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All You Need To Know About The PitBull Border Collie Mix


The Pitbull Border Collie Mix, also known as Collie Pit or Border Pit is a hybrid breed with Pit Bull as one Parent and Border Collie as another. Both the parents are highly-active and intelligent breeds who are extremely loyal to their owner.

Are you thinking of getting a new doggy friend?

Do you want an intelligent, energetic and affectionate dog?

Then, I think the Pitbull Border Collie Mix is just the right fit for you. Now, I am sure as I mentioned Pit Bull, most of you would shy away from even considering this breed. However, just put a break on your thoughts and hear this.

Pit Bulls are often blacklisted as the most aggressive and violent dogs. But that’s just so wrong! They are industrious dogs trained to be agile, alert and energetic.

A Pitbull Border Collie Mix is a hybrid dog with a cross between the highly-alert and intelligent dog Border Collie and often known as the mischievous (although very affectionate) breed Pit Bull.

This doggy is the best of both worlds.

Getting this hybrid breed means you’ll get a doggy that looks more like a Border Collie with semi-erect ears and a lean, muscular body. These doggies are highly intellectual and will keep you on your toes at all times.

In this blog, I’ll give you a quick roundup of Pit Collie’s looks, personality traits, health concerns, grooming needs and their suitability for your home.

Let’s get started.

Shall we?

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Looks: How will it look like?

Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And I love them all!

Now for some people, the looks of the dog really matter. I mean, a lot!

So, let’s see what you’ll get with a Pit Collie or a Border Pit as many like to call it.

A Pitbull Border Collie is more likely to take after its Border Collie Parent. In general, you can expect a pup who has the body of their Pit Bull parent with spots that resemble the Border Collie dog. Most pups are bicolored with white and black coloration.

If lucky, you can even find one with brown colored spots (they’re rare).

Border Pitt have semi-erect ears and they can be lean with a stockier build. You can expect their hair to be anywhere between short to medium.

That makes them a low-maintenance dogs, to say the least.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Personality: What You’re Getting Into

The parents of this mix breed dog are highly active, adorable, loyal and responsive dogs. So, you can expect these common traits in this doggy as well.

Let me give you a quick heads up on what to expect with this pup.

Bright and Energetic Personality

Collie Pit breed is a very bright, responsive and highly-energetic dog that will keep you on your toes all day. This trait is common for both its parents who own an energetic trait in their personality.

Loyal and Protective

You can expect this dog to be highly protective of their owner and loyal to its core. Pit Bulls are known for their aggressive nature and combined with a Border Collie protectiveness trait, they can tend to bark more when sensing a threat.

However, the small downside can be removed with proper training as soon as they are brought home.

 Super Intelligent

Pit Bull is known for keeping their owners active and engaged in mental activities. When combined with the super intelligence of Border Collie, be prepared to be surprised every time your companion outsmarts you with his wits.

Friendly and Responsive

Both Pit Bull and Border Collie are very responsive and friendly dogs. Contrary to the popular belief, Collie Pit will make a wonderful addition to your home and become playmates with your kids while becoming a useful watchdog as well.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Size: Medium Sized Doggies

No matter which parent dominates the trait in this hybrid dog, the size will hardly differ. Since, both the parents are almost of the same height and size, the difference would be hardly noticeable.

Because this breed takes more after their Pit Bull parent in physical traits, you can expect a Pitbull Border Collie to grow up to 50-62 pounds and reach about 30 to 35 inches in height.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix: Training, Grooming, and Care

Bringing a dog home is a full-time commitment. You’ll need to give them your love, care, attention just like small babies.

It is a good idea to know beforehand how much care this hybrid dog will need once you bring them home.

Let’s start:

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Food Requirements: What to Feed Him?

Pitbull Border Collie is very fond of chewing. If they are sitting idle for a longer period of time, they’ll start chewing anything they see in front of their eyes.

So, make sure you add bones in their diet to take care of their chewing fetish. Because it is a very focused breed, food is rarely their first priority. You can feed them freely.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Shedding: Will I need to buy a vacuum cleaner?

Dog’s hair shedding is a real problem and only dog owners can understand the pain.

Imagine hair in every possible nook and corner of your home.

Yep! That’s what it is.

With Pitbull Border Collie, you will not need to invest in any vacuum cleaner. These dogs have a short to moderate length coat and it doesn’t shed much. If the mix breed dog takes after their Pit Bull parent, expect a medium length, dense, and harsh coat. And, if they inherit the coat from Border Collie, you’ll have a pup with a short length coat.

Either way, expect moderate shedding when the season is on. If you’re someone who can’t tolerate even some hair in your home, invest in a good quality animal hair vacuum cleaner and leave all worries to relax with your pet.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Health Concerns: Should I be wary of any potential diseases?

Any dog whether purebred or hybrid is prone to health concerns. However, Pitbull Border Collies are relatively healthier breeds with no known potential health concerns.

However, they can be prone to allergies over time. So, make sure to get them tested regularly. This will reduce the chances of any health ailments getting out of hand and keep your pup healthy and secure.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix Exercise Requirements: How Much Walking Does a Border Pit Need?

Pitbull Border Collie is a very active, alert and energetic dog who loves their walk time. A lengthy leisure walk twice a day will keep your doggy happy and relaxed.

You can even teach him fun dog tricks and he’ll easily learn them thanks to the intelligent brain of the furry lad.

Apart from that, keep them engrossed with puzzle-games for some mental stimulation. Your intelligent buddy will love to show-off his smart wits to impress you.

For more information on How to train a puppy, you may visit this link: Click here.

How Long Can I Expect Pitbull Border Collie Mix to Live?

Dogs are lovable creatures who soon capture our hearts and become a loved family member just like our kids or spouse.

I, personally love my dog to bits.

So I know it is a difficult thing to talk about. But this is a reality we can’t escape.

On that note, you can expect your Pitbull Border Collie to live for 12-14 years. Always remember, you can improve the quality of your four-legged friend’s life with proper care and love.

And he’ll be there to play and walk around with you leaving behind lots of fun-filled memories to fill the gap.

A Quick Round-up

Yes, folks now, this is all there is to know about the sensitive, active and lovable Pitbull Border Collie Mix dogs.

As a personal suggestion, I’d ask you to adopt a dog rather than buy one. This will give you a lovable companion and the poor dog a new home

Let me give you a quick round-up for all that we’ve covered:

Appearance: Lean, Muscular Body with White/Black Spots

Color: Bicolored

Personality Traits: Loyal, Affectionate, Active, Protective and Responsive

Training: Easy (They’re great learners)

Sociable: Yes (with proper training)

Good with Kids: Yes

Coat: Short to Medium Length

Shedding: Moderate

Height: 30-35 inches

Weight: 50-62 pounds

Health Concerns: Allergies

Now, that is all you need to know about these intelligent and lovable dogs.

Have you decided to adopt this friendly pet as your family member? Or do you already have one?

Share your experience and concerns with us below.

Do you have any questions? Suggestion? Or anything to say at all!? Feel free to comment it down below and we’ll be happy to help you out with anything and everything!

Having an existential crisis? We’ll help you out with that, too!

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  3. Suzanne grocott says

    We have one of these, and he is exactly as described. Unfortunately the Collie side of him liked to round stones up, and then he liked chewing them………………….resulting in him having to have a few teeth removed. Super Super dog. Very protective of children…….

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