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Residing in Langley with your Dog? This is how you keep it with Care!

Living in Langley is a dream in itself. And, when you are living with your dog, the fun doubles. So, as soon as you bring a new puppy or a dog to your home, it becomes your responsibility to take care of it accurately. Take care of its basic requirements, be it physical or emotional. Like humans, dogs also have a need for nutritious food, clean drinking water, shelter, and a caring family. So, a pet should also be treated just like you would treat any human.

Also, understanding your pet is essential. It will help to build a successful bond of love and trust between you and your pet. Animals too have emotions and feelings; they can also differentiate the love and hatred or good or bad behavior of yours.

Treat your puppy as a new family member, love it, adore it, and play with it. Such actions not only create a good relationship but also provide a great joy to pets. Animals are unable to express their feelings verbally, but as a responsible pet owner, understand their silence, is completely your responsibility.

If there is still any doubt about how to take care of your little friend in the right way, contacting a professional Langley’s dog groomer would do. A professional will definitely suggest the right ways that can keep your new friend fit and strong.

Why not follow these beneficial methods recommended by the experts for the proper care of the dogs.

Here we go:

Exercise with Your Dog

Regular exercise is not only good for the human body but highly beneficial for dog’s health also. Exercise plays an important role to keep dogs hale and hearty. When you bring a new puppy to your home, it is quite possible that it is not familiar with exercises. So at the initial stage, just start with 30 to 45 minutes walk, and later, when a pet becomes used to it, simply increase the duration.

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Play Games with it

Playing interactive games with a new family member can be another tremendous way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Ask your dog to play with a ball. Allowing them to run after a ball can be a great part of their physical workout. Blowing bubbles for a pet and asking it to chase them can also be a good fun game.
Believe it; such exercises will definitely play a crucial role to keep an animal health, fit, and active.

Check the Weather before Going Outside

It is highly important to check the weather conditions before taking dogs outside for a walk. Outside temperature should be normal otherwise; it can harm your lovable pet. If the temperature is too hot, your puppy may be at a risk of heat stroke, and if it’s too cold, your lovable dog can be vulnerable to frostbite.

Check for the Safety

Safety is one of the main points needs to be considered at priority! If the dog is playing outside in your home’s yard, make sure that you have a fence in that area. This will ensure that puppy is safe and no another animal can enter to harm it.

In your absence, chances are that it may also run away. So, also make sure that the fence is high enough to keep an animal secure inside it.

Feed Your Dog a Superior Quality Food

We all know that Health is wealth. And that goes not just for the humans but for pets as well. For a better health of a pet, feed it a high-quality food. A healthy diet will absolutely make pets’ immune system strong while keeping them away from diseases.

Whenever you visit a pet store for buying special food, must check the ingredients of the product. Make sure to choose the foodstuff that is rich in proteins. After researching accurately, find a well-known pet store in the Langley for healthy meals for dogs.

A quality pet store provides the opportunity to get the high-quality food for animals at suitable prices.

Consult Professional Vet for the Right Diet

Consult a professional vet assistance to get a right food for your friend. A qualified vet will efficiently suggest a food that is right for a dog. A skilled animal doctor can also provide a right advice for the food amount that should be given to a dog in a day.

Follow a Right Schedule for Food

Most of the animal doctors recommend that feeding a dog twice a day is good. Besides providing quality food, feeding it at the right time is also essential. Offer the first half of the meal in the morning and second half in the evening to maintain a proper diet for your little friend.

Avoid Feeding Human Foods

There can be some food items, which are suitable for humans but not for the animals. So, be careful and ensure that they are not getting any harmful food item.
Here are some food items that you should not feed your pet with:

  • Fruit pits or apple seeds
  • Garlic and onion
  • Oily Food
  • Walnuts
  • Dough made with yeast
  • Avocados
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Chocolate
  • Any food with the sweetener Xylitol

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Give Them Dry Food

If the dog is suffering from a toothache, bleeding gums, and other dental issues, feed them dry food. Dry food is not tasty like soft food but can help in treating the bad dental conditions. Soft foods can easily stick to teeth due to which a toothache can increase. Dry food can sometimes create a situation of dehydration, which can easily be avoided by keeping them hydrated.

Thumbs Up to Regular Checkups

It is necessary to visit a reliable animal hospital for the regular checkup of the dogs. A regular checkup is a good way to detect any serious illness at the very first stage.
Whenever there is something odd in your animal’s behavior, don’t overlook it!

If the dog is not eating properly, feeling uneasy, and there is sudden fluctuation in its weight, immediately meet a professional vet.

Choose a Reliable Veterinary Doctor

Choosing a qualified and trustworthy veterinary doctor is also essential for proper care of dog’s health. After doing a careful research choose one of the most trustworthy animal doctors and let him treat your pet.

Ask for the references from friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. A right way to choose a veterinarian is to judge its behavior. A veterinary doctor should listen to pet owners’ queries carefully so that he or she can suggest helpful health care tips for your special family member.

Schedule an Appointment for Vaccination

Dogs may also suffer from serious illnesses like humans. Rabies is a common disease found in dogs, if not treated at the accurate time may become the reason for its death. Moreover, even humans can get prone to this disease, just with one bite of the pet. So, it is highly crucial to take dogs for regular checkups and provide them necessary vaccines. The basic vaccines that are necessary are distemper, rabies, and Lyme vaccine. A qualified animal doctor will provide a resourceful knowledge about the diseases common among the dogs and vaccinations that are necessary to fight them.

Grooming is Essential too!

With a right health care, you should also take care of dog’s cleanliness. If you do not make efforts for your pet’s hygiene, it may catch infections and bad breath as well. An infected animal can also affect the health of your family. To ensure that both your family and pet are healthy, giving a precise attention to dog’s grooming would help.

Brush Their Teeth

Brushing a dog’s teeth can keep it away from various dental issues such as a toothache, gum bleeding, swelling, tooth decay and more. But don’t use a human toothpaste or brush! Get special toothpaste and a toothbrush from an animal hospital or a pet store.

Human toothpaste can be harmful to a dog as it contains fluoride. Initially, just start with a small quantity of toothpaste by applying on your fingertip. Gently run your finger along the gums of the teeth and observe your dog’s reaction.

If dog easily accepts it, follow the same process with a toothbrush, the next day. Make sure the brush is soft, as hard bristles can hurt gums of a pet.

Give them a Right Bath

Use a special shampoo or soap that is specially made for animals. However, overdoing it would only damage its skin. Many breeds of the dogs only need a bath once a month and excess bathing can make their skin dry. So, give them a bath the right way, keeping their skin and breed in mind.

Trim Their Nails

Trimming its nails can be difficult, but it is important to keep its claws healthy. Besides this, trimming their nails will also help them walk efficiently. Taking the help of other family members may also be needed to do it in a better way.

Start with the back nails, as these are generally shorter and easy to trim. Offering a treat to dogs can also help you distract them and trim their nails quickly.

Build a bond of Love with Your Dog

Treat your little friend with love, care, and respect. To understand its needs, spending more time with it would do. The more you spend time with your dog, the more you build a strong bond with it.

Never hit or abuse an animal! Only a good treatment can make an animal more loyal to you. These tips will surely help you in taking care of the dogs and achieve a better life for them. In case, you feel that there is a need for some more help for all those serious matters, never hesitate to take the help of a professional dog groomer.

An experienced and skilled Langley’s dog groomer can assist to take care of dogs, precisely. Research carefully for a reliable groomer and ask for the help of a trusted yet affordable dog care.

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