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French Bulldog Colors and Patterns: The Full List

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One of the favorite features of French Bulldogs is their different colors and patterns.

Deciding which color to choose is a hard task with all those wonderful French bulldog colors.

To give you an idea of what each bulldog looks like, below are some Frenchies’ popular colors and patterns.

The best part is deciding which of the French Bulldog colors you like the best. Yes, we know… ALL of them,  and we agree!

Brindle Frenchies

Brindle frenchies

This type of Frenchie has a dark color with some lighter-colored hairs.

They come in a uniform manner and sometimes at random. The brindle puppy comes from the brindle gene from either the mother or father.

The standard black brindle Frenchies are the most common of all colors.

It is also the least expensive. Some with patches of colors white of different sizes on the chests. Some are also seen on the neck areas, toes, or toes of brindle dogs.

Fawn Frenchies

The color of fawn Frenchies may vary from a very light tan to a dark reddish tan and in between.

This type of Frenchies does not have brindling in their coverings.

Most of the time, these Frenchies are not uniform in color. The color of the sides, head/ears, and back is darker than the color of the lower legs and body.

Blue Fawn Frenchies

French bulldog colors

It has a color variation of blue that is seen on the face and on the upper part of the body. Some have grayish-colored pads and noses.

Most of them have light to slightly brown to green eyes, and some may have different colored eyes. The blue fawn is a lovely and rare type of French bulldog.

Their color ranges from a light to a dark apricot blue fawn.

Cream Frenchies

They are considered as diluted fawns. The cream French Bulldogs have a uniform eggshell pattern.

Unless they are pieds, the color patterns on their eggshell bodies resemble a fawn Frenchie with an orange tint.

Sable French Bulldog

This is another rare color for the Frenchie. They have fawn coats of different shades with the hairs tipped in black.

The other black hair, in combination with is in the coat. The black shading and tipping tend to be heavy on the upper part of the body.

You can also see some at the lower legs without evidence of black.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the rarest and most expensive Frenchie colors.

Pure Blue and Pure Black

The pure black is a beautiful but expensive color of French Bulldog. They are not allowed in the conformation competitions due to their dominant characteristics.

The pure blue is even rarer, and thus it will cost even higher than the pure black.

These two variations of French bulldog also come in pieds.

Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan & Blue and Tan

These are the rarest of the Frenchies’ marking colors and patterns. They are also disqualified for conformation competitions because of their dominant color pattern.

The black and tan Frenchies is the outcome of a recessive gene that occurs naturally but is uncommon in Frenchies.

The rarest of them all are the blue and tan and chocolate and tan. These color patterns all come in pied if both mother and father are pied.

Frenchies possessing these colors and patterns are very attractive, rare, and of course, expensive.

But if you are searching for a unique and special French bulldog color that only a few pet owners have, it is worth buying one.

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