Dachshund: The Clever Family Dog that Will Lighten Your Day

Are you looking for a small breed dog that can make your family or household whole? Then you must take the Dachshund into consideration.

This breed has no small dog personality, as it is braver than you may be tempted to think. In spite of having a small body and short feet, the Dachshund is a feisty little dog that loves exploring the outdoors and getting engaged in a wide range of activities.

But, before deciding whether this particular dog breed is what you need, it is recommended to learn as much as possible about it.

Below you will find sufficient details about the breed and if at the end of your reading session you find yourself charmed by the Dachshund, you can then seriously consider getting a puppy.

It is a dog breed with a rather long tradition

Although this breed appeared in the United States in the 80s, it was developed and bred in Germany three centuries ago.

The breed was created for a particular purpose back in those days, so the mission of a Dachshund was to hunt badgers.

Thus, this is how we can explain the long body and short legs, as the dog often went inside a badger’s layer looking for the critter.

These dogs are the ideal combination between the active temperament of a terrier and tracking abilities of a hound, which made them so appreciated for their skills.

While the first version of this breed was short-haired, long coat and wired coat variety emerged, later on, offering Dachshund enthusiast a wider range of pups to choose from.

They are extremely smart dogs with a tendency toward stubbornness

It is not a good idea to underestimate a Dachshund, as this little dog can easily surprise you with its cleverness.

If you manage to get its attention and know how to stimulate it, you will manage to train it with ease and teach it a lot of tricks, as it is a type of dog that loves challenges.

In case you will have to leave it at home for hours in a row, make sure it has toys and other possibilities to get entertained while you’re gone.

The Dachshund’s intelligence will make it get bored rather fast, so offering it stimulants, like dog puzzles, will definitely enchant this small dog with such a large heart.

It is also worth knowing that Dachshunds’ personalities make them persevere, and they won’t let go of what intrigues them easily.

Their smart nature also makes them extremely curious, so they might find out things you don’t want them to find, like where you hide the dog treats, in case it is in their range of action.

You will need to be consistent about their training

People often think that it is not that difficult to manage such a small dog. What they don’t know is that Dachshunds are strong-minded dogs, in spite of their reduced size.

While it is important to train your dog, regardless of its breed, you should know that Dachshunds need consistency and patience at this chapter.

It’s not that it is impossible to train a Dachshund and get it to do what you want. But, you will need to be patient, consistent, determined, and gentle at the same time.

It is worth knowing that Dachshunds are real gourmands, so finding a treat they love will offer them the motivation needed to go through a training session.

Also, using their favorite toy could work just as well.

These dogs have a very long lifespan

The best part about having this small dog breed is that they exceed the average lifespan of dogs.

This way, you will be sure that the moment when you’ll need to part from your friend will not come very soon.

How many years can a Dachshund live?

On average, this dog breed can live 14 to 16 years. But, very many individuals of this breed managed to go beyond these ages and reached 20 years old as well. So, it is not uncommon to see a very old Dachshund.

Of course, for this, you need to find puppies for sale from a reliable dog breeder.

This will give you the certainty that the Dachshund puppy you will take home with you is healthy and has a great genetic background, due to a responsible breeding program.

In case you don’t know where you look for responsible dog breeders, visit the Charlotte Dog Club website. This particular website helps people find their ideal puppies by working with responsible dog breeders only.

Each puppy will come accompanied by a 10-year warranty certificate, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll get a healthy and beautiful puppy that will become your loyal companion for very many years to come.

They may be picky about the weather

Yes, you may notice that your Dachshund will refuse to go for a walk on rainy weather. This is because their short legs will make them wet their bellies on a rainy day, so your dog may want to avoid this.

What to do in this case?

Well, you will need to walk your Dachshund regardless of weather, as it needs to do its duties.

Offer your dog a warm jacket when the weather is bad and don’t allow it to be too fussy about the weather, by doing everything you can to persuade your dog to take its walk.

It may be hard to find pet clothing and accessories for a Dachshund

Starting with harnesses and doing to clothing items, it will be a real challenge to find something that will fit your Dachshund.

These dogs have a small neck but large chest area, so most harnesses found in pet stores won’t fit your dog.

The same will happen if you’re trying to look for a clothing item, as Dachshunds have a rather long body, so most clothes will be short for your dog.

But, don’t stop looking for the right products and you will eventually succeed in finding something suitable.

Keep in mind that they are prone to back injuries due to their body shape

Dachshunds should not be allowed to jump off things or use the stairs too often.

This can lead to back injuries as their bodies are longer than in comparison to other dog breeds.

Thus, their spine is longer and fragile to stress and constant tensions. Instead of allowing you Dachshund to climb things, install a ramp that will make things easier for them.

Also, offer proper support to your dog’s back when you pick it up, to minimize stress on its spine.

Key Takeaways

So, there are quite a few things you need to have in mind before deciding whether the Dachshund is the right dog for you.

But, if you decide that all of these aspects are not going to bother you, most certainly you will be charmed by this clever and surprising small dog breed.

Jacquelyn Kennedy

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