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Best LED Dog Collar: Ultimate Product Guide

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Dogs are certainly man’s best friend. The man takes care of dogs, feeds them, and gives them everything they need. In return, dogs provide entertainment, companionship, and safety to their human masters. People love to buy everything that will be great for their furry friends. One of the most popular products for dogs nowadays are LED Dog Collars.

LED Dog Collars are certainly the thing now. It illuminates your dog and its surroundings so that he could be visible even at the darkest places. This dog collar lights up because of the LED lights that are attached to it. These small yet powerful LED lights can glow up even if it only uses batteries. They don’t also rely on photo luminescence to light up, unlike glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark stickers.

Why Are LED Dog Collars Great?

LED dog collars are certainly one of your dog’s must-haves. Here are some reasons why you need to purchase this product for your pet.

See your dog even at night

LED dog collars are the best if you want to keep track of your dog during the night. You may not need one just for you to see your dog around your porch or background. However, they are truly great when if you are outdoors such as during an unplanned trip to the beach during the night. They can also be great when going camping in the woods with your beloved dog. Now, your worries about your dog’s whereabouts will now all be gone as he will just be there, glowing in the dark.

Ensure your dog’s visibility to motorists

It can be quite a challenge for motorists to have visibility over dogs that cross to and from the streets. With your dog’s LED collar, drivers would surely see your dog even at the darkest intersections and streets. This can also be a way for you to prevent your dog against accidents.

Lights up your path

LED collars can be a great help for you to illuminate a dark path ahead of you and your dog. Walking with your dog on your one hand and a flashlight on another can be troublesome. That is why you can just rely on your dog’s collar for light. This way, you can surely see any bumps, twigs and other inconsistencies on the streets and reduce any tripping or falling incidents.

Pick up your dog’s poop easily

If holding your dog in one hand and holding a flashlight in another is troublesome, what more could it be if you need to pick up his poop on the street? But the good thing is that you don’t need to hold a flashlight just to look for your dog’s poop and pick it up. You just have to rely on the LED collar’s light, pick up the poop, and you’re good to go.

Best LED Dog Collar Reviews: Our Top Picks

The best LED Dog Collars bring a lot of benefits and use for every dog owner out there. Because of this, more and more of these products are on sale at the market today.  With the overwhelming number of products available, you can be confused with what could be the right product for you. We would like to help you in choosing the best dog collars that have LED lighting:

1. Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Available in 7 Colors & 4 Sizes (X-Small [10-13.5" / 25-34 cm], Racing Yellow)

Our best recommendation for a dog collar is the PET Industries LED Powered Dog Collar. It is one of the highest rated models in the market today. A single charge can power up the LED Collar up to 7 hours. It also brings a very bright light and is available on a variety of colors. This makes your dog very visible at night time. But what really made this LED dog collar stand out above the rest?

First of all, it was specially made to be durable and last longer. It also sports a metal D-ring and buckle. This is for you to be able to walk your dog without having worries that it would break. The collar is also made with nylon even to increase its strength. It is also very appropriate for use in any kinds of weather, thanks to its insulated wiring. However, the manufacturers need to compromise its weight for all the features to fit in.

This LED collar can be recharged through its USB interface. It takes an hour for it to recharge fully. This can be quite quick. However, it requires a USB wall adapter and connects it to your wall outlet socket for you to charge its battery. Another option is to charge it via your computer’s or TV’s USB port.

Its outstanding brightness, together with its very rugged design and variety of colors, makes it a huge hit among dog owners. Being able to charge it via USB also makes it one of the top rechargeable LED powered Dog collars available in the market today.


  • Very easy to use as you only need to press a single button to switch between the three modes
  • has maximum brightness
  • very durable
  • produced with the highest standard


  • Can be heavy due to its metal buckle.
Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Available in 7 Colors & 4 Sizes (X-Small [10-13.5" / 25-34 cm], Racing Yellow)

2. Led Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Flash Dog Necklace Light, Pet Safety Collar Makes Your Beloved Dogs Be Seen at Night for Small Medium Large Dogs

The BSeen Water-Resistant Dog Collar is the best alternative for those who are not wooed by the Pet Industries collar. It is a fully water-resistant LED dog collar that is available on a variety of colors. It can also be charged via USB cable and offers several modes.

The collar itself has 11 separate lights. Just like the Pet Industries LED Dog Collar, it can be set to continuous, blink or quick blink modes. It really just depends on your preference. It can be charged through USB, so you don’t have to buy another set of batteries. You will only need either a computer or your smartphone’s charger to refill its juices.

However, it only comes to a single size which is 27 inches. But the collar can be shrunk or cut into any length. You only have to see to it that you cut on the gap between the two lights. Double-wrapping the collar is also possible for dogs of smaller breeds.


  • Length is very adjustable according to the necessity
  • has 11 brightly lit lights
  • water-resistant design


  • Be wary of cutting it for a perfect fit. You can cut it the wrong way, rendering the collar unusable.
Led Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Flash Dog Necklace Light, Pet Safety Collar Makes Your Beloved Dogs Be Seen at Night for Small Medium Large Dogs

3. PupLight2 Twice as Bright with Reflective Dog Safety Collar, Black

LED collars are probably the best way to go if you want your dog to be much visible. However, they don’t illuminate the path in front of you and your dog. In this case, you’ll surely want a dog collar that comes with a flashlight. This makes the PupLight 2 the best choice.

Unlike your traditional lighted collars, the PupLight 2 only has a single light that hangs from the collar’s frontal area. The said flashlight can light up to 30 feet of distance in front of your dog. This will certainly increase your visibility for you to know where you are heading. The light is also specially designed to provide 360-degree visibility. This means that it doesn’t only just light up in front of you.

The PupLight2 allows dog owners to change the angle of light. The brightness of the flashlight can startle or cause temporary blindness to motorists on the road. That is why this feature is so important.

However, the PupLight2 only comes in a single size. The strap is also very adjustable so that it can fit the necks of your dogs from 6 to 26 inches. This makes it very suitable for dogs of any breed. It is also powered by AAA batteries and can bring up to 200 hours of battery life. The use of AAA batteries, although, mean that it could be not rechargeable unless you use rechargeable kinds of batteries. The brightness of the light is also non-adjustable, which makes it a downfall.

This LED dog collar is also water resistant. This makes it resistant to splashes made by your dog as he walks. It also comes in 3 colors: black, red, and silver.


  • Emits very bright light
  • Angle can be adjusted
  • lights up distances of up to 30 feet in front of you
  • very lightweight


  • brightness is non-adjustable
PupLight2 Twice as Bright with Reflective Dog Safety Collar, Black

Things to Consider in an LED Dog Collar

Purchasing an LED Dog Collar is one of the most important investments you will ever make for your dog. That is why you really need to know what to look for in an LED dog collar. This will also help you know and determine what makes a certain dog collar the best among the rest. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a product:

Design and Style

LED dog collars are usually available in a few styles. Some collars even have LED strips that are coiled up the entire collar. There are also models that have LED lights to illuminate some areas on the collar. The 360-degree light design may also matter to some dog owners.

Quality and Durability

LED dog collars do come in various levels of quality and durability. Every dog owner surely wants a very durable dog collar and high quality. A good LED dog collar should also last even in extreme conditions. When buying something that works with electrical parts, always keep in mind that you need to spend a little bit more with it—buying something cheap poses electrical and circuitry errors. This will surely won’t last as long and can even pose a threat or danger to your furry friend.


A lot of dog collars nowadays make use of a battery that can be recharged through USB. However, there are also some that are powered by either cell or AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries certainly offer many conveniences and are also friendly to the environment. However, cell or AAA batteries offer a longer charge than rechargeable ones.

Water Resistance

LED Dog Collars are certainly the best choice for people who live in a rainy and mushy environment. Completely waterproof dog collars that can be submerged in water don’t exist or is quite rare. However, make sure that you choose a dog collar that is at least water-resistant. This will give you peace of mind that your dog collar will still work even under rain or a storm.


More and more LED dog collars come in several colors. This allows you to choose the best color that suits your dog.

Resizing and adjusting

A lot of dog collars offer several options to adjust or resize them. Some can be adjusted the traditional way by sliding the resizing buckle. Some models also require the dog owner to cut a portion of the collar to their dog’s neck length. An adjustable dog collar might be the best way to go if you are planning to use the same collar on multiple dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can my dog get hurt with LED Dog Collars?

These products are specially designed to be as comfortable and ergonomic as their traditional, non-lighted counterparts. However, adjusting or resizing your dog collar too tight can cause choking or pain to your dog. That is why you also need to make sure that you adjust your dog’s collar just right.

Do these products need batteries? Are they rechargeable?

Any kind of LED light needs an electricity source of some sort. Some may need to be connected steadily to the wall outlet. Others may work even on batteries or portable electricity sources. However, the characteristic of the LED dog collar to be mobile and portable requires it to use batteries. Some LED dog collars do have a rechargeable battery built into them. Some also require AAA or AA batteries or cell ones. To know if your collar is rechargeable, look for a USB or an AC/DC slot in your dog collar. But the best way to know is to check its user manual. However, if your LED dog collar requires either AAA or AA batteries, you might opt to use their rechargeable counterparts and just insert them in your dog collar when using.

How durable are lighted dog collars?

Branded LED dog collars are designed to be durable. However, always see to it that you spend a little bit when purchasing something that works on electrical circuitry. Cheap ones tend not to last long and can even pose a threat to your dog.

Key Takeaways

Visibility is truly a problem for dog owners, especially before the sun rises and after the sun sets. Choosing the best LED dog collar can be the best solution to your visibility problem.

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