The Top 10 Pet-Friendly Colleges and Universities in the USA

Young people base their college choices on many things. They look at their school programs, success in certain areas, sports activities, and campus atmosphere, among other things. However, some students start their research with a completely different question. They wonder whether their future college accepts pets, what kinds, and how many. 

Indeed, for any pet lover, it is a very important query. After all, young people have to leave their hometowns and parents to live alone in a new place. Going through such changes can be stressful, but at least those are necessary. It’s time for young people to start their own path. Yet, no one said students should also abandon their family pet or can’t get a new furry friend to console them while away. 

Luckily, many colleges understand the hardships young people face. That’s why plenty of schools allow certain types of pets on campus. Let’s see the top ten US pet-friendly colleges and universities.

1. Eckerd College – St. Petersburg, Florida

Eckerd College has long gained the status of the most pet-friendly college in the US. This school has the highest number of residence halls that allow dogs under 40 pounds and other animals like birds, rabbits, cats, and even ducks. All these pets can live in eight housing units out of 12 available. What’s more? Eckerd College organizes a graduation party for animals leaving the school with their students. Isn’t it the cutest thing?

2. The University of Washington – Seattle, Washington

The University of Washington is quite liberal when it comes to having dogs on campus. It has four residential halls that allow students with pets, including dogs, cats, and fish. Moreover, Seattle itself is a very dog-friendly city. It has 14 dog parks where you can walk your pets off leash. In fact, you will need some help with your assignments from unemployed professors if you want to explore all the parks within a semester. 

3. Stephen’s College – Columbia, Missouri

Anyone who has ever stepped foot on Stephen’s College campus can doubt its pet-friendliness. Indeed, this school encourages having lots of pets on campus. In fact, it even has a free good daycare for students! Also, Stephen’s College supports fostering programs and has its own shelter, where students can volunteer in their free time. By the way, the school sets no size or weight limitations for your furry friends, which is quite rare these days. 

4. Stetson University – DeLand, Florida

Medium dog breed owners can breathe easy now. Finally, there is a place for them! Stetson University allows all kinds of pets, including dogs under 50 pounds. The school allows pets in their dorms and has three apartment buildings (all on-campus) for pet lovers. Stetson University even has its very own dog park. The only restriction they have, really, is not to bring pets to classrooms.

5. Lees-McRae College – Banner Elk, North Carolina

Have you ever heard about the Homecoming Dog Court? If yes, then you must have heard about Lees-McRae College. It’s one of the most pet-friendly colleges you can find. The leadership encourages its staff, students, and guests to bring their dogs to the campus. Young people can take almost any pet to live with them in the dorm, too.

6. The University of Idaho – Moscow, Idaho

Here’s something new for a change. The University of Idaho doesn’t allow any dogs on campus. Its rules accept only cats, birds, and fish. Though, students can take their dogs to live in on-campus apartments with them, so that is something already. 

7. The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana isn’t known for being the most pet-friendly school, yet, it has certain advantages. For example, students can have more than one pet living with them in a dorm room. Although, there is only one pet-friendly dorm facility. So, such restrictions significantly limit the number of students with pets.

On the bright side, there is an enormous dog park nearby. Be warned. You may lose track of time there. Better get ahold of my assignment help reviews to have a plan B with your assignments. 

8. Johnson and Wales University – Providence, Rhode Island

Johnson and Wales University students can have up to one small dog or other pet living with them on campus. They can’t have any puppies either. Dogs and cats younger than a year old aren’t allowed. You can also keep some rodents and fish. 

9. Reed College – Portland, Oregon

Reed College is very liberal in its handling of pet policies. In fact, you won’t find many rules or limitations to having any type of pet on campus. It seems they will accept anything, as long as you register a pet in time. Also, the school is very proud of its wildlife conservation efforts, so it expects students to share their values in this regard.

10. The University of Northern Colorado – Greely, Colorado

There is some good news and bad news. The good news is that the University of Northern Colorado allows cats and dogs on campus. In addition, the school is surrounded by over ten dog parks where you can walk your dog. The bad news is that the university strictly limits the number of residents with pets on campus, so you may not get into the annual quota.