this as a fact.

Recent studies have postulated that a whopping ninety-five per cent of people who own dogs share good affections for them as they would do to a family member.

If you so love your dog, would you not also provide the best medical care for it just like you would do to other parts of your family? Of course, yes!

The era when opting to get a dog insurance policy is considered to be a funny venture is gradually dwindling.

Recent stats indicate that a lot of dog owners are becoming interested in buying policies for their furry friends, and the stats are pretty convincing.

One big justification for this is because having a health insurance policy for your dogs will go a long way to give you some peace.

And more importantly for some people, it will see to it that you’ll some huge vet bills covered for you.

Hence, if you own a dog, it is pertinent that you obtain a health insurance cover for it. It is truly something that you’ll not regret.

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