Best Flea Collar for Dogs: Ultimate Guide for 2019

Does your dog have fleas? Do not worry. These pesky critters have been bothering animals for 250 million years. Fleas have sharp spikes around their heads and mouths which can bite their victims and draw out blood. While fleas are super small at 1/8 of an inch they can make life tough for their hosts, including your dog.

The first flea collar was invented over half a century ago in 1964 by Robert Goulding Jr. The original invention was a bag of pesticides animals could rub against to kill parasites. Today dog flea collars are much more complex but the main goal is to get the tiny bugs off your best friend!

How to Choose the Best Flea Collar for Your Dog

Best Flea Collar for Dogs

How do you pick the best flea collar for your dog? With nearly 90 million dogs in the US alone, there are a huge variety of flea collars on the market. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:


Different flea collars use different medications. Certain kinds could cause unwanted side-effects on dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. Sometimes trial and error is the only way to find whether a flea and tick collar will cause problems to your dog’s skin and coat.

You should also watch out for collars that contain toxic chemicals. Even if your dog doesn’t have sensitive skin this could result in health problems for your dog. Often companies add strong chemicals to their flea and tick collars to make them more effective. But too much chemical intake is bad for your dog. Avoid buying such cheap collars. Saving a few dollars now can cost many more dollars down the road.

Another key feature to look for is flea collars whose active ingredients are released gradually over time. This is beneficial for the same reason and avoids bombarding your friend with high amounts of chemicals all at once.


Some dogs love to play outside in the rain, roll in the mud, jump in the bathtub, or take a dip in the pool. If this describes your canine, then you should consider a water-resistant collar. Even if your dog doesn’t like to get wet often, having this feature can put you to ease.


There are two main types of flea collars on the market. The first one is a repelling type that emits a gas which scares off insects. The other is a treating collar which is made with medication. This is absorbed into the dog’s skin or is spread via the natural skin oils of the canine.

What’s the difference? The Repelling-type flea collar kills the fleas when they bite your pet. Treating collars kill the fleas and ticks before they bite by emitting active ingredients. Both types of flea collars can be effective so pick one that best suits your pest-control goals.

Long-lasting Protection

Not only should you pick a flea collar for dogs that provide good protection, you should also consider how long it protects your pooch from the parasites. Some units are only made to last one month. Others last several months, making both your life easier and your dog’s life better.

Keep in mind long-lasting collars will have a higher price point. However, that might be worthwhile based on your needs as a pet owner and how often you have time to jump on Amazon!


While many dog flea collars have strong chemicals, this doesn’t mean they have to have a strong scent. You can find some products on the market that are odorless. These collars not only are a plus for your dog but also your home, family, and visitors.


When picking the size of a flea collar it’s important to get the right size for your dog. The most obvious issue is the measurement of your dog’s neck. Make sure the collar can be adjusted to fit your canine comfortably.

Also consider your dog’s overall size. A large dog collar has more chemicals on it since it has a bigger surface area. This is ideal for larger dog breeds but might be over-powering for smaller breeds. This is another reason it’s important to get the right-sized collar.

Best Flea Collar for Dogs

1) Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs by Bayer Animal Health

This flea and tick collar for dogs is from Bayer. Bayer is a household name known for developing drugs for human consumption. The company produces a wide range of products including pet care. Bayer’s most famous product is a household favorite, aspirin.

Seresto is a flea collar that’s odorless, non-greasy, and easy to use. It repels and kills flea and sticks for 8 consecutive months. The active ingredients are stored inside the collar then slowly released for two-thirds of a year. The collar keeps replenishing the skin and coat with a new supply of the active ingredients. This kills parasites without them needing to bite your canine and prevents the potential for disease.


  • Functions by contacting fleas and ticks and doesn’t require the bugs to bite your pet
  • Repels ticks so they can’t transmit diseases after attaching
  • No mess or hassles since the collar is non-greasy and doesn’t require monthly flea treatments
  • Can be worn with other leash collars since it doesn’t interfere
  • Continuously releases a low concentration for 8 months


  • Lasts for 8 months
  • Kills fleas effectively
  • Great value compared to other brands


  • Might cause skin irritation
  • Different packaging and collar
  • Less effective if bathed frequently

2) UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Collar by Hartz

The Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Collar works for dogs and puppies up to 7 months old. The orange collar kills and repels fleas and ticks and fits on canine necks up to 22 inches. The collar also prevents flea egg hatching for over 6 months, which prevents re-infestation of fleas. The collar has a water-resistant design that even functions after contact with rain and water. The Reflect-X shield reflects light up to 300 ft. for nighttime safety.


  • Kills and repels fleas and ticks and prevents flea egg hatching for over 6 months
  • Water-resistant design keeps collar effective even if exposed to rain
  • Orange collar has reflective strip that reflects light visible to 300 ft. away
  • Can be worn with dog’s regular collar
  • Fits puppies and dogs with necks up to 22 inches


  • Comfortable fit for dogs and puppies
  • Effective and causes no irritation
  • Cheaper than flea and tick drops


  • Dogs do not like the odor
  • Reportedly ineffective after too much outdoor exposure

Best Natural Flea Collar for Dogs

There are various benefits of natural flea collars. They not only can be more effective in keeping your mutt pest-free but also safer for their health. The blend of natural essential oils doesn’t contain harsh and toxic chemicals, which helps to prevent allergic reactions. This is especially important with dogs that have sensitive skin and get irritations easily.

1) Water-Resistant Dog Collar by TORRIX

Torrix produces a wide range of flea and tick collars for cats and dogs. The collars are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. This makes it easier to find a product for your pet canine. The company focuses on producing high-quality products with safe and natural ingredients.

This flea collar for dogs offers a flea and tick repellant method that veterinarians recommend. The collar fits all sizes of dogs ranging from small to large breeds. The collar is easy to use so you won’t have to spend lots of time, effort, and money to rid your dog of fleas.

Users rave about the simplicity of this collar. You just place it around your dog’s neck, tweak the fit, install the buckle, and done. The Torrix collar is also waterproof so it works in wet conditions like a little rain or a lot of swimming.

This collar is also designed to last for 8 months so you save money from ordering a dozen times on this flea mission. It’s also made of natural ingredients like Citronella oil. So this unit is safe for most doggies including ones with sensitive skin. Other benefits of the collar are being entirely odorless, non-greasy, and expert-tested safe.


  • 8 month protection with active ingredients
  • Lifetime warranty. You can return the collar within 60 days of the purchase date for any reason
  • No toxic chemicals so it’s safe for dogs with sensitive skin. The ingredients are all natural, like citronella oil and eucalyptus, so your dog’s health will not be negatively affected
  • Water-resistant so your pet can wear the collar during rain storms, swimming sessions, and baths. This also extends the lifespan.
  • Adjustable up to 25 inches long so it fits dogs of any size and age. The collar’s length is very easy to adjust so your dog is as comfy as possible.


  • Prove effective for cats and dogs
  • Lifetime warranty so you can relax
  • All natural so great choice for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies
  • Low cost and long lasting protection


  • A few users report the return of fleas

2) Flea & Tick Prevention Collar for Dogs & Puppies by Arava

The Arava flea and tick collar is a quality unit that helps protect dogs and puppies from fleas and ticks using almost a dozen botanical ingredients. The Slow-Release process allows the collar to last for over 5 months. The benefits are optimized using Micro-Injection tech.

The product also includes a pleasant scent from the essential oils that include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

This offers your pet the best experience possible. If you’re sensitive to essential oils, you can leave the collar outside 1-2 full days or only use the collar outdoors with your doggy.


  • No harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients including chemical pesticides
  • Natural flea and tick prevention with natural herbal ingredients and essential oils
  • Collar lasts over 5 months with Micro-injection tech
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase
  • Adjustable waterproof flea and tick collar


  • Scent of essential oils
  • No strong chemicals
  • Very effective at getting rid of fleas and ticks


  • Dog might have allergic reaction

Best Flea Collar for Puppies

Puppies may require different type of collar due to their size and needs.

Flea & Tick Collar for Puppies by Direct Protect

This flea and tick collar provides continuous protection. It includes regulators to stop flea life cycle and prevent insect growth for a 6 months. The unit is also water-resistant, so it functions even when it gets a little wet.

Each pack contains 2 collars for a full year of flea and tick protection. The collar’s technologies distribute the active ingredients slowly over 6 months. This provides 24/7 flea and tick control even when the unit gets wet. If you don’t want to deal with messy topical cream this product is a good alternative.


  • Water resistant to stay effective after rain exposure and swimming
  • 2 months of protection via 2 one-size-fits-all collar pack
  • No odor, greasy collar, and monthly treatments
  • Kill pests for up to 6 months
  • Insect growth regulator effectively kills fleas and ticks and breaks their life cycle


  • Keeps ticks and fleas away
  • Easy to adjust and put on
  • No strong odor


  • Higher price range

Do Flea Collars Actually Work?

The technologies of flea and tick collars have improved drastically over the last few years. Some of them can provide long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks. Choose the right collar to get the best results.

Some collars work by killing bugs when they bite your dog, while others are effective at deterring the nasty pest before even landing. It’s also important for the collar to fit well and be replaced based on the recommended schedule from the manufacturer. Your quick read up on the choosing the best flea collar for dogs is your first step towards a solution.

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