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Overcoming Common Worries with Your New Pet

The new family dog

When you welcome a new pet into your home, it can be an extremely exciting time, after all, they will quickly become members of the family and give you endless amounts of love and laughter.

Not every moment with your new pet will be all sunshine and rainbows, however. And don’t feel alone if you’re having concerned thoughts.

While a new pet is a new adventure, there is also a huge amount of responsibility and uncertainty when welcoming a new animal into your home.

Who Do They Belong to?

Buying a pet with your significant other can be an exciting but frightening new milestone in your lives.

However, while you and your partner are happy together now, it does not mean that something won’t happen in the future that causes you to go your separate ways.

New couple with new cog

In this case, a common worry that might surface will be the dreaded question: who gets the pets in a divorce?

While this issue may be able to be resolved between the two of you, there is always a possibility that the matter can go to court in an attempt at resolution.

When buying a pet with your significant other, although you can’t predict what the future holds, ensure that you have both decided that this will be the best option for you both, as well as writing up an agreement with your partner before you buy your new family member.

Aggressive Pets

With a dog especially, there will always be a fear that they may become aggressive to both humans and other animals.

While some dogs can be harder to handle than others, aggression in dogs is often a learned behavior that can potentially be fixed with enough time, patience and effort.

Uneasy dog showing agression

There can be many causes for aggression, of which the most common cause is fear.

A dog will bite when feeling scared or threatened. This can be due to trauma, such as an attack from another dog when it was a puppy or abuse at the hands of a previous owner.

If your dog is aggressive towards other animals, use a gentle, non-invasive muzzle when taking it for a walk.

Products such as shock collars can worsen the problem rather than fix it, as they can further aggravate the dog.

It is essential that an aggressive dog is tamed, as there is a possibility that you can be forced to put your dog to sleep if it attacks.

What about Vacation?

If you love going abroad or for multiple week-long vacations, then a high maintenance pet like a dog or cat may not be the best option for you.

If you think that a pet is the right option for you but are worried about leaving it in a kennel, there are plenty of alternatives that will ensure that your pet gets all the love and attention that they are used to.

Dog care on vacation

Pet sitting services will look after your pet in your home to give them the security of a familiar place when you are away, which will be sure to give them some comfort.

If this is not an option for you, there are plenty of pet-friendly vacations available, although make sure that you check where you’re going, as not every beach is dog-friendly!

Pets can be a wonderful addition to the family, but they are also a lot of hard work and take a lot of time and responsibility that you may not be used to sacrificing.

Don’t let this scare you though! Everyone has to start somewhere, good luck!

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