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Why Your Bearded Dragon Has White Number 2’s?

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Health and well-being are very important if you want to own a pet because you are in charge of keeping them safe and making sure they do not have any problems with health.

When they are healthy they are happy, and that is the main thing to remember. 

By taking a look at their waste every day, you can find out a lot about their health and the steps you need to take if it is not right. How much do you actually know about your pet, and how to see signs that something may be wrong? 

Beautiful lizard bearded agama, pogona vitticeps

This short guide will give you tips and ideas on how to notice anything that is out of the ordinary and certain things you need to look out for when checking on your pet.

Not everything is so obvious, especially with less common pets so let’s find out, and finding out earlier rather than later will be the biggest help! 

Completely White Or Only Parts?

Is your Bearded dragon’s waste completely white or is it only part of it because the white part is actually urate.

Therefore, if all of it is completely white then it could be a signal of over-hydration which is not an overly worrying factor, but something to monitor.

Learning all about consistency and color differences will really enhance your knowledge about this topic to help your pet become the healthiest it possibly can.  

Why Do Bearded Dragons Have A Unique System?

Their systems are very different to other animals because they don’t produce waste in the same way.

For example, Bearded dragons do not urinate in the same way as most because their urates and feces is combined which explains the white and brown parts. 

It is very healthy for them to have white parts and don’t think otherwise!

What Produces Urates?

The kidneys produce the urates, producing all of the waste.

However, because bearded dragons have no function or system to wee like most animals, it has to be stored in the gut until the animal is ready to go for number 2. 

What Should The Appearance Of Urates Be And Is There Anything To Stress Over?

Specifically, healthy urates take form as soft but definitely not ‘runny’, and they should be formed well. However, if this is not how they are being produced they could be hard urates which should signal to the owner that they need to be more hydrated. 

It is very important that your bearded dragon stays hydrated, it is the same for any being, and being dehydrated can affect many other functions.

However, if the white part is runny and the waste is complete why and runny then your pet is definitely hydrated and a bit too much.

If your pet is dehydrated and they haven’t drunk anything you can always give them a spray bath to keep them nice and hydrated. 


If there is ever any blood in the feces, it could be a quick call to the vets as it could potentially be a worrying issue.

It can signal an infection has formed. It can also indicate constipation so, like humans, bearded dragons can go through the same problems!

You will need to monitor your bearded dragon for a couple of days to see whether the feces has neutralized and goes back to its normal state, and if not it will need to be checked out by a professional. 

There are also different ways that can be tried for constipation such as warm baths and also can try a laxative for your pet (baby food). 

Abnormal Feces

Diarrhea can also be something to look out for. It is really important to monitor your pet’s feces if it starts to look abnormal because you need to also be focusing on the frequency and the number of times they are having it.

A vet should always be contacted if they are having a high frequency of feces that are runny. 

There are many reasons why your pet could be having diarrhea

  • Changes to their diet – it is best to keep them on the same food because their body becomes used to it and any changes can cause irritation. 
  • Parasitic infections  

It has also been found that fibrous vegetables are much better for their diets instead of water-heavy veg. If you are having these types of problems you can also try switching to fibrous vegetables and it could make a huge difference. 

There is always the option to always have treatments from vets if it is getting out of your control and causing you to worry. 

Treating Parasite Infections

They can be much more difficult to treat because depending on what stage it is at, the parasite can completely eliminate healthy microorganisms from their guts which can be very dangerous. 

The treatments that are available for eliminating this problem can also affect the healthy microorganisms that are left and they could also be removed by treatment.

Therefore, this is a very difficult issue that will need to be looked over by your vet.

Bearded dragon on sand

Is There Anything Else You NEED To Look Out For?

Every single bearded dragon’s waste will have a different appearance and sometimes it is not anything to worry about. However, if you do see some abnormalities this is what you could be looking out for:

  • Color is a huge factor in recognising whether there is a problem with your pet. It can mainly be affected by changes to your pet’s diet. Therefore, you might need to sub some food for different options to see if the color goes back to normal.  
  • All animals will have problems with their poop at certain times which is normal if they have eaten something funny and can be resolved naturally. There is no need to be too nervous if it is a short period that they are having problems with their poop. 
  • There is also the conversation of when your bearded dragon will not eat or drink. This can lead to them also not being able to poop. This is when they are brumating and is no cause for concern because it is a very natural process. 

Temperature Focus

Monitoring temperature is also very important because it can affect the pet’s digestive system. The lights should be adjusted and temperatures within a good range.

If you are taking these small aspects of your pets’ health into consideration, it can cause them to have problems with their waste system. 

Eating Habits

It is always very imperative to monitor how well your bearded dragon is taking their food because if they are starting to reject their food altogether, this could be an indication that their health needs to be checked as they are unable to eat. 


Their weight is a factor that should also be monitored along with how it is eating. You will be able to notice if your pet is losing weight drastically because it links in with the other factors.

You will need to find the cause of why this is by either seeing your vet if you are super worried or doing some research that suits your situation. 

Their weight can also link to how much your beardie moves around and how active they are on a day-to-day basis. If they are very active then this is a really positive thing and you have nothing to worry about.

However, if your pet is really inactive, or doesn’t move a lot then this will need to be checked out if it continues for long periods of time. 

Another Problem Caused By Dehydration

Their saliva is also another good indication of their health and whether they are being hydrated enough. For example, if your pet’s saliva is very thick then this is a negative indication that they are dehydrated.

Spraying your beardie is much more practical because they are less likely to drink from a bowl. Soaking them can really improve their hydration level and get it back to a level that is safe and normal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Bearded Dragon Poop Chalky White?

Chalky white poop usually means that a bearded dragon is dehydrated. String-like saliva, in addition to chalky white poop, is a symptom of mild dehydration.

Mild dehydration is very easy to fix. You should place them in short 15-minute baths.

What Does Bearded Dragon Poop Look Like?

Instead, they produce a urate, which is a waste product of the kidneys. When bearded dragons are healthy, their urate should be white and the poop, like that of most creatures, should be brown.


Overall, there are many things that people don’t consider with their pets’ health and well-being that are actually really important and can be imperative.

Their poop can tell you a huge amount about why they are acting certain ways and why they’re not active because of digestion. 

It is very important to monitor your pets as much as you can so you can view any changes in their poop and hydration and in their behavior as well.

If you follow these guidelines and information packages, you will be more knowledgeable about your pet’s health and you can also research further into these topics to find answers more specific to your pet as an individual.  

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