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Dalmatian Intelligence: Don’t Raise A Destructive Dog

By Jacquelyn Kennedy
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Dalmatians doing tricks

Most dogs have one main skill or talent that they have been used for throughout history, but the Dalmatian has many.

Over the years, Dalmatians have been used as guard dogs, hunting dogs, fire dogs, carriage dogs, draft dogs and horse dogs.

Their intelligence gives them the ability to perform well in this wide variety of roles.

Many people believe that once their Dalmatian puppy is fully trained, they will have a well-behaved dog for life.

However, Dalmatian owners need to keep their dog’s intelligence in mind at all times.

If you own a Dalmatian, you’ll need to build their schedules with their intelligence in mind.

Without proper activity, these dogs can become bored and destructive.

This can lead to less than ideal behaviors, such as chewing on non-toy objects, constant barking or digging holes in the yard.

Luckily, there are ways to help your intelligent dog stay far from boredom and these linked bad behaviors.

Provide Adequate Exercise

Dalmatian getting exercise

If you look back at the history of the Dalmatian breed, it is easy to see that these dogs are made to move.

Dalmatians need time to run and play. Through moving their bodies, they exercise their minds as well.

This gives them activity and provides them with events that use and challenge their minds.

One way to exercise your Dalmatian is by taking them for frequent walks throughout your neighborhood or nearby parks.

You can also allow them to run around the backyard or take them to the city dog park.

Dalmatians will use their intelligence during exercise more if they are not alone, so consider either playing with them during this time, or allowing them to play with another dog.

Provide Stimulating Toys

Human work and life schedules can be extremely busy. There is a good chance that you will not be able to be home with your Dalmatian all day every day.

Your intelligent dog will likely still become bored while you are gone if you do not have a solid plan for this time.

One great way to keep intelligent dogs like Dalmatians stimulated while they are home alone is through engaging and exciting toys.

These can include safe chew toys or treat-filled puzzle toys.

If your dog has a safe outdoor area to spend time in while you are away, you may want to consider an automatic fetch machine to keep their body moving and mind working while they wait for you to return.

Provide Love and Attention

Smart dalmatian

While you’re at home with your Dalmatian, giving them the proper amount of positive attention can significantly decrease their boredom levels.

Emotions are a huge part of a dog’s intelligence. They need to interact with their caregivers to work this part of their minds.

Dalmatians are highly intelligent animals. Their intelligence may sometimes make them seem high maintenance, but with the right stimulation, they make excellent and rewarding pets.

If you provide adequate exercise, toys and love, your Dalmatian will avoid destructive behaviors and be able to use their brain for all things good.

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