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Fire Ball Python Morphs: Facts And Pictures

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Are you looking for a new snake and can’t decide which one to try? Perhaps you have heard good things about fireball python morphs and want to know more?

Whatever reason brought you here today, we have the answers for you!

We know how tricky it can be to find information about snakes. It leaves many of us frustrated and unsure of what to do or who to trust. You find yourself searching and searching, never quite getting the right answers.

Fire ball python morphs crawling

But no more! Today we have the answers that you need. Keep reading to find out all the information you need to know about these snakes and to check out some beautiful pictures of them too!

Origins Of Fire Ball Python Morph 

Now, there’s some debate around the origins and discovery of the dire ball python morph. The gene of this python has been around for roughly twenty years and has lots of different bloodlines, just like the pastel morph!

Despite the debate, it is widely accepted that fireball python morphs were first bred in captivity in 1995. Alongside this debate, some people think the sulfur morph is part of the fire line, whereas others view it as a unique bloodline.

But there’s more on this coming up shortly!

Genetics Of Fire Ball Python Morph

So what about the genetics of this snake? Well, the fireball python morph has a co-dominant gene that is considered a cleaner and enhancer gene when it blends with other morphs.

The gene itself isn’t very complex, but it brightens and lightens the pattern, creating some stunning snakes!

You can mix two fireballs to create a snake that is completely white with black eyes. These are known as a Black-Eyed Leucistic or a Super Fire Ball.

This snake is virtually identical to the Blue-Eyed Leucistic Morph, with just one difference, it will have black eyes and red pupils.

The most popular combinations of fireball snakes are fire and pastel, which create a firefly. You can also mix pastel and spider to create a Fire Bee ball python, another popular combination.

When it comes to breeding with snakes, you can’t go wrong with a fireball python. The versatile gene they carry offers plenty of combinations that you can play with.

It’s one of the many reasons that breeders love working with this morph and experimenting with new creations.

Health And Longevity Of Fire Ball Python Morph

Along with having an extremely versatile gene, these snakes come with very few genetic issues. You don’t need to worry about head wobbles or kinking, as we see with other morphs, which is fantastic news!

Not only is this excellent news for owners and breeders, as the snakes will be healthy and suitable for breeding, but it means that your snake will live a healthy life!

You can expect that these snakes will breed healthy snakes with little to no genetic issues.

And you can expect them to live a long life too! Their lifespan is in line with the average of other morphs, meaning that you can expect a healthy fireball to live for up to 30 years in captivity.

Providing that you care for your snake correctly and keep their living area clean, your fireball can live a long and happy life with you!

How Much Does A Fire Ball Python Morph Cost?

These snakes aren’t as expensive as you might think! Compared to other morphs, these are incredibly affordable. You can expect to pay between $100 and $150 for a fireball python morph. In the world of snakes, this is a really good price!

Now, you can expect to pay more for a female adult snake than a male or hatchling, but this is true of most snakes. For first-time snake owners, we suggest spending a little more and getting yourself a young adult snake.

This means you don’t need to worry about looking after a hatchling, and you will be able to see the color variation straight away rather than waiting for them to appear.

It’s worth remembering that fireball pythons will get lighter as they age, so even if the hatchling has a bright color, this can change as they age.

And if you don’t want a fireball, other fire variations tend to be affordable too. Even the more designer variations, like a firefly or the fire vanilla yellow belly, can be purchased for around $200.

Those looking for a super fire, though, can expect to pay more around the $400 mark.

Remember, these prices are averages. You could end up spending more or less than these prices depending on where you purchase the snake from.

Where Can I Buy A Fire Ball Python Morph?

So, where do you pick up one of these snakes? Well, they are very common, so you can find them online pretty easily. When shopping online for a fireball, be sure to do your research to ensure that you are purchasing the snake from a reputable breeder.

Snake shows are another good way to purchase a fireball. Or you can pop into a pet store near you, where they will often have high-quality snakes available for you.

Always make sure that you ask about the lineage of the snake and any genetic issues to ensure that the snake you buy is healthy.

If you want to do your shopping online, then we recommend heading over to CB Reptile.

You can find thousands of morphs on sale here and from reputable breeders that breed and sell with only captive-bred pythons, meaning that your purchase won’t support any illegal trading of wild pythons.

Pictures Of Fire Ball Python Morphs

Now let’s get on to what brought you here today and take a look at some pictures of these wonderful snakes! From the pictures below, you can see just how bright and beautiful these snakes are.

Sure, there are some lighter patterns and colors too, but we think you will still love them. Let’s check them out now!

Ball python morph portrait

This beautiful snake has wonderful chocolate-colored skin with patches of yellow. It is striking and one that you are sure to love!

Fire-ball-python-morphs on branch

Up next, we have this beauty with a similar pattern. In this picture, we can see that the colors are more vibrant. There also seem to be more shades of brown, giving the snake a more dimensional look.

Finally, we have this image of two fireballs! Here you can see just how different the colors can be between two snakes. The left one is much lighter than the right, showing you how the colors can change with age.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Get your last-minute questions about fireball python morphs answered below!

Are Fire Ball Python Morphs Easy To Care For?

Yes, just like other morphs, fireball python morphs are easy to care for! They are considered low-maintenance snakes, but you will still need to know how to care for them properly. When owning a snake, you need to know how to handle them, feed them, and maintain its habitat correctly.

Once you have this down, you will find caring for your fireball python morph super easy! You can get more advice from a breeder or your nearest exotic pet store.

What Makes A Super Fire Ball Python?

To create a super fireball python, you need to breed two fireball pythons together. Doing so will create a beautiful snake that you are sure to love. These snakes tend to be more expensive than other fireball morphs on the market.

Final Thoughts 

And there, you have everything you need to know about these wonderful snakes! Fireball python morphs are an affordable and beautiful snake that is perfect for first-time owners or experienced snake lovers and breeders.

Before you leave us today, be sure to check out our brief FAQ section to find the answers to any questions you might have.

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