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Is a Maltipoo a Good Dog?

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Is a maltipoo a good dog

Yes, a maltipoo is a great breed of dog. This type of dog is a cross-breed between a Maltese, and a toy/miniature poodle, and the maltipoo breed takes all the great aspects of its parent breeds. Maltipoos are gentle, affectionate, and loving. This is why they are very commonly used as companion dogs for couples whose kids have left the nest, people who have lost a partner, and those who need a therapy dog.

Their small size means that they will not require excessive amounts of exercise, and also means that they are generally happy to relax on the sofa all day. So, yes, a maltipoo is a great dog, and an excellent breed if you want a new companion in life.

Are maltipoos lap dogs?

While they can be very active at times, generally speaking, yes, maltipoos are lap dogs. A maltipoo is a cross-breed between a Maltese and a miniature/toy poodle, both of which are very small breeds. Their small size means that a maltipoo is usually happy as long as they have a lap to sit on.

While they are technically a cross-breed, you will not hear a maltipoo referred to in this way. This is because maltipoos fall into a category, with a lot of other poodle cross-breeds, known as ‘designer dogs’. This term is solely used to differentiate between crossbreeds that are deliberately bred, and those that are not.

The maltipoo, just like other designer breeds, is mixed with a poodle to make the dog’s fur hypoallergenic, which makes them even better for sitting on your lap. Which means, yes, maltipoos are lap dogs.

Are maltipoos barkers?

When you think about smaller breeds of dogs, you will often associate them with lots of barking. Smaller breeds are notorious for their yappy bark. So it is understandable that you might want to consider how much they bark before you get a dog of this breed.

Both Maltese and toy poodles are known for their barking, and this trait is passed down into the maltipoo breed. However, while these breeds are known for their distinctive barks, they are not associated with excessive amounts of barking. So, yes maltipoos do bark, but so does every other breed of dog, so you should not let this put you off.

Are maltipoos cuddly?

Yes, maltipoos are cuddly, and they inherit this from both of their parent breeds. Maltese dogs and toy poodles are known for their small size and desire to sit on any person’s lap, and the maltipoo wants the exact same thing.

This means that, if you are looking for a cuddly dog, a maltipoo could be an excellent option. This breed is extremely affectionate, and very caring. They will always make a fuss of their owner, and are more fond of being sat on the couch with you, than running around and playing.

Maltipoos can often become a bit of a shadow, following their owner around ready for cuddles at any opportunity, so, yes, they are cuddly.

Are maltipoos fragile?

Maltipoos are a very small breed of dog, and because of this they are rather fragile. Especially when they are puppies. Of course, all puppies are fragile. But, maltipoos and other smaller breeds are more prone to damage. This is why you must be gentle with your maltipoo.

As an adult, you will likely be gentle with your puppy anyway. But, if you have small children, or know that your dog is going to come into contact with them, you should err on the side of caution.

Small children cannot fully control their actions and will not be aware of their own strength, so they could accidentally harm your maltipoo puppy. So, yes, maltipoos are fragile, but as long as you are careful with them, they shouldn’t come under any harm.

Are maltipoos good for seniors?

Yes, maltipoos are great dogs for seniors. This is a fairly new breed, but they have quickly become one of the most popular. This is mainly because the maltipoo breed was specifically designed to harvest the best features from both the toy poodle and Maltese breeds. So, the maltipoo breed is extremely caring and affectionate, which makes them a great companion for seniors.

They are also a great choice for seniors because of their small size. While there are lots of larger breeds that are very affectionate, they can be very difficult for elderly people to control simply due to their size. So, if you want to buy a companion dog for a senior, then a small breed like a maltipoo would be excellent.

Are maltipoos lazy?

Due to their small size, maltipoos generally tend to have high energy levels. So, they are definitely not lazy dogs. In fact, they are generally very active. However, this activity usually happens in bursts, so it is not uncommon to find your maltipoo lounging around in their dog bed all day.

You may also observe lazy behavior in your maltipoo if they are bored. When a dog becomes bored they can become quite lethargic, and could spend lots of time lazing about, uninterested in anything.

This is not good behavior, so if your dog becomes bored like this, you will need to change something in their lifestyle. But generally, you shouldn’t be worried if your maltipoo spends a lot of time sleeping.

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Are maltipoos loyal?

Yes, maltipoos are very loyal dogs. This mainly stems from the fact that they are very loving and affectionate, as this allows them to create a great bond with their owner. Even though they are small, a maltipoo will still be protective over their human, and this breed is often known for barking at strangers who could be potential threats.

If you spend a lot of time with your dog, then there is a good chance that they might also become rather clingy. Lots of dog breeds are prone to following their owner around, and the maltipoo is one of these. So if you want a loyal dog, a maltipoo is a perfect choice.

Are maltipoos stubborn?

All dogs can be stubborn, but maltipoos in particular are known to have a stubborn streak. This is particularly common in female maltipoos who are often very good at ignoring everything their owner says, unless it is something that they want to do. However, this stubborn streak is not continuous, and you are more likely to find that your maltipoo will go through periods of stubbornness.

So, yes, maltipoos are stubborn, but this doesn’t mean that they are difficult to train. As long as you persist in your teaching, and give rewards for good behavior, your maltipoo should be easy to train. Even if she is stubborn.

Do maltipoos have health problems?

All dog breeds are prone to health problems, but the maltipoo might be open to more issues. This is because it is a cross-breed, so your maltipoo could be affected by health problems that impact both the Maltese and toy poodle breeds.

Generally speaking, maltipoos will have long lives, often living up to 15 years of age. But, throughout their lifetime they can be impacted by lots of different health conditions.

These include epilepsy, white shaker syndrome, progressive retinal atrophy, and patellar luxation. These conditions affect lots of different areas of the body. But in particular, maltipoos are prone to health conditions affecting eyesight and mobility. So you should consider this before you add a maltipoo to your family.

Does maltipoo bark a lot?

As we mentioned earlier, maltipoos are prone to barking, but no more than any other breed of dog. Like most small breeds, the maltipoo has quite a high-pitched, yappy bark, and this can make their barking particularly annoying.

While they will not bark endlessly, maltipoos are prone to barking at strangers that they encounter when out on a walk. So, this is a behavioral issue that you might want to work on.

They are also prone to barking during the nighttime, especially if they are expected to sleep in a room on their own. So while they do not bark excessively, maltipoos are prone to barking. So you need to factor this into your situation before you bring one into your home.

How intelligent are maltipoos?

Despite the fact that they are often seen as lap dogs, maltipoos are actually incredibly intelligent. This high intelligence makes them excellent to train as they can pick up new behaviors and tricks very quickly.

As we mentioned earlier, maltipoos are a breed which have high energy levels. So, if you do a lot of training with them, this can be a great way to keep their brain active. This means that if you combine a healthy amount of exercise, with lots of tricks and training, you will easily be able to prevent your maltipoo from becoming bored and disinterested.

In particular, maltipoos are good at learning tricks when there are treats involved, so bear this in mind when you begin to train your intelligent maltipoo.

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