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Best Wireless Dog Fence: Top 10 Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Does your dog love to run and play? Do you worry about your pet pooch’s safety when they’re off the leash?

Playtime is important for any dog. Make sure to train dogs in your yard with some sort of fencing system.

A wireless fence is a great option! This system includes a transmitter (e.g., radio wave) and receiver (dog collar). We’re here to help you find the best choice for your backyard.

Why Do You Need a Dog Fence?

Wireless fences, also commonly referred to as invisible fences, allow your dog the freedom to roam and play outside within designated boundaries.

There are two main options for the best wireless dog fence: fully wireless and semi-wireless.

The design of both wireless fence systems keeps your dog safe and allows them to run about worry-free.

The semi-wireless utilizes a buried antenna wire and a receiver collar, while the fully wireless uses a radio transmitter.

Fully-wireless fence systems are common, but dog owners have a preference for semi-wireless fences since they generally have fewer interference issues.

Additionally, they’re easier to use on uniquely-shaped properties.

To keep your dog contained, smart fence systems use negative reinforcement.

In essence, when the collar leaves a safe zone or a specific boundary, the system will send a signal to the collar to sound off a tone or give off a small electric shock.

This tells the dog the specific area is off limits and to return to a safe zone. Over time and with the help of visual barriers such as flags, the dog learns not to stray too far.

Some great fences can even train a dog in under two days!

With all that in mind, there are multiple great wireless fence systems on the market.

Below is a list of some of the best fully-wireless and semi-wireless invisible fence systems.

Best Brand Wireless Dog Fence

1. SportDog Brand In-Ground Fence Systems – from the Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand – Underground Wire Electric Fence – Tone, Vibration, & Static – 100 Acre Capability – Remote Tra...

This system sports a wall-mounted transmitter that is easy to use and protects against lightning and power surges.

The collar delivers warning tones and has adjustable shock settings depending on your dog’s temperament.

SportDog products are professionally field tested and proven effective in various environments. This makes them very reliable for all weather conditions.

Customer Sentiment:

This product boasts great customer ratings and high customer satisfaction. Users report the fence is easy to install and use, reliable, and all at an affordable price.

It’s effective for many different types of dogs and a wide range of properties. Below are our takeaways of the pros and cons.


  • Great in all weather conditions and protects against lightning strikes/power surges
  • The system has a built-in wire break detector.
  • The collar delivers four levels of static shock and has warning tones.


  • The system needs extra wire/flag purchases to expand up to 100 acres
  • Installing the wire underground takes time and labor
  • The kit also only comes with one collar so could be expensive with multiple dogs or big land areas.
SportDog Brand In-Ground Fence Systems – from the Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand – Underground Wire Electric Fence – Tone, Vibration, & Static – 100 Acre Capability – Remote Tra...

Best Wireless Fence for Small Dogs and Puppies

1. 1 Dog Wireless Pet Containment System - Rechargeable Waterproof Collar - 100% Safe & Easy to Install WiFi Radio Dog Fence - No Wire, No Dig, No Bury - Large Coverage Area up to 17 Acres

This wireless dog fence is safe and effective. It’s a 1-dog system that’s ideal for one big dog.

So if you have a breed like Dalmatian, Great Dane, etc. then this is a good option for you.

The invisible fence’s coverage range can be adjusted from levels 1 to 100. That includes a diameter up to 600 feet. This provides more flexibility.

The collar is rechargeable/waterproof. It fits dogs that are 8+ pounds and with neck sizes ranging from 6-26 inches.

The system includes an over-shocking feature that lets you adjust the shock level. This makes it safe for confused dogs and power outages.

This Wireless Pet Containment System is bundled with a troubleshooting guide.

This can help fix any issues you have with the unit. You can also have a PDF version emailed to you upon request.

Customer Sentiment

Overall customers are happy with this product, and it is a great option for large properties.

However, a few customers did report having issues with the collar functioning properly.

The company has excellent customer service and with a 30-day guaranteed refund if the fencing system does not work out.

It also works well on dogs of all different sizes.


  • The boundary system can adjust to cover up to 500 feet.
  • The collar is rechargeable/water resistant.
  • The collar has built-in anti-over shocking technology in case they keep straying.
  • Collar battery life can last several days on a single charge.


  • The kit only comes with one collar.
  • The transmitter is not rechargeable and must be plugged into a power source.
  • Some yards may not be suitable for this system since the transmission signal is blocked if a pet is behind a tree, wall, etc.
  • The transmitter won’t work with masonry walls/metal buildings.
1 Dog Wireless Pet Containment System - Rechargeable Waterproof Collar - 100% Safe & Easy to Install WiFi Radio Dog Fence - No Wire, No Dig, No Bury - Large Coverage Area up to 17 Acres

Best Wireless Dog Fence for Large Dogs

1. PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb, Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction - From The Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

This fence is great for owners who want to enclose a large property. The system is easy to use and one of the most affordable fences.

It only takes 1-2 hours to set up, so it’s a practical option for any pet owner. The unit is also easy to use. If you use the product as directed by the instructions, it’s possible to complete the training in a couple of weeks.

This is quite fast considering other dog training can take several weeks or even months.

Additionally, the collar has special built-in technology that prevents your dog from getting shocked too much if they stray outside of the designated barrier. It has 5 static correction levels and tone-only training mode.

The safety feature is good for smaller dogs while they learn to stay within the borderlines. The dog collar is adjustable. It fits dogs weighing 8+ lbs. with neck sizes 6-28. You can add as many pets as you want to the system so that they’re wearing a Wireless Fence Receiver Collar.

The receiver collar is also waterproof. This is a plus since it helps protect the collar from the elements and thus extend the unit’s lifespan.

This is a critical feature to look for since it’s highly likely your dog will be outdoors sometimes when there’s precipitation like rain or snow. This Pet Containment System covers up to half an acre.

The system can contain pets within 90 feet from the indoor transmitter in all directions. The PetSafe invisible dog fence also includes a manufacturer’s warranty. It’s only valid when you purchase the unit from a PetSafe authorized retailer.

Customer Sentiment

Customers find this fencing system extremely easy to use and set up.

It is affordable compared to other systems and works well for a large variety of dogs and homes. If you have a car, users advise parking your vehicle in the same spot, so the transmitter does not bend or distort the invisible boundary too much.

Check out the pros and cons below.


  • The collar is waterproof and contains 5 levels of correction.
  • There is a helpful battery level indicator.
  • This product comes with flags to create a visual barrier for your dog.
  • This system is portable and easily installed under 15 minutes.


  • The kit only comes with one collar, but additional collars are available for purchase.
  • The transmitter only extends 90 feet in a circle, but additional transmitters can be bought to extend the area.
  • The collar is only recommended for dogs weighing over 8 pounds.
PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb, Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction - From The Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

Benefits of a Wireless Pet Containment Systems

Durable Components

This includes the collars and transmitters of invisible fences. You can mount transmitters to environments with a wide range of temperatures, while the units are also water/lightning-proof.

Dog Sizes/Temperaments

An invisible dog fence can accommodate most of them. There are some exceptions.

Some breeds have a high “prey instinct” and will think they need to cross a boundary is worth any type of deterrent like a physical/wireless fence. In this case, a wireless fence might be impractical for containing your dog. Make sure to consult with your physician about this issue.

If your dog is very aggressive due to behavioral issues, then it’s highly advisable not to use a fence and similar devices. You should consult your dog’s veterinarian about possible alternatives.

Affordable Option

If you’re weighing the costs of a traditional vs. wireless fence, the virtual fences are often cheaper than traditional fences. It’s likely the prices will continue to drop as the technology keeps improving.

There’s also the maintenance required for physical fences. It can take a lot of time, effort, and money to clean, paint, and repair the fence when it’s needed. That’s especially the case when your dog likes to do actions like climbing, scratching, and digging.

Pet Containment

By definition, a wireless fence system makes it nearly impossible for canines and other pets to escape from.

There are no physical walls, fences, etc. for them to climb or jump over and that’s a good thing. It helps to keep your pooch from experiencing injuries by trying to get over/thru physical fences.

How about if a dog starts digging up the ground wire? There’s a solution for that too. The wireless fence systems include warning signals, so the owner is alerted immediately if there’s that kind of breach. This feature adds a big plus over traditional wood/metal fences.

Multi-dog Functionality

You can sometimes add multiple dogs to a pet containment system including your neighbor’s pets.

Some systems even give you the ability to link your fence to a neighbor’s yard to expand the fence’s barrier.

This provides extra containment to make sure Fido, Max, or Bella can’t get beyond the perimeter around your home.

Easy Installation

The best wireless dog fence is easy to install. Besides the product’s instructions, you can also find other resources for installation like YouTube videos.

Some companies even offer at-home training so you can make sure the installation is done right and make the first few days’ uses of the invisible fence as smooth as possible.

How long will the installation take? It depends on factors like the features and complexity of a particular system although it’s common for the unit to operate within 1-2 days.

Important Features of a Wireless Dog Fence System

Lighting/Surge Protection

It’s critical to protect your canine from the dangers of electric discharge through lighting/surge protectors. This is critical since electric fences are installed outdoors.

Correction Levels

When picking the best wireless dog fence, it will have different levels of correction. This includes different external stimuli like a warning beep to inform your dog it’s near a restricted area. Flags might also be used to mark the areas since an invisible fence has no visual boundaries.

Different contact points are used for different dogs. Long-haired dogs require longer contact points, and shorter contact points are used for short-haired dogs.

Battery Life Indicator

Wireless dog fences require battery-powered collars. Make sure the collars have a battery warning light, so you’ll know when you’re experiencing low battery power. A warning light can tell you when it’s time to juice up the battery pack.

Sometimes batteries can last for months before they require replacement. It’s best to have some spare batteries in case the collar runs out of power. That way you can minimize the downtime of the fence/collar.

Wire Break Indicator

If your dog often goes beyond the invisible fence’s boundaries, then the cause might be a broken wire. This is much tougher to troubleshoot than in-ground dog fences since you can see the line’s breakage.

When picking an electric dog fence look for one that includes a wire-break indicator. This is especially helpful when you use a fence with wiring that’s hundreds of feet long.

Training Flags

This provides a visual clue so your mutt can identify boundaries when close to the fence. This is particularly useful when you’re starting to train your dog. It’s helpful when only a warning beep shows that the dog is getting near a boundary.

Most electric fences for dogs are bundled with 50+ training flags. It’s based on the size of the area the fence covers


In-ground and wireless fences use AM/FM frequencies. Make sure the fencing systems don’t interfere/react with various other electrical systems.

The equipment ought to transmit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-approved Digital Modulation.

This helps to prevent other signals from interfering with the system. As a result, you can avoid problems with conflicting frequencies like false activation. Having multiple frequencies lowers the risk of the system interfering with your neighbor’s system.


The size of the dog collar is important. More specifically the dog should be comfortable when training w/ the invisible fence. The collars ought to be designed to fit your dog instead of your dog adjusted to fit the collar. Here are some of the most important issues to weigh:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Waterproof

Make sure the collars are durable since they might be exposed to rain, mud, snow, etc.

A collar that’s not waterproof will have to be replaced sooner rather than later, and it might require replacing the entire invisible fence system.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long does it take to train a dog with a wireless fence?

If you use gentle yet effective training, it can be done within a week or so. It’s important to use tried-and-true methods to get the best results.

Make sure to use training methods that not only work but are humane for man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

Can cats use invisible fence systems?

Yes including indoor/outdoor systems to help keep your feline friend as safe as possible.

Are warranties available?

Yes and sometimes they’re a lifetime if an authorized dealer installs the invisible fence. This also helps to ensure the containment system is installed properly.

Are invisible fences expensive?

They’re not “cheap” but are often less expensive than physical fences. It’s also an investment in your pet’s safety, and that’s priceless.

You can shop around at online retailers like Amazon to find the best pet containment system at the best price.

Are there any dangers to using a wireless fence?

This sort of correction is harmless and not unpleasant for household pets. Some pet owners refuse to use a punishment-type deterrent for their dogs regardless of the form and function.

It’s an issue you should consider so you can make a decision that’s best for you and your dog.

Can pets be over-corrected with invisible fences?

Systems usually have a safeguard system that automatically shuts down after X seconds to prevent over-correction of your canine.

Will a wireless fence keep out other animals?

While these devices will help to keep your dog in, it won’t be effective in keep other dogs and wildlife out.

So it’s important to take precautions based on the possibility of stray dogs or other animals wandering onto your property.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for dogs to use electric fences?

No, and that includes size limits. However, it’s important for your pet pooch to be already well-adjusted to a home environment before you start training them with an invisible fence.

It’s still recommended that dogs be 8+ weeks old before using the wireless fences as part of your training regimen.

Also, contrary to the old saying sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks. You can also use a wireless or semi-wireless fence to train them.

What kind of landscape is best for invisible fences?

Flatland is the best kind. They work less effectively for terrain that’s hilly, rocky, or tree-filled. The reason is big rocks and trees can block signals from the fence/collar. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Do invisible fences require me to dig up the driveway? A small incision is usually made in the driveway when it’s patched up in a way that you can’t notice it. Meanwhile, the cable is protected so you won’t have to worry about it being damaged.

It’s important to get some professional advice about where to install the fence on the property. This, in turn, will help to make it as “invisible” as possible. One thing is certain: a fence without posts and boards is a lot more invisible than ones with them.

Can an invisible fence be used for aggressive dogs?

If your dog has shown aggressive behavior in the past, you should not train them using a wireless fence yet. The only exception is you also use the training with a chain-link and wooden fence.

If your pet has shown aggressive behavior in the past, it’s highly recommended you not use corrections. Contact your veterinarian about which training methods you should use.

Key Takeaways

Before you buy, consider the factors that make for the best wireless fences for dogs. Know the size and layout of the area you want to cover and pick the most appropriate fence.

Be aware of the different types of negative reinforcements and training systems collars use. Then pick the one you are most comfortable with.

Consider your dog’s neck size and overall weight as smaller dogs are more sensitive to stronger negative reinforcements.

Additionally, if you have multiple dogs, make sure the system you purchase can support more than one collar.

Also, consider whether you have plans to expand your system down the road. How old and active your dog will affect how much space they need and how much you are comfortable with.

Other things to consider when buying are the features of the collar, resistance to water damage, as well as the battery type and capacity.

The best wireless dog fence is a great option when you want to give your pet the freedom to roam without worry.

It allows your dog to run, play, and explore in the comfort of your own backyard. If you have a small flat yard, a fully-wireless fence is a great option.

However, if your yard is a strange shape or has some large barriers, stick with the semi-wireless system for the best results.

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