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How to Clean a Bulldog’s Wrinkles

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Bulldogs have distinct wrinkles on their face. This makes them look unique and attractive.

However, a bulldog’s wrinkles require proper attention and cleaning that, if neglected, could lead to health problems and painful skin conditions.

Keeping these wrinkles clean does not require special tricks, only your time and dedication. Here are tips on how to clean a bulldog’s wrinkles.

Giving the Bulldog a Frequent Facial

Giving the Bulldog a Frequent Facial

The frequency of giving your bulldog a facial differs depending on whom you are talking to.

Breeders and vets have different views on how frequently bulldogs should have their facial.

Some may suggest washing them every day, while others would say a few times a week is enough. The fact is that every bully is different because they have different skin types and needs.

Some bulldogs may require a daily wipe-down, while some may be fine with two or three times a week.

Uncleaned wrinkles may produce a foul odor, and it may look grungy, which gives you an indication of how frequently it needs to be cleaned. Adjust the time of cleaning if needed.

Washing the Wrinkles

Bulldog wrinkles

Bulldogs with clean wrinkles will make them happy and healthy dogs.

You don’t have to use special soaps or cleansers in washing these creases. You just need something that can remove the oils and dirt that are hiding in each fold.

Look for a gentle soap that will not dry out and irritate the skin of your small dogs. You also need a half-shampoo and half-water solution and wipes with aloe.

You can use a soft cloth, or cotton ball dipped into warm water to wipe the folds clean if your puppy is not that dirty. Make sure to rinse the wrinkles thoroughly to remove any cleaning agent or soap since these can also cause irritation if left to day.

Enough Moisture

Enough Moisture

Moisture is yet another important factor that can affect the health condition of your bulldog’s wrinkles.

Too little amount of moisture will cause the skin to dry up, and too much moisture will promote the formation of yeast and bacteria that cause infections.

Keep the bulldog’s wrinkles dry enough to avoid infections but moisturized to maintain a healthy skin.

After washing, use a soft cloth to dry his wrinkles thoroughly. Depending on your dog’s skin type, you can stop here or add some cornstarch into each crease to absorb the moisture.

Some experts advise not to use powder, as the clumps can form and cause irritation. Other experts suggest using petroleum jelly for the wrinkles instead of using powder to keep each fold moisturized.

If your puppy likes to rub your face against anything, this could be messy. Taking good care of your bulldog’s health is key to a long and happy friendship. The most important thing is to keep the moisture from accumulating and causing skin issues.

Wrinkle Irritation


Touching and rubbing skin together may cause irritation. Bulldog owners should deal with wrinkle irritation, and address the issue right away to keep them from getting worse. Skin rubbing together can result in red, raw-looking skin.

Apply some diaper cream to help clear up irritation. If you notice the open wounds emit a foul odor you need to visit your vet right away. An infection might have formed, and proper attention is required.

These easy tips on how to clean a bulldog’s wrinkles can make them healthy and protected against irritation and infections.

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