Dog keeps pacing and won't lie down

My Dog Is Pacing and Won’t Lie Down

When your dog is uncomfortable, it can make you uncomfortable. Not only because you’re seeing your baby suffering, but it can be distracting to everyone’s routine. Your dog could be …

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How to calm an anxious dog

Four Ways to Soothe a Nervous Dog

Just like humans, our dogs can become nervous and anxious in stressful situations. Being left at home alone all day, visiting the vet, being introduced to a new dog or …

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Learning how to use melatonin for dogs

Melatonin for Dogs

Melatonin is a hormone that both pets and humans naturally produce in their bodies. It is often taken in the form of a supplement. Melatonin can help people and pets …

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Signs of aging dog

7 Signs of An Aging Dog

Just like humans, dogs exhibit distinct signs and symptoms when they grow older. The most common signs are deteriorating hearing and sight, inability to learn and recall, and lack of …

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