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How Do I Know If My English Bulldog Is Happy & Loves Me?

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As a dog owner, there are very few things that are better than knowing that your dog adores you just as much as you adore him. Naturally, dogs cannot speak English, but they do know one way to show us that they love us: body language! You can easily tell if your dog is happy and loves you by looking at their body language. This can tell you their mood and so much more! 

The thing worth noting is that English Bulldogs aren’t especially expressive. They have lots of cute wrinkles on their faces, and this can sometimes mean that they look perpetually grumpy. With that being said, though, English Bulldogs have a lot of love to give and will show you they love you in their own unique little ways – especially if you’re their favorite person in the whole world! They’ll show you that they’re happy in small ways that may not be noticeable unless you are looking for them. 

Today, we’re going to dive into some of the ways that you can tell your English Bulldog is feeling happy. We’re also going to show you some other signs that will show you that your dog loves you!

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How Can I Tell If My English Bulldog Is Feeling Happy?

There are a few different ways that you can see whether your English Bulldog is happy. You can simply look at his body language, or you can see how they behave. Your dog’s general health and well-being can also tell you a lot about your dog’s mental state. 

All dogs are different, so your dog may show you that they are happy in their own unique way. However, there are a couple of signs that will show you whether your dog is happy.

1. Smiling

Technically your dog can’t smile, but it can certainly look like they are! If your dog is giving you a smiling face, the mouth will likely be open, and you’ll see a few teeth. No teeth will be bared. You will also see that they have large eyes that just look happy, and their brow will be relaxed. They can also show you their tongue, which may be lolling about out of their mouth. This is a very clear sign that you have one happy pooch! 

This will clearly contrast with the face of an unhappy English Bulldog. If your English Bulldog is unhappy, they may have a closed mouth and might lick their lips on occasion. Lip licking can be a sign that your dog is anxious. In the event that your dog doesn’t look happy or they seem stressed out about something, you should take them away from the stressful situation to calm them down. 

2. A Wagging Tail

This is one of the most obvious signs that your English Bulldog is happy. Their tail may be raised high into the air, and they may be waving around, either when you or some other dogs are nearby.

English Bulldogs do tend to have naturally short tails, however, meaning that they can sometimes find it difficult to wag their tails. You may find that they still wag their bottoms, though!

If your English Bulldog is feeling sad, though, their tail may be down, and it won’t wag as much. In some situations, your dog may even have his tail in between his legs. This can also signify that your dog is afraid. If this is the case, it’s best to take your dog out of the situation that’s causing him fear. This will likely make him feel a little happier.

3. The Puppy Dog Eyes

Your dog can have puppy dog eyes when he’s an adult, too! If your English Bulldog is happy, his face will look relaxed, his brow will be smooth, and he will generally look happy. This can show you that your dog has nothing but love for you, and they’re happy too! If your dog is unhappy or is showing aggression, his eyes will be much more narrow.

Another thing worth mentioning is that English Bulldogs will usually raise their eyebrows up higher in order to make their eyes bigger. They know that this will get people to pay more attention to them, which is why they do it. 

4. A Relaxed Face

A smiling mouth isn’t the only sign on your dog’s face that he is happy. You can also look out for a relaxed posture and some flopped ears – these will show you that your dog is happy.

An English Bulldog’s ears are very expressive, so it’s worth checking them out to see how your dog is feeling. An English Bulldog that is feeling scared or unhappy will usually have their ears flattened back against their heads. If your dog is alert, their ears may be more pricked up. This is a sign that they’re listening to what’s going on around them.

If your dog’s ears look relaxed, then it means that they’re feeling comfortable. They don’t feel on edge in the current situation. If your dog is happy and comfortable, then their body language will be relaxed, and you may notice that their tail is slowly wagging and their tongue is lolling out of their mouth. They may even fall asleep if they are already rather close with you.

5. Play

You will usually find that your dog is happy if he is trying to play with you. They may have something affectionately referred to as ‘the zoomies’ where they run around the house excessively to burn off their energy. They will try to play with you or with other dogs, or they may bring their toys to you. English Bulldogs aren’t usually super energetic, and they don’t tend to need very long walks, but they can still be quite playful sometimes. They may do something small like playing tug of war with you if they are happy.

Sometimes a dog will go into something called a play bow when they are trying to play. This is when their front legs are flat against the ground, while their tail and bottom is high into the air. This is dog body language for ‘Do you want to play?’ If your dog wants to play, then it’s a good indication that they are feeling happy.

6. Lack of Destructive Tendencies

Destructive behavior generally isn’t something that you will see in a happy dog. If your dog is feeling stressed, anxious or bored then they are much more likely to try and destroy things.

Not only that, but destructive behavior can often be a sign of separation anxiety in dogs if you come home after leaving your dog alone to a house that’s completely ruined. Sometimes this can even happen if you are home. If your dog is unhappy, then they are also more likely to be disobedient, and they can be troublesome on walks. Disobedience can be a good sign that your dog is stressed or anxious for some reason.

Thankfully, you can usually curb unwanted destructive behavior by giving your dog some training. It can also help to dig into what the key cause of the problem is. This can help you to find an effective solution.

You can usually solve the issue by walking your dog more often and by giving them new toys to amuse them. If the destruction is caused by anxiety, then you can take your dog out of the situation that’s making them anxious. Basically, if you notice that your dog is being destructive, then it’s a good sign that they are unhappy.

7. Hungry

If your dog is eating pretty much everything that’s put in front of them, it could tell you that they are happy. On the flip side, if your dog isn’t eating very much, then it may be a sign that something is wrong. 

An appetite that is much higher than usual can also indicate that something is a little off with your dog. If you have any worries about your dog’s dietary habits, then it’s usually best to speak to a vet for further advice. They can give a better assessment of what’s wrong.

8. Showing the Tongue

If your dog’s tongue is lolling out of his head, this may be a way to tell you that they are happy! It can also be a way that your dog calms himself down. You may also notice that your dog is rolling around and wiggling a lot if they are happy. It may be a sign that they want you to give them a wonderful belly rub! 

Sometimes your dog may be rolling onto their back in submission too. In this situation, their mouth will likely be closed, and they will go all stiff. It could show you that they are feeling stressed about something, and they’re trying to say that they don’t want to fight. Dogs can often do this when they are near dogs that are a lot more aggressive, or they may do it when they are in a frightening situation.

9. A Healthy Coat

A happy dog usually has a healthy coat. Your dog’s coat can tell you a lot about their diet and general well-being, after all.

There are a few things that you can do to keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny. You can give them baths and brush them on a regular basis. You also need to ensure that they are being fed the right diet, and you can give them vitamin supplements if they have any deficiencies. Giving them plenty of exercise is also important for their well-being.

How Can I Tell If My English Bulldog Adores Me?

English bulldog being pet

If your English Bulldog loves you, then you will most certainly know it – their body language will be very obvious. After all, if you have owned many dogs before, then you may find it easier to tell how your dog shows their affection.

Every dog shows love in its own unique way, but there are some general signs that you can look out for to see if your dog loves you.

1. They Seem Happy to See You 

You will often see videos on the internet of dogs going completely wild when their owners come home from work – some may even pee in excitement! Your dog will be thrilled to see you if they love you. They may jump around a lot unless you have trained them not to do that.

They will also try very hard to get your attention so that you can spend some time playing with them. This can sometimes take up a little bit of your time when you’re just trying to walk through the door, but it’s certainly a good way to know that your pooch absolutely adores you! 

So, what about if your dog doesn’t like you? If your dog doesn’t love you much or they are depressed, they may ignore you. They may try to stay away from you on purpose. Sometimes a dog that doesn’t like someone will be openly hostile, behaving aggressively and growling at the person in question.

2. Leaning Into You

If your dog is big, it will be very clear when they are leaning on you. This is something that all sorts of dog breeds will try to do, regardless of size. Usually, your dog will try to lean their body up against you when you are petting them. This will usually be into your side or your leg.

They may do this when you are standing or when you are sitting down. They just want to be close to you and get as much affection from you as possible! 

This is a very good sign that your English Bulldog is both happy and loves his owner very much. He feels safe and relaxed, which is always a good thing. 

3. Eye Contact

You may sometimes notice that your dog is staring into your eyes when you are interacting with them, whether you’re playing with them, training them or you are walking them. This may seem like a strange thing to do, but there’s a reason for it.

There is some data to suggest that your dog’s brain releases a hormone called oxytocin when they look at you. This hormone is also known as the happy hormone, and a lot of mothers will also get it when they are looking at their children. This is a really good sign that your dog loves you!

With that being said, you should avoid trying to force eye contact with your dog. Excessively forced eye contact can often look like you’re trying to assert your dominance over your dog, and this can make them feel a little uncomfortable. 

4. They’re Stealing Your Stuff

English Bulldogs have a fantastic sense of smell. In fact, data has proven that an English Bulldog’s sense of smell is more than 40 times more sensitive than that of a human. They can smell pretty much everything. It makes sense then that you may suddenly notice your smelly items going missing, such as your socks, shoes, and underwear. You may even catch them in the act of theft! 

Your dog likes that these items smell like their favorite person! They enjoy playing and chewing with your socks and shoes, even though they know that they’re not supposed to do it. This is a behavior that you can discourage with a little bit of training. It’s usually best to swap these items with something that your dog can have such as a treat or a toy. 

It’s best not to take socks and shoes off your dog forcefully since your dog may think you are playing. They may even start to become possessive. If your dog is stealing your stuff, though, it may mean that they love you! 

5. They Enjoy Sleeping Around You

Dogs will not sleep unless they feel like they are safe and comfortable. If your dog is sleeping around you, then it’s a sign that they love you. They feel safe and comfortable around you.

You may find that your English Bulldog will try to sleep in your bedroom with you at night. They like to be near you at night because it’s where they feel the safest. They’re happy around you, and they love you if they are willing to sleep near you.

6. They Check How You’re Doing

Some dogs like their own space, whereas others act like living shadows and follow you around everywhere. Whatever the case, any dog that loves you will try to check that you’re doing okay if they haven’t seen you in a while. They just want to know that you’re happy! 

You may sometimes notice that your dog stops to look at you when you are walking. This is because they are checking that you are doing okay. 

7. They Show You Obvious Signs of Affection

It’s always going to be obvious when your dog loves you. They will show their feelings in their own ways, but you will know if a dog loves you. Many dogs will seek out things like physical affection by leaning up against you, licking you, jumping on you, or more. Some may even try to curly up next to you, or they may sleep on your lap.

Every dog is different and will show love in different ways – much like people! After some time has passed, you will start to notice when your dog is showing you love. It’s usually easy to read when a dog loves you or is happy though. Some dogs will also show you more subtle signs of their love, such as raising their brows at you, sticking their tongue out, or giving you puppy dog eyes.

You may notice that your dog comes bounding over to see you when you come home, they may wag their tail or encourage you to play. These are all very good signs that your dog loves you and wants to spend all of their time with you! 


It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether your dog loves you at first; with that being said, though, you will most certainly know if your dog loves you and is comfortable with you after a while. You’ll start to pick up on the little signs of their love.

Some will be obvious; some won’t be obvious. Every dog is different and will show love in different ways, but you’ll eventually be able to tell what your dog is feeling by observing their body language. Your dog may not show many of the signs on this list either!

In reality, though, your dog will love you and be happy as long as you treat them right. Care for them, give them plenty of attention, and do what needs to be done to ensure that they are healthy. A happy dog is one that’s well cared for. You don’t need to buy the most expensive dog toys to show a dog that you love them – just be there for them! 

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