How Much Should I Feed My English Bulldog?

Knowing the right amount of food for your English bulldog can be tricky to get right. Especially if you’re relatively new to the breed! A dog’s recommended diet can vary depending on its breed and size. So how much should you feed your English bulldog each day to keep them happy and healthy?

The right amount of food for your English bulldog will differ depending on their age and weight. Sometimes puppies need to be fed as much as three times a day, whereas adults only need to be fed twice a day. The amount of food your English bulldog needs will vary from dog to dog, too.

You should ensure that you feed your English bulldog at set times every day. This gives them a schedule to stick to, and makes sure that they won’t look for other food during the rest of the day. Puppies’ bodies are still developing, so they will need feeding more often. This is because they will burn through their consumed calories quicker!

English bulldog feeding guide

It can be confusing knowing the right amount of food to give your English bulldog puppy. We’ve put together a handy guide for you below to show what you should feed your English bulldog puppy based on their age and weight. This is over a 24 hour period.

18kg 24kg 30kg
(g) cups (g) cups (g) cups
2 months 231g 2 + 4/8 257g 2 + 6/8 271g 2 + 7/8
3 months 276g 3 315g 3 + 3/8 341g 3 + 5/8
4 months 297g 3 + 1/8 341g 3 + 5/8 371g 4
5 months 304g 3 + 2/8 361g 3 + 7/8 410g 4 + 3/8
6 months 304g 3 + 2/8 378g 4 446g 4 + 6/8
7 months 282g 3 375g 4 446g 4 + 6/8
9 months 240g 2 + 5/8 305g 3 + 2/8 387g 4 + 1/8
11 months 216g 2 + 2/8 270g 2 + 7/8 320g 3 + 3/8
12 months 215g 2 + 2/8 268g 2 + 7/8 318g 3 + 3/8

You should follow the above measurements as a guide. If in doubt, you should always consult with your vet.

If your English bulldog is aged between 2 and 5 months, you should divide this measurement between 3 feedings. If your English bulldog is aged between 5 to 12 months, you should feed them twice a day.

How much should I feed my English bulldog puppy?

Still a little confused about what to feed your English bulldog puppy each day? If in doubt, you should follow these instructions as a general guideline.

If your English bulldog puppy is between 2 and 4 months old, you should feed them one third of a cup of food, three times throughout the day. If your English bulldog puppy is between 5 and 12 months old, you should feed them half a cup of food two times a day.

Once your dog reaches more than 12 months of age, you can feed them twice a day. It’s important to remember to feed your dog the right amount that’s appropriate for their weight. And again, if in doubt, you should always consult with your vet!

Vet recommended feeding amounts for English bulldogs

Of course, when you first get your English bulldog puppy and get them registered at your local vets for their shots, your vet will be able to recommend the right amount of food for your dog.

It’s worth remembering that while puppies need to be fed more regularly, they won’t require as much food as an adult dog. You will need to increase the amount of food your English bulldog eats as they grow older.

Another thing you will need to consider is the energy level of your English bulldog. The more energy your dog has, the quicker it will burn through its consumed calories. This can mean they often need more food.

English bulldogs aren’t that active as a breed compared to working dogs such as Dobermans. They tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle, which means they don’t need as much food.

There are three main types of food that you can give your English bulldog.

Dry food

This food type typically includes kibble and flaked cereals. These have a low moisture content. A lot of dry dog food also includes dog biscuits and treats, which can make great snacks in between meals as the occasional treat. These can also be used to reward your dog for good behavior.

Semi moist food

This food type gives your dog a combination of chewy dry food and the hydration of wet food. These types of food tend to come in easy to use sachets and are a popular alternative if you’re unsure which food type will be best for your English bulldog’s needs.

Wet food

This type of food is great for keeping your dog hydrated. Wet food is typically cooked at high temperatures and stays fairly fresh. However, it does have a short shelf life once it’s been opened. It can also be fairly messy if your dog isn’t a neat eater.

How much to feed your English bulldog puppy

Trying to feed your English bulldog puppy the right amount of food is essential. If they have the right balance of a healthy diet, they can grow up happy and strong. Puppies will need to be fed differently from an adult dog. This is because they require smaller amounts of food, but more regularly throughout the day.

English bulldogs – in fact all dogs – will happily eat whatever you put in front of them. This means it is all too easy for them to overeat. This can in turn lead to obesity problems, especially if your dog isn’t that active. You should ensure that you feed them the right amount of food throughout the day so they can stay happy and healthy.

If you’re in doubt as to what to feed your English bulldog, how much to feed them, or how often to feed them, you should always consult with your vet. Your vet will know the right amount of food that you should feed your English bulldog puppy, as well as how often you should give it to them.

You should aim to feed your English bulldog puppy a handful of kibble, or about a third of a cup, three times a day. This should continue until they are around 5 or 6 months old, when you can reduce the feeding times to twice a day. Your vet may recommend feeding your English bulldog more if they don’t think this will be enough for your specific English bulldog.

This food should be in an easily accessible area for your English bulldog, such as in a tray or food bowl. This shouldn’t be set too high, as they may struggle to eat it. You should also ensure that they have access to a supply of clean, fresh water at all times. English bulldogs have developed shorter muzzles, which means they can often have difficulty swallowing if their heads are raised too high.

If your English bulldog puppy won’t eat their food, you could try giving them an alternative. Try giving them a mixture of wet and dry foods to see which one they prefer. Each dog will have different preferences when it comes to food.

Finding the right food for your English bulldog will make feeding time less stressful for you. If your English bulldog is turning their nose up at whatever you give them, you should consult with your vet.

What is the best food for English bulldogs?

There are so many different dog foods on the market, it can be difficult to choose between them to find the best food for English bulldogs. We’ve selected some choices to get you started.

1. Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food


This dry dog food from Royal Canin gives your English bulldog puppy the right nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong. There is also an adult variant for you to switch to as they grow older. The kibble of this particular food has been specially tailored for the English bulldog’s muzzle.

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2. Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food


If you want to give wet dog food a go, then Blue Buffalo wet dog food is the perfect fit. This dog food uses only natural ingredients for your dog and works to give them a healthy balanced diet to keep them happy. You can also choose between different flavors for your English bulldog puppy.

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3. AvoDerm Dry Dog Food


The AvoDerm dry dog food is the perfect solution for pups with sensitive stomachs. This dry dog food only makes use of natural ingredients, and you won’t find any nasty grains or byproduct chicken meal. It also works to promote a healthy skin and coat.

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4. Purina Pro Plan Savory Meals Wet Dog Food


The Purina Pro Plan Savory Meals wet dog food is another great choice. This dog food gives your pup all the nutrition it needs to grow healthy and strong.

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5. Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food


Another great choice from Blue Buffalo is their dry dog food. This contains all of the goodness of their wet food but in a dry format. Your English bulldog will have everything they need for a healthy, balanced diet with this dog food.

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Can English bulldogs eat human food?

You may want to share your food with your English bulldog. However, you will need to be careful when giving them any food meant for human consumption.

Just because they will happily eat whatever you give them, doesn’t mean you should give them human food. Some food can often be incredibly harmful for your English bulldog.

The only foods that are really safe for English bulldogs to eat, apart from meat, are:

Dairy products

When given to your dog in small quantities, your dog should be okay to eat some dairy products.

You will need to be mindful of the fact that some dogs are lactose intolerant, though. Giving your dog dairy products when they’re lactose intolerant could be harmful.


Just like meat, some fish such as salmon, shrimp, and tuna are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Your dog will need some omega-3 in their diet in order to maintain healthy skin, have a glossy coat, as well as boost their immune system. Most quality dog foods will include all the omegas and fatty acids they need.


Some fruits are perfectly okay for your dog to eat. Things like bananas, blueberries, cucumbers, goji berries, and watermelon are safe for your dog to consume. You should ensure that any watermelon you give your dog has been deseeded.


You may be surprised to learn that even your English bulldog needs to have their five a day! If you want to give your dogs vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, peas, and sweetcorn are all safe for them to eat. Most essential vegetables will be included in their diet.

White and brown rice

This is often a staple of dog foods to ensure that they get the healthy, balanced diet that they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can’t English bulldogs eat?

So now that you know what is safe for your dogs to eat, you should know which foods not to give them. You should never give the below foods to your dog, as they can often be fatal when consumed in large amounts. Even just a little bit of this food can be toxic.


The meat of bacon is generally fine. However, crispy and fatty bacon can cause digestion issues for your dog, as well as pancreatic issues.

In fact, their pancreas will slowly lose its functionality over time if this is fed as a regular treat.


Everyone knows that you shouldn’t feed dogs chocolate. That’s because of a specific toxin which can cause them major health issues. This is even more prevalent in dark chocolate.


These are highly toxic for dogs – even more so than chocolate. If your dog eats grapes, currants, or raisins, it can cause anything from nausea to kidney failure.

The other fruits you should never feed your dog include apple cores (apple flesh if fine), avocados, cherries, and tomatoes.

Macadamia nuts

A recent discovery is that macadamia nuts are really bad for dogs. This can cause pain, tremors, difficulty walking, and vomiting.


Just like wild mushrooms can be toxic to humans, they are equally as toxic for dogs. You should also avoid giving your dogs vegetables like asparagus, garlic, and onions.

Raw bread dough

You should avoid letting your dog eat raw bread dough. This is because the yeast can ferment in their stomachs, which creates air bubbles and in turn can cause ruptures in your dog’s intestinal tract.

What’s the recommended daily calorie intake for English bulldogs?

We’ve covered how much English bulldog puppies should be eating each day in more detail above. But what about adult dogs?

Daily food amounts tend to be measured in cups. However, the recommended daily amount that your English bulldog should be eating will vary from dog to dog. This will not only help to prevent overfeeding. It will also help stop you from underfeeding your dog, so you can ensure that they are getting the right amount of nutrition they need to stay fit and healthy.

Energetic adult English bulldogs should aim to consume an average daily calorie intake of around 1,500 calories a day. If your dog is less active, they should eat around 1,300 calories per day. This is of course more of a general rule of thumb. Your vet will be able to better advise you on the recommended amount you should feed your individual dog.

The amount of calories your dog will need to consume will vary depending on their age and their day to day activity. If your dog is more active, they will burn through calories quicker. It’s also worth bearing in mind that most dog food will come with a recommended serving size for your dog.

If in doubt, you should always consult with your vet.

In Summary

And there you have it! Now you should have a better idea of what food your English bulldog needs, and how much you should feed them throughout the day.

We would also recommend taking them for regular walks so they can get the exercise they need. Vets recommend that your pooch gets around 20 minutes of exercise a day.

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