Long Hair Pit Bull!? Techniques To Help Grow His Hair Long!

From puppyhood to adulthood, your doggy’s hair and coat tend to remain the same length. So, you must be thinking if a long hair Pit Bull is a possibility…

Well! Nothing’s impossible! Genetics determine your dog’s length of hair, but there are some techniques you can use to help grow your doggy’s hair longer!

I’ll share these secrets with you, only if you promise to keep this between us…!

So, are you ready to have a soft and furry friend?

Let’s begin!

Let’s Talk About The Hair Growth Pattern Of Your Pit Bull!

Checking Your Pit Bull’s Hair Growth:

Here’s the thing. You look at your own hair growth patterns, try your different styles for yourself, and what not!

You’ve got to do the same thing for your doggy friend!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Long-haired-pitbull.jpg

You should check your doggy’s growth patterns and only then you’ll know how (and from where) you should trim your doggy’s hair!

Let’s get a bit technical, shall we? Let’s talk about your doggy’s hair…

From Puppyhood to Doghood: The Coat

When a puppy is born, that bundle of joy only has a single soft coat of hair, but this coat is later moderately replaced with an adult coat.

So, when does this even happen!?

Well, this change takes place at the age of 3-6 months. But, that being said, this process can even take the entire puppyhood, or even take over a year to complete!.]

But there is one mysterious thing!

You can see a shaggy or a sketchy growth of hair in your puppy. This is because the puppy’s hair growth is progressively being replaced by adult hair growth.

So you see, you can get an idea of your puppy’s hair growth during this phase!

Hair Growth Cycles and Your Doggy Friend!

So, your doggy’s hair growth cycle actually has three phases, namely:

  1. The Anagen phase2
  2. The Transient Catagen phase
  3. The Telogen Phase

We’ll talk about them in detail, but more on that later…

You must be wondering why I’m making you read this stuff.

Well, I know this is bound to get technical for you. But, that being said, you have to understand this stuff as it’s going to help you understand the underlying factors behind your doggy’s hair.

I totally get the technical thing, though! But, don’t worry! I’ll make it as simple as I can…

Let’s talk about this, shall we?

As you know, once your furry friend sheds the puppy coat which is then replaced with the adult coat.
This process follows the three phases that we talked about before.

Remember them?

You will now!!!

Phase 1: The Anagen Phase:

It’s not as intimidating as you’re thinking!

So, in this phase, your doggy’s growth basically reaches its full length. And this growth is called active growth.

This growth of hair is regulated according to the genes your doggy inherited and the breed of the doggy.

I think you got this. Right?

Phase 2: The Transient Catagen Phase:

So, after the Anagen phase comes the transient catagen phase. This one is basically the end phase of the growth of hair.

This means that in this phase, only a very small or minute growth is seen.

This phase signals the end of the growth.

Phase 3: The Telogen phase:

This is the last one!

This phase is a stable non-resting phase. This means that your doggy cannot grow more hair.

How sad, right?!

So, when it comes to Pit Bulls, they don’t have long hair because of the genes and the breed.

But now we have the power to think beyond that. We’ve other methods as well!

Long Hair Pit Bull: Methods For Growing Your Furry Friend’s Hair!

So, as we discussed earlier, there are a few ways in which we can help your furry friend grow longer hair.

Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Get A Cross-Breed Doggy!

(What Happens When You Mix a Pit Bull With and a Golden Retriever)

Well! This is a natural process! And cross breed dogs are beautiful! All you need to do is get a puppy who’s got a Golden Retriever and a Pit Bull parent, and you’re done!

And your furry pink nose friend will look awesome and cute as hell.

You will get a Golden Bull!

Golden bulls have long hair. And the doggy is very loving and friendly. This red nose doggy with golden hair will just steal your heart.

The photos stole mine!
This is how you can get a long hair pit bull!

( What Happens When You Mix Black Pit Bull with Lhasa Apso )

So, the Lhasa apso is a really cute doggy with long hair. I just love this breed. If I need to see his face, I need to use both of my hands to draw his beautiful hair back.

So, all you have to do is get a puppy with a Pit Bull parent and a Lhasa Apso parent and you’re good to go!

And, what you’ll get is a cute little Pit Apso.

A cute little doggy with a pink nose and cream shiny hair. Wow! What a combination.

It so cuddly and beautiful!

But, that’s not all that I’ve got under my sleeve! There’s more that I’ve to share with you all!

2. Your Dog’s Diet

This is an important thing that you should keep your eye out for!

You doggy’s diet really matters a lot when it comes to getting those pretty hair! I rely on this method to the most, see I don’t want to distract your mind.

Let’s come to the point.

  • If you want your pink nose friend to grow long hair, you need to feed him omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • This not only supports hair growth but if you want that your doggy to win the hair show, then, this is the best advice for you
  • As Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids gives a lustrous and shiny texture to the hair of your dog

So, where to get those omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from? Well, I’ll help you with that!

Ok! Let me tell you! Walnuts and fish (especially, Salmon) are probably the richest sources of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

I’d advise you to give these to your doggy throughout the day as treats and you’ll soon get an extra furry friend!

3. Your Dog’s Bath

Here’s the kicker deal for you. The shampoo you use for your doggy influences his hair growth. Before you buy shampoo for your best friend. Check out that:

  • It should include the moderate chemicals because the hard one your dog’s eyes can’t afford
  • It should have the good fragrance, prefer fragrance-free shampoo because the flavored one may act as the irritant
  • It should have low pH value

So, how often should you bathe your doggy friend?

Well, you must keep cleanliness in mind!

My best advise is that you bathe your dog once a week or once on two to three weeks. No more, no less!

Let’s get your doggy friend soft and shiny, shall we?

So, both of you can enjoy the bath together, but wait! You don’t get confused with the shampoos. I mean don’t you mix that! Haha! Just kidding with you!

But, before that, you need to select a good shampoo!

I’ll help you with that…

I’m spoon-feeding you a lot, right!? Here are my top picks for the shampoos that my doggy friend’s favorites!

These above-mentioned shampoos are the best one, you should try these for growing long hair of your pit bull dog.

I have been using these since long and the results are incredible. I mean not on me but on my doggy!

4. Hair Growth and The Collar!

Your doggy’s clothing, which is the collar! can hinder his hair growth.

I’ve got a list of some awesome dog collars that won’t hurt your dog’s hair growth and will look cute and fancy!

These collars have certain advantages:

  1. They’ve got anti-pull harness design.
  2. They fit most adult big dogs, like the Pit Bull.
  3. They are all stylish leather dog jacket/coat.
  4. They are great for cold weather dog walks.
  5. They are padded for the dog’s comfort and does not hurt his hair

We Wind Up Here!

Well! I have talked about the methods that how you can grow long hair of your doggy friend. You can use these techniques to get yourself a long hair Pit Bull!

And, make it a point to give your doggy friend regular baths and use the right collars to try and grow your doggy’s hair.

But, remember, the length of hair of your Pit Bull are determined by genetics! These tips can only go so far!
I hope that these techniques help you! Please leave a comment if you’ve got any questions and I’ll gladly answer them in the comments section!

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