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How do Chihuahuas Show Their Love? 21 Signs

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Sometimes we all wish our dogs could talk to us. Wouldn’t it be so much more reassuring if a dog could just explain how it’s feeling? We all want our pets to be as happy at home as possible. It’s not always easy to understand a dog’s mood.

Luckily, communicating emotions doesn’t just happen through words. There are lots of ways a Chihuahua can express their love. Whether it’s through behavior, body language, sounds, or even facial expressions, a Chihuahua will try to show how happy it is. 

As owners, we should all pay attention to what our dogs are trying to say. These 21 signs are easy to spot and indicate your dog loves being with you. Look for a relaxed posture, playful behavior, and happy greetings. And we can show our love right back through care, attention, and the occasional treat.

How do chihuahuas show their love

21 Signs Your Chihuahua Loves You

These behaviors are a good indicator that your dog is feeling loved. And we’re sure your dog does love you!

If you’re doing your best to create a happy home, then your Chihuahua probably loves you lots. This list can show you some of the ways they’re trying to express it.

1. Your Chihuahua is smiling

Just like humans, a Chihuahua in a good mood has a way of smiling. This happy little grin can be seen when a Chihuahua relaxes its mouth, and the lips start to curl upwards.

If you think your dog looks like it’s smiling at you, then it probably is! This is an easy-to-recognize sign that your dog likes seeing you.

2. The tongue is poking out

Alongside that happy smile, you may see your Chihuahua poke its tongue out. It can also happen when they’re asleep. If a Chihuahua has its tongue sticking out, then it can be a sign that the dog is relaxed. 

However, keep an eye out for a condition called hanging tongue. This is when the Chihuahuas tongue is always hanging out and can be caused by injuries or neurological problems. Check things are okay by making sure your Chihuahua can retract the tongue. 

If there’s no sign of illness, then a pink tongue sticking out is a sweet accompaniment to that happy grin.

3. You’re being given puppy dog eyes

Big puppy dog eyes certainly make humans happy, but they’re also a sign that your dog is happy. If your Chihuahua is looking at you with round, open eyes, it shows that they’re feeling relaxed and loving.

It has been shown that dogs developed their heart-warming puppy dog eyes particularly to elicit a positive response from humans. So they know exactly what they’re doing when they give you that look!

Chihuahuas have very expressive eyes because of their unique facial features. A happy Chihuahua will have wide open eyes, and an angry Chihuahua will narrow their eyes instead. This is an easy indicator of content on a Chihuahua.

4. Your Chihuahua raises its eyebrows when it sees you

This can be a tough one to spot, especially on the small faces of the Chihuahua, but if a dog raises its eyebrows, it means it’s happy to see you.

Pay particular attention to how your dog reacts when you enter the room. A Chihuahua may look over at you and raise its eyebrows. This is an expression of affection and a sign the dog really loves its owner.

Just like with a human, look at a Chihuahua’s eyes and mouth to see how they’re feeling. A smiling dog with wide-open eyes is a happy and loving Chihuahua. They’re very expressive animals!

5. You’re getting Chihuahua kisses

We might try and express our affection with a nice big kiss, and dogs are exactly the same. Let’s be honest; when we see our Chihuahua happy, we often want to plant one on their soft little foreheads. Well, Chihuahuas think the same when they see us! (Probably.)

When a Chihuahua wants to kiss you, it will get up nice and close to the face. It may not aim for the lips, but it will do a lot of quick sniffing and maybe sneak in a lick or two.

You want to avoid your Chihuahua getting too close to your mouth, so try not to encourage this one too much. However, if your Chihuahua is trying to kiss you, it means they’re very excited to see you.

6. Your Chihuahua has a wiggly bottom

Chihuahuas have such small bodies any movement seems to set the whole thing going, but look out for bum wiggles. When a Chihuahua is happy to see you, it just can’t seem to control those shakes!

Keep an eye out for a bum wiggle when you get home, or maybe even a little dance. Chihuahuas have energy, and sometimes they express their affection with a whole-body shuffle. This is an excited movement, and one you may spot when you’ve been gone a short while. 

7. Your Chihuahua has a loose and relaxed body

A Chihuahua is happy when it loves and trusts its owner. This is reflected in their body language. When a Chihuahua feels relaxed around you, its whole body will relax.

Alternatively, you can tell a Chihuahua is stressed because the body will be tense. If your Chihuahua is rigid, then it’s probably suffering from some type of stress. They can be sensitive, so be as calming and welcoming a presence as you can.

8. The tail is wagging

Alongside a wiggly bottom, a happy Chihuahua has the traditional tail wag of a happy dog. With a Chihuahua, you may find the wiggly bottom and wagging tail combine to give your Chihuahua a full-body dance.

9. There isn’t any aggression

An aggressive Chihuahua may not pose much of a danger, but it is a sign that they’re unhappy. Aggressive actions can be seen when the ears go flat, teeth are bared, and the Chihuahua starts snarling.

If a Chihuahua is acting this way, they’re probably feeling stressed or angry. Ankle biting is common in teething, and some Chihuahuas try playing this way, but it can also be an act of aggression.

10. Your Chihuahua isn’t being destructive

If a Chihuahua is feeling stressed, it can turn to destruction as an outlet for that energy. This may be that it doesn’t trust the owner or that the owner isn’t there to calm them down.

Chihuahuas can suffer pretty badly from separation anxiety, and you’ll notice this if you get home from work to find the house has been destroyed. In this case, it might not be that your Chihuahua doesn’t love you; it’s that they’re stressed out from being left alone.

A Chihuahua is a loyal companion, but that can mean they get needy. If you’re regularly leaving a pet alone, then a Chihuahua probably isn’t the right choice.

11. Your Chihuahua wants to play

Chihuahuas are playful little animals, so if your Chihuahua doesn’t want to play, then this can be a sign that something is making it unhappy.

If you have a Chihuahua that always wants to be involved in a game, then this is a happy dog. Especially if they’re trying to get, you to play along. Your Chihuahua may be trying to get you to play fetch, or tug of war, or just give them some belly tickles. Whatever it is, it shows they want to spend time with you and interact.

A happy Chihuahua can have a lot of energy, and they’re choosing to burn it off by including you. A playful Chihuahua is a Chihuahua that’s in an excellent mood.

12. You’re being given toys by your Chihuahua

When a Chihuahua brings you a toy, it’s a sign they want to play, but also a sign of love and respect. Toys are important possessions to dogs, so you should feel honored when they want to share them.

This is also recognition of your status as head of the pack. If a Chihuahua trusts you with their favorite toy, it means they trust you as a leader. 

13. There is no lack of appetite

A healthy adult Chihuahua should eat twice a day. Happy Chihuahuas will be enthusiastic about eating and will display lots of energy.

If your Chihuahua doesn’t seem interested in eating, then they may be feeling unwell. If your Chihuahua seems listless and has no interest in eating or playing, take them to see a vet as soon as possible.

14. Your Chihuahua’s coat is healthy

A healthy dog isn’t always a happy dog, but the two do generally go hand in hand. A good healthy coat indicates that your dog is well taken care of and feels relaxed and happy in your presence.

Make sure you groom your Chihuahua at least once a week, more often if they have long hair. Use this as an opportunity to look for flaky skin and hair loss. Stay aware of any excess scratching as well. These are all potential signs that your dog is feeling stressed. 

15. Your Chihuahua leans into you

A happy Chihuahua may show its affection by trying to get as close to you as possible. This means sitting near you and leaning into you.

When a Chihuahua leans its body against you, it shows how happy and trusting it is. Isn’t this just like people? When we feel affection for our pets, we want to be as close to them as we can as well.

16. You have a new shadow

Alongside leaning against you, your Chihuahua will express love by following you wherever you go. They’re not trying to be needy; they just want to be with you. Chihuahuas form close bonds with their owner and want to spend as much time together as possible. So you may find your curious little Chihuahua hops from room to room with you.

While this is very sweet, you don’t want to encourage behavior that’s too clingy, or this can lead to increased anxiety when you need to leave. Stay calm around them to foster a relaxed and safe atmosphere so they feel less stressed when you aren’t there.

17. Your Chihuahua jumps up to be with you

A happy Chihuahua can form an incredibly close bond with their owner. This often shows in your dog wanting to be with you all the time. So you might see your Chihuahua leaning into you, following you from room to room, and jumping up to be with you.

Jumping shouldn’t really be encouraged, especially past the puppy stage. Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise to burn off energy. Teach them the ‘sit’ command, and reward them for doing it right. Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs, and they’re eager to please.

18. Your Chihuahua wants belly rubs

If your Chihuahua rolls over and shows its belly, this is a sign of trust. Showing the belly is a big vulnerability, and a dog will only do it around a person they love and trust. If your Chihuahua wants you to rub its belly, that means it’s feeling happy.

19. Your Chihuahua falls asleep in your room

Sleeping is a vulnerable time for a dog, so when they fall asleep, they want to feel as safe as possible. If a dog wants to sleep in your room, it’s because they feel reassured in your presence.

It may also be a sign that your dog wants to protect you. A Chihuahua may consider their owner to be part of their pack and, therefore, someone who needs to be kept safe. 

If your Chihuahua wants to fall asleep with you, it means they love you and value you.

20. And it yawns with you

You may find that, as well as wanting to snuggle up, your dog also starts yawning when you get tired. We all know how contagious a yawn can be, but it may be unexpected coming from a dog.

Studies have shown that when a dog yawns alongside you, it’s done as a sign of empathy. The dog has seen you yawn and is mimicking your behavior. 

21. Your Chihuahua is making happy sighs

We often associate sighs with sadness, but if your Chihuahua is sighing, it means it’s happy. Think of the sigh you make when you sink into a warm bath or the sun starts shining. It’s a noise to signal contentment.

When your Chihuahua is settling down to rest, it may let out a low moan or a sigh. This little noise is a show of happiness and contentment. They may have their eyes partially closed as well and just look laid back.

Listen out for happy noises like this, which show that your Chihuahua is comfortable around you.

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Signs of an unhappy Chihuahua

While these signs indicate happiness, there are some things to look out for that show a Chihuahua is feeling unhappy.

Dogs can have surprisingly complicated emotions, and as owners, it’s our responsibility to be sure their emotional needs are being met. This means staying alert of signs that they’re unhappy.

Be aware of your Chihuahua’s facial expressions. Just like humans, dogs can show their emotions via the face and body:

  • Narrowed eyes
  • Bared teeth
  • Snarling and growling
  • Flattened ears
  • Tense body
  • Shaking and shivering

These physical signals may all be a sign that your dog is unhappy. Otherwise, look for changes in behavior:

  • Acting destructive
  • Acting disobedient
  • Excessive panting
  • Growling and howling
  • Excess scratching or a loss of fur

Rather than acting out, a depressed Chihuahua may also seem to show a lack of interest, such as:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Going to the bathroom indoors
  • Cowering and hiding
  • Disturbed sleep, or a lack of sleep
  • Excess sleep
  • Lack of interest in praise or love

There are all sorts of reasons why a Chihuahua may be unhappy, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be because they don’t love you. Changes in circumstances, illness, or other stresses can cause problems.

A pet owner needs to understand that their dog’s emotions are valid expressions of feeling. Don’t just be upset that your Chihuahua won’t play. Spend time with them, offer them occasional treats, and show them how much you care. If you’re particularly worried or your dog has shown a sudden change in behavior, speak to a vet. 

Final Thoughts

We all love our dogs and want them to know how loved they are. Your dogs are feeling the same way! A Chihuahua can exhibit lots of different behaviors to show their owner just how loved they are.

Hopefully, this list will help you understand your Chihuahua’s behavior better. They can be very expressive animals, so there’s lots to look out for. 

Overall, if your Chihuahua seems healthy, wants to spend time with you, and can relax easily, you have a dog that loves you. Repay that love by spending time with them and seeing to their needs. 

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