Two of the Cutest and Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are the choice pet for most families living in the city and tucked in a cozy apartment. Most professionals and families with children also choose to have smaller dogs. To help you out in choosing the right pet here are some of the cutest small dogs that you can consider to take care of.

The French Bulldog (Frenchie)

Frenchies are affectionate and cheerful small dog with playful attitude. Although generally friendly with everyone, Frenchies tend to bond more closely with one person.

This type of dog can go well with other breeds. But male bulldogs may be more sensitive and aggressive. The Frenchie is a smaller version of the English bulldog. This breed is known to be a good hunter of mice.


Many love French bulldog because they are affectionate and cheerful. It also has a playful attitude. This breed of dog is generally friendly with everyone. It can easily bond with one person. They can be friendly with other breeds. But some males are aggressive. Although they are quite headstrong, they react to patient and continuous training.

You need to take them out regularly as this breed love to run around and play for many hours. But, they should never be exposed in hot weather as they may experience heat strokes.

They adapt easily in small living apartments, since they are active indoors. But they prefer cold temperature because they are sensitive to extreme heat.

French bulldog requires minimal grooming, aside from the regular brushing. You also need to have their creases and wrinkles cleaned. Make sure that you feed them with healthy food to help them live longer. This breed is susceptible to respiratory and eye problems.

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Frenchie may also experience a swollen abdomen when it becomes obese. Female Frenchie deliver puppies through caesarean section, because their puppies tend to have bigger heads.
If you are interested in owning one, it is best that you check the French bulldog cost  first.

The Australian Terrier

 Australian Terrier is a working dog with shorter legs and is smaller as compared to other breeds. This breed developed a manner that enables it to cover a fairground area.

Terrier has a dark nose, dark luminous eyes, long head, strong chest, angular-shaped ears, and a scissors bite. This dog has a rough, straight outer coat that is 2.5 inches long, and a smooth, short undercoat.

Australian Terrier is a helpful pet for controlling rodent and snake infestation. They also have skills as a watchdog, herder, and a good companion. This dog is also appreciated for its watchdog aptitude, and talent in tracking, performing tricks and agility.

Just like other breeds, this dog needs to have its daily exercise. The daily workout session for this type of dog will make them healthier. You can take them for a quick or moderate walk or you can let them run around in a secure area so they can exercise on their own.

The Australian Terrier breeds can live outdoors with moderate to a warm temperature. Though, they need to be with their owners often. It is ideal for families who are living in an apartment, but you need to take them out for a walk on a regular basis.

Taking care of them is easy. You need to bring them to the animal salon to have his hair around the eyes and ears trimmed. You can do the brushing of its coat on your own. This will maintain its glossy appearance. Though, bath should be limited only once a month. You need to comb his fur as it dries up to prevent tangles.

There are lots of small dog breeds like the Australian Terrier and French Bulldogs for sale online. Choose the one that will fit your lifestyle.

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