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All You Want To Know About The Cute Newfoundland Lab Mix

By Jacquelyn Kennedy
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Are you looking for a sweet family dog?

Well, then, you must look into the Newfoundland Lab Mix! It’s also known as the Newfador or the Labrafoundland.

You might have guessed by now that this little dog is a designer mixed breed dog between the large and fluffy Newfoundland and the very happy and excited Labrador Retriever!

I’m sure that you can tell that these Newfoundland lab mix puppies have got the best of both their parents!

Let’s jump in!

How Cute and Cuddly Are They?

I don’t know about you, but I love dog cuddles!

Let’s talk about appearances, shall we?

And remember! Since the lab Newfoundland mix is a mixed breed, we can’t really fully predict how the dog’s going actually to look or behave!

What does that actually mean?

I’m trying to tell you that every Newfoundland lab mix puppy is like a snowflake, meaning each puppy is unique!

So, without further ado, let’s talk about those killer and adorable looks!

1. What Colors Does It Come In?

Does color really matter?

Well, it does when you’ve got white hair on your black jeans!

Jokes aside, the Newfoundland Lab Mix comes in black with white or lighter markings or also in white with black or tan spots all over its beautiful coat.

A beautiful dog, indeed!

2. How Soft Is The Coat!?

When we talk about the coat, it can go two ways:

  • Short and shiny
  • Long and fluffy

Now, that all depends on the genetic factor.

But the coat is soft like cotton!

You’d enjoy those cuddles either way! I promise.

Moving on!!

3. Is The Face Adorable?


Name one dog who doesn’t have an adorable face! Except for the pug!

Well, let’s talk about facial features, shall we?

  • The nose of the Newfoundland Lab Mix resembles that of a Labrador Retriever
  • The muzzle, too, resembles that of the Labrador parent
  • The eyes are usually a shade of brown

It really is a cute dog!

4. What About The Feet and Tail?

I don’t know about you, but I just love dog paws!

Especially puppy paws. Aren’t they just adorable!?

The lab Newfoundland mix has big paws, like that of the Newfoundland but has partially webbed feet like that of a Lab.

Talking about the tail…

It resembles that of a Labrador.

I love the furry Labrador tails. Do you?

Will The Dog Fit My Lifestyle And Needs?: Basic Behavior and Traits!

Well, it’s really important to check your compatibility with a dog to see whether you’ll be able to care for it.


Because a dog is the most loving creature on this planet, you need to be able to take good care of your dog.

Let’s talk about the behavior traits of the cute Newfoundland Lab Mix!

Are you ready!?

Newfoundland lab

Loving and Cuddly

Do you want a cuddle buddy?

Well, since the Lab Newfoundland Mix is such a huge dog, you’ll get just that!

The dog enjoys being loved and cuddled. And with this one, you’ll get dog licks all day, every day!

So, if you love dog PDA, then this one’s for you!

Family Dog

Are you planning on having a family? Or do you have kids?

If so then the Newfoundland Lab Mix puppy would be a perfect fit for your family life!

The dog will have no problem playing horsey with your kids and will be the perfect addition to your pack!

This dog loves kids and big families, too!

Active and Energetic

This is probably something it gets from its Labrador parents!

The dog would be the happiest in open areas and loves to let out all its energy while playing with anyone or anything!

Look at this video!

You’ll have to get this dog some sturdy toys to play with.

My recommendations? The Playfur Pets IQ Ball or the Kong Cozie Toy would be amazing for your dog!


Well, I’ll tell you one thing. This dog has got a mind of its own!

You’ll have a tough time training this dog when it just doesn’t want to! I’d recommend you hire a professional trainer if your dog is acting up.

Or it can develop some serious behavioral issues.

What About Shedding, Bath Time, and Grooming?

Well, let’s begin by talking about shedding, shall we? Then, we’ll double back to bath time.

Let the games begin!

Shedding: What To Expect!?

So, this is a big dog. And it’s got a lot of furs.

I guess you can add two and two. Right?

Well, I’ll still explain!

You’re going to have a hard time with shedding because this dog has got long hair and sheds everywhere.

So, you better find a good vacuum cleaner! Or hire a maid.

So, What About Bath Time and Grooming?

Welp. You’ll have to book your Newfoundland Lab Mix in for some grooming at regular intervals.

Especially if your dog has long hair!

And talking about bath time, you’ll probably need to bathe your dog once or twice every month!

But, you should invest in a good dog shampoo.

My recommendations for the Newfoundland Lab Mix would be the Pro Pet Works All Natural Soap Free 6 in 1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner, the Rocco & Roxie Grooming and Dog Spa Shampoo, and the Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo.

There’s more!

Why Shouldn’t I Get A Newfoundland Lab Mix?

Not everyone is suited to care for a Newfoundland Lab Mix puppy.

So, here are a few things that could be a deal-breaker for you if you’re looking to get yourself a Newfoundland Lab Mix puppy.

Let’s talk about them, shall we?

Long Walks

If you are a lazy person then you shouldn’t probably get a Newfoundland Lab Mix.

These dogs are energetic and active, and they love a lot of activities like swimming, long walks, trekking, etc.

If you’re someone who just can’t provide that, then don’t get a Newfoundland Lab Mix puppy.

Also, since this is a large breed, they aren’t really compatible with apartments.

Keep this in mind before getting a new puppy into your life.

Don’t Leave Me Alone…

The thing is that…

This dog suffers from separation anxiety, and if you’re someone who’s always at work or out, then you probably shouldn’t consider getting yourself a Newfoundland Lab Mix.

You need to spend some quality time with this dog!

Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Well, like I said before…

This dog sheds!

And, if you’re someone who just doesn’t like a dog that sheds, then you should look into some other breed.

Because with the Newfoundland Lab Mix, you’ll be finding dog hairs everywhere! In your car, on your clothes, and even at work!

Be prepared.

So Much Drool!

So, most Newfoundland Lab Mix parents don’t realize the amount of drool this dog can produce!

This dog drools everywhere.

So, get a mop ready!

So, What’s The Verdict?

You made it to the end!

I’m so proud.

So, let’s do a recap, shall we?

The Newfoundland Lab Mix is a sweet and calm dog who’s a Labrador parent and a Newfoundland parent.

The dog comes in two colors (dark and light) and has two kinds of coats (soft, short, long, and fluffy). But you can’t predict anything with a mixed breed!

This dog is energetic and playful and would love to play with sturdy toys like the Playfur Pets IQ Ball or the Kong Cozie Toy.

Apart from that…

The dog sheds and needs regular grooming and bath time! Shampoos like the Pro Pet Works All Natural Soap Free 6 in 1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner or the Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo are perfect for this pooch!

I hope I helped you get more information about this sweet and fluffy dog! Leave comments if you want any kind of help or suggestions!!!

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6 thoughts on “All You Want To Know About The Cute Newfoundland Lab Mix”

  1. Separation anxiety needs to be taken seriously. I’m lucky enough to be at home most of the time so my long haired black with white Newfoundland Lab Mix is at ease. I notice he has a rough time with fireworks and thunder to the point that during 4th of July I need to medicate him. We trained him fairly well but he is stubborn! If you’re suited for this dog he will bring you love and joy every single day!

  2. Where can I find a breeder for a Newfy Lab mix? Ideally in Arizona. I’ve been searching on the internet but no luck. Are Newfie mix dogs usually mixed with labradors? I was lucky enough to adopt a Newfie mix adult dog many years ago and he was the best dog ever. He looked just like a full Newfie but smaller and I could only guess he was mixed with lab. Added bonus- he didn’t drool. I’m hoping to find a similar mix because I think the smaller stature must be easier on their joints and hopefully result in a longer life. Thank you!!

    • Newfoundland Lab Mis isn’t a pedigree breed and therefore, they don’t have many breeders. However, you can try your luck at the local shelter and adopt a cute Newfy puppy!

      • I rescued a puppy from our local rescuers and he turn out to be the best dog in the world, I have to other dogs a pitbull and a pitbull lab mix , they all get along and no problems with separation anxiety. He’s almost a year and nearly 80 lbs. very smart and loves my whole family including my new born grandson. Great dog for sure.

  3. I have had my 4 year old “Newfador” since he was 2 and he wasnt done growing but he stopped at a nice 85 pounds/everything you have said is so true….he has separation anxiety (but I am home all the time), he is trained fairly well but still will do his own thing when he doesnt want to listen, but that isnt very often. He doesnt chew on anything except his own toys and balls. All I have to do is say the word “Ball” and he comes running, day or night. He loves kids and gets along with everyone but is a great watchdog. He always wants to give and get love. He is truly a great dog if you have the yard he needs and someone is home so he doesnt get separation anxiety symptoms. Mine isnt a drooler so I lucked out!If youre lucky enough to get one, enjoy!

  4. We adopted our Newfador as a 10wks. The litter was an “accident”. A Newfie mom and Chocolate Lab dad.
    Molly is now 9 yrs old. She is the most intelligent, sweetest, sensitive dog I have ever met/owned. She has never chewed anything in our home, not even my daughter’s toys, well except one Barbie got her hands chewed off….lol
    If this dog could talk she would. She’s like a human with fur. I would definitely love to have this mixed breed again. We can’t imagine ever living without her, love her so much!

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